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Sunday 13, Mar 2016

  Sharapova Should Face Suspension For Doping, Says Andy Murray

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Tennis world number two Andy Murray has remarked Maria Sharapova should face suspension after she tested positive for a banned drug to send a strong message to would be drugs cheats.

Murray applauded doping officials for catching one of the most high-profile stars of tennis. Murray said at the Indian Wells tournament in California that the positive thing about what has happened to Maria is she is one of the biggest female athletes on the planet. He added you should be suspended if you take performance enhancing drugs and you fail a drug test.

Murray went on to criticize Maria Sharapova, the tennis federation, and his racquet sponsor Head who also sponsors Sharapova.  Murray criticized the racquet sponsor for announcing it would look to extend her contract. The Head sports equipment company remarked it was “proud to stand behind’’ Maria Sharapova. A statement from Head said we, now and into the future, look forward to working with her and announcing new sponsorships in the weeks and months ahead. The statement further reads that Maria has earned the benefit of the doubt and we are extending it to her and it was further said that we know that for more than a decade Maria has been a role model and a woman of great integrity.

The statement was termed by Murray as premature who said he personally would not have responded like that. Murray said he thinks it is a strange stance given everything that is happened the last few days and added he thinks at this stage it is important really to get hold of the facts and let things play out, like more information coming out before making a decision to extend the contract like that, in his view.

The Scottish professional tennis player said doping is happening on a regular basis in sports and he would not say it was shocking. Murray remarked he read that 55 athletes have failed that test since January 1 and added you do not expect high level athletes in all those sports to have heart conditions. Murray also said the high number of athletes testing positive for Meldonium since start of this year demonstrated that many athletes were getting phoney prescriptions for legal performance enhancing drugs.

Murray, who has been ranked as British No. 1 since 27 February 2006, said if you take a prescription drugs that you don’t need but just because it is legal is wrong and you are just doing it for the performance-enhancing benefits.

On Tuesday, the former world number one announced she failed a drug test for Meldonium that was added to the World Anti-Doping Agency’s banned list this year. Sharapova, a five-time Grand Slam champion, will not contest her guilt at the upcoming hearing of the tennis anti-doping committee. It was indicated by her lawyer that they will press for a ban much shorter than a four-year maximum period. The legal team of Maria will argue that she had been used Meldonium over 10 years for medical reasons before it was added to the WADA banned list on January 1. The legal team will pursue a “no significant fault’’ contingency in the World Anti-Doping Agency code.

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Friday 17, Dec 2010

  Six-time champion jockey says drug abuse exists in horse racing

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Six-time champion jockey says drug abuse exists in horse racingKieren Fallon, the six-time champion jockey, reopened old wounds by saying that there is a drug abuse problem within horse racing and, more particularly, within the extensive racing community in Newmarket.

Fallon who returned in September from an 18-month ban for a second failed drug test recently appeared on the BBC’s Inside Sport programme.

The town’s racing chaplain, the Rev Graham Locking, said there is a drugs problem in Newmarket but that’s because we are no different to any other town.

Tuesday 14, Dec 2010

  Safin urges Agassi to relinquish titles after drug admission

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Safin urges Agassi to relinquish titles after drug admissionMarat Safin, the former No1-ranked player, recently said that Andre Agassi should relinquish his titles back after confessing to testing positive to a banned substance during his career and lying about it to the ATP.

In his autobiography, Agassi admitted that he made use of crystal meth in 1997 and failed a drug test.

Agassi also claims that the result was thrown out by tennis’s governing body after he lied by saying he “unwittingly” took the substance.

Monday 06, Dec 2010

  Positive test for Olympic champ leads to six-month ban

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Positive test for Olympic champ leads to six-month banThe International Association of Athletics Federations has handed over a six-month drug ban to Shelly-Ann Fraser, the Olympic and world 100 meters champion.

The 23-year-old Jamaican failed to clear a drug test and tested positive for oxycodone at the Diamond League meeting in Shanghai in May. Fraser said that the result was because of medication she took for toothache.

The IAAF has now confirmed she will not be allowed to return to action until 7 January.

Saturday 04, Dec 2010

  Andre Agassi thinks his memoir is best left closed

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Andre Agassi thinks his memoir is best left closedThe eight-time slam winner, Andre Agassi, recently confessed that he took crystal meth in 1997 when his career and private life were spiraling out of control. One of the most admired and respected names in the world of tennis suddenly shocked the world by disclosing this fact.

In his autobiography, Agassi admitted taking crystal meth in 1997 and had failed a drug test which today would undoubtedly have seen him banned for two years.

It is believed that the Association of Tennis Professionals, the governing body of the men’s professional sport, avoided a major embarrassment and a serious blow to the sport’s integrity by taking no action against the eight-time champion.

Monday 01, Nov 2010

  Italian rider free to race after ban slashed

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Italian rider free to race after ban slashedItalian rider Danilo Di Luca is free to return to competition after a sports tribunal reduced his ban of two years for failing to clear a drug test by nine months and a week.

Di Luca denied reports he had implicated fellow riders while cooperating with prosecutors.

Luca also said that Italy’s anti-doping prosecutor Ettore Torri was wrong when he recently said that ‘everyone dopes’ in cycling.

Thursday 12, Feb 2009


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urine sample testing baseballFirst there was Roger Clemens who was charged with doping. Then there was Barry Bonds who was charged with doping and lying, and was probably taken by surprise when his supposedly destroyed urine sample resurfaced and yielded positive results. And now there is Alex Rodriguez, the baseball superstar who is now under public judgment because the documents that listed supposedly confidential test results in 2003 were found along with his positive steroid test. You think that the rest of the 104 listed positive should be the only ones scared. Apparently, that is not the case. Even those that tested negative back then could be subject to some re-analyzing. Remember Bonds testing negative at first then positive after a few years? The feds might be considering the same in this case.

The laboratory that did the tests should have destroyed the samples whether positive or negative. It didn’t though and now we have 525 urine samples to analyze with more modern tests. That could mean over a hundred more Barry Bonds.

Monday 26, Jan 2009


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radomski-steroidsKirk Radomski has been bumping into a lot of disputes lately, just after his book, “Bases Loaded”, had been available for preview. First there was this 2-time “correction” by George Mitchell, and now, Major League Baseball officials are not happy with what they’ve read.

Radomski wrote that players were summoned in order to tell them that they had positive results during tests for steroid use. According to the steroid dealer, one player approached him and told him that the commissioner’s office wanted him to drop by for that reason. The main problem with this is that testing during those times were introduced on an anonymous basis and that it would imply that the baseball officials had been trying to limit the number of athletes who would have positive results the next season by warning them early.

Rob Mandred, one of the drug test’s officials, tried to clarify the mistakes on the passage.

Interestingly, there is some misinformation written on Radomski’s book. One of these is that he mentioned that Roger Clemens and Jose Canseco even if they had played together several times. Another is an incident with Dwight Gooden testing positive for cocaine use during the wrong year.