Low Dose Of Steroids – Effective In Treating SepsisLow dose of steroids are beneficial in treating sepsis. The latest meta-analysis indicates that steroids are useful but only when started later and delivered in lower doses over a longer period. The analysis also confirmed that a delayed, low-dose five- to seven-day steroid regimen followed by steroid taper for an equal period is effective regardless of response to corticotropin stimulation test. The new meta-analysis was headed by Dr. Peter C. Minneci of the critical care medicine department of the NIH in Bethesda, Maryland.

There are some arguments whether steroids are beneficial to sepsis patients because of the many meta-analyses conducted years ago. However, there are important things that medical experts consider like in the studies published before 1989, steroids were initiated in less than two hours, while in the later trials steroid therapy was started at 23 hours and administered for an average of six days rather than one day, which was the case in the earlier studies. As pointed out by Dr. Minneci, none of the earlier studies used steroid tapers, while all of newer studies used tapers.