mlb-steroidsWhile the congress is doubling its efforts in identifying individuals who are involved in illegal use of various performance enhancing drugs in different sports, Major League Baseball‘s independent drug-testing administrator Dr. Bryan Smith has just announced a very timely drug to be exempted from being tested.

The use of amphetamines is not as widespread as those of anabolic steroids or human growth hormones. It has been shown, however, to improve an athlete’s concentration and focus– something like a mental enhancing drug. Of course, the downside is that amphetamine can be addictive and can cause serious neurological problems when abused.

The interesting issue is why baseball players have abnormally high rates for ADHD. Even Dr. Gary Wadler of the World Anti-Doping Agency considers this absurd. On top of the steroid controversies, the congress should look forward into investigations on the use of then-banned drugs in the Major Leagues. The have already started getting skeptical with players using TUEs. The use of this amphetamine and other drugs that are under the exemption might as well increase in the next few years