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Tuesday 20, Aug 2013

  Redskins Defensive End Jarvis Jenkins Suspended

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Redskins Defensive End Jarvis Jenkins Suspended

Jarvis Jenkins has become the eighth Washington Redskins player to receive an NFL drugs-related suspension in 22 months. The Redskins defensive end was sanctioned for four games without pay for testing positive for a banned performance enhancing drug.

Jenkins appealed the suspension imposed on him after he was informed that he had tested positive for a drug used by athletes in connection with steroids and used by women for breast cancer. His appeal was ruled out by the league. After the suspension news broke out, Chris Baker and Kedric Golston emerged as the leading candidates to start while Jenkins is away. Jenkins is however allowed to practice during training camp and can play in pre-season games. He will miss games against the Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, and Oakland Raiders. Jenkins, during the suspension of four games, will forfeit $167,009 of his $709,789 base salary this season. His troubles may increase in case the Redskins seek repayment of $116,371 of the $1.978 signing bonus Jenkins received in 2011. Jenkins will be eligible to return to the active roster on September 30, following the Week 4 game against the Oakland Raiders, and will miss the first four games of the regular season.

The NFL star, who was on the practice field at training camp working with the first-string unit when the suspension was announced, later issued a statement saying he was confused and shocked to learn that he had tested positive for what he called “an obscure substance.” Jenkins later on addressed reporters following the practice and apologized to the team, fans, and his parents. He added that it was a simple mistake and he is accepting his responsibilities like a man. He added that the support from teammates was appreciated and would serve as motivation for him during his time away from the facilities.

Jarvis Jenkins further added that he used to take pre-workout and recovery supplements and took an over-the-counter supplement that didn’t have the “NSF (National Science Foundation certification)” label, a label that certifies that the supplement has been certified as acceptable under an agreement between the league and players’ union. He however remarked that he did make a point to check the ingredients of the supplement, but he learned that was not a fail-safe method. Jenkins also remarked that his team did a good job of educating players about the drug policies of NFL but the results are debatable. In 2011, left tackle Trent Williams, tight end Fred Davis, and cornerback Phillip Buchanon served four-game sanctions while linebacker Rob Jackson is suspended for the first four games this year while safety Tanard Jackson is serving an indefinite suspension and expected to be reinstated this year.

Team coach Mike Shanahan, acknowledging the trouble, said we have emphasized it, but may be not enough. He added that hopefully our players will learn that without the label of NSF, you can’t take any supplements, because you never know what’s going to be in the supplements. Shanahan added that we’ll pay the price for it and hopefully our players will learn from it.

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Monday 14, Sep 2009

  Defensive tackle veteran suspended for steroid policy violation

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Defensive tackle veteran suspended for steroid policy violationThe National Football League (NFL), for violating a steroid policy, has suspended former Cleveland Browns Shaun Smith for four games.

After he was released by the Browns last month, due to a trimming made by the team in order to reach the 53-player maximum, he was immediately signed up by the Lions to a one-year $1 million deal. However, because of his violation, he was released from his contract last Saturday.

Six teams have contacted him since his release from Detroit Lions; however, he informed those teams that he would be serving the four-game suspension during the first four weeks of the season, so he will be available by week 5.

Smith also clarified to the teams who contacted him that he took water pills, an over-the-counter, weight loss supplement, and not any performance-enhancing drugs.

The National Football League bans water pills and other diuretics because they can mask the use of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

Smith started his career with Cleveland Browns on March 2007. Over the past two seasons, he had played 20 games for the team.

It is still unclear if the reason for his release from the Lions had anything to do with his pending suspension.