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Tuesday 15, Sep 2015

  Doping Test Could Knock Out Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr., who announced his retirement recently, has been accused of a doping violation four months ago.

According to media reports, Mayweather allegedly received an intravenous injection of vitamins and saline that was banned under the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency on the eve of his bout with Manny Pacquiao inLas Vegason 2 May. Mayweather defeated Pacquiao on a unanimous decision to improve his perfect record to 48-0 and retired at 49-0.

Reports emerging in the media revealed that collection agents of the United States Anti-Doping Agency visited the house of Mayweather in Las Vegasthe night before his 2 May fight. This was to perform an unannounced drug test and it was discovered by the USADA collection agents that Floyd Joy Mayweather, Jr. had been given an IV for rehydration purposes. Media reports added the substances in the IV were not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency but they were given intravenously that was not permitted. Mayweather was not given a retroactive therapeutic use exemption (TUE) by the United States Anti-Doping Agency until 19 days later.

In a statement, Mayweather refuted the allegations and said he did not commit any doping violations. Considered to be the best boxer of his generation and amongst the greatest fighters of all time, Mayweather said he was fully supported by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. The boxer said he did not commit any violations of theNevada or USADA drug testing guidelines. Mayweather went on to add that it was he who six years ago insisted on elevating the level of drug testing for all my fights and as a result there is more drug testing and awareness of its importance in the sport of boxing today than ever before.

In a statement, USADA defended the boxer and said we believe it is important to immediately correct the record regarding the false suggestion that Floyd Mayweather violated the rules by receiving an IV infusion of saline and vitamins. The USADA statement also reads that Mayweather as was already publicly reported in May of this year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) applied for and was granted a therapeutic use exemption by USADA for an IV infusion of saline and vitamins that was administered prior to his 2 May fight. It was further added by USADA that the use of IV by Mayweather was not prohibited under the NSAC rules at that time and would not be a violation of the NSAC rules as of now. The United States Anti-Doping Agency added both the NSAC and Team Pacquiao were notified about the TUE after it was granted even though the practice is not prohibited under NSAC rules.

USADA added it has conducted anti-doping programs over the past six years for more than 45 fights in the sport of professional boxing. It added as a result every athlete who has participated in one of our programs has voluntarily agreed to abide by the rules of the Wada Code and willingly subjected themselves to substantially more stringent testing protocols than they otherwise would have been subject to.

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Monday 23, Mar 2015

  Pacquiao And Mayweather Camps In Doping Penalty Row

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Pacquiao and mayweather camps in doping penalty row

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao have reportedly entered into a dispute over a proposed doping penalty before their much-awaited fight at the May 2 welterweight world title fight in Las Vegas. Pacquiao is expected to make at least $80 million while Mayweather is expected to make at least $120 million for the much anticipated fight, billed as “Fight of the Century“.

Mayweather Promotions chief executive Leonard Ellerbe told the Los Angeles Times that the drug testing protocol for the fight had been “rigorously negotiated” by Pacquiao promoters Top Rank. Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz told the same newspaper that it was a little puzzling for him to learn that Floyd Mayweather would not agree to the $5m (£3.37m) penalty that was proposed by representatives of Manny Pacquiao should either fighter test positive for a banned drug.

It was first suggested by Pacquiao that the reciprocal fine for a failed drug test was extra insurance that an instance of doping would not jeopardize the fight that fans have long waited for. But, Ellerbe said the arrangement was an attempt to put a $5m price tag if Manny tested positive and added that it will cost Manny a lot more than some $5m if he comes up positive.

Ellerbe’s comments were echoed by Top Rank boss Bob Arum who said that Mayweather is right as there is no need of it since they would be penalized by more than $5 million by the Nevada Athletic Commission if ever they become positive of drug use. Arum added that the Mayweather’s rejection of the $5 million penalty would not in any way derail the May 2 mega bout.

In the past, drug testing was an issue in attempts to make a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in late 2009 and early 2010. While Mayweather was adamant for random Olympic-style blood and urine testing, Pacquiao objected to some of the protocols. Pacquiao was accused by Mayweather of using performance enhancing drugs, a charge that was vehemently denied by the Filipino. Mayweather was sued by Pacquiao over the allegation and the two settled out of court.

A few days back, the US Anti-Doping Agency announced that Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao had agreed to undergo Olympic-style random drug-testing before the bout. Since 2010, Mayweather has had USADA testing for all of his bouts. The US Anti-Doping Agency will conduct blood and urine tests for drugs including human growth hormone (HGH) and the blood-boosting erythropoietin (EPO) on both fighters.

Travis Tygart, the chief executive of the United States Anti-Doping Agency, said a positive test would kill the fight, where the total purse is likely to be more than $200 million. A positive test would subject the fighter who tested positive to a potential career-ending ban of four years from competition. Tygart said the penalty for the fighter who violates it is going to be a lot higher than $5 million if there is a positive test prior to the fight. The USADA Chief also remarked Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao signed on to the sanctioning process that is clearly spelled out and added it is a contract that would be enforceable against them.

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Wednesday 18, Jul 2012

  Amir Khan Wants Drugs Cheat Banned For Life

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Former two-time world champion, and former unified WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight champion, Amir Iqbal Khan, recently said he want a lifetime ban for his steroid-using opponent Lamont Peterson.

Born on 8 December 1986, Amir Khan is a British professional boxer and the youngest British Olympic boxing medalist, winning silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics at the age of 17. Nicknamed “King Khan”, he is also one of the youngest British world champions ever, winning the WBA Light Welterweight title at age 22.

Khan said he does not mind Peterson getting an exile from boxing permanently even if that costs him the millions he would have made if the pair were to fight again.

Peterson, however, refused to give up belts after he failed to clear a drug test and said he never cheated in fight with Amir Khan. The American boxer said he deserved to keep his world titles as he was unaware that his treatment for abnormally low levels of testosterone was contrary to anti-doping rules. At the time of his fight with Amir Khan, Peterson had testosterone pellets inserted into his hip before he claimed a controversial split-decision win in December.

Khan says: ‘Anyone who has been done for drugs should be banned for life. Peterson failed a test and that should be his punishment.’ He branded Peterson “a cheat” and called for the American to be stripped of both titles and the December bout declared a ‘no-contest’.

After his bout was canceled because of Peterson’s positive test for synthetic testosterone, Khan started preparing for a world light-welterweight title fight with the rising Philadelphian star, Danny García, as the World Boxing Association light-welterweight champion on July 14. Khan was hoping to defend his title against Garcia and surely deserved the distinction of entering the ring as a world champion. But destiny had other plans for him as he was crushed by Garcia and the Bolton fighter was left dispirited and confused.

 Khan was already making plans to face WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather after registering a win over Garcia; Khan was also planning to have a future bout with Timothy Bradley, who has previously rejected a fight with Khan in order for a big pay day against Manny Pacquiao.

Wednesday 20, Jun 2012

  Gary Shaw says steroid use rampant in boxing

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Promoter Gary Shaw recently communicated his thoughts on a number of issues, including on the use of performance enhancing drugs in boxing.

Shaw recommended that all world title fights should be tested and said when asked about Manny Pacquiao, “I don’t know about Manny, but how do these guys bring their power from 108 and be faster and stronger…I’m not a doctor. I just know I can look at someone’s physique from one or three fights before and be suspicious…But I can’t challenge Manny because he’s been spectacular. Why would I accuse him of roids when I don’t know? There are some guys who are just freaks and maybe Manny is one of those guys.”

It was also recommended by Shaw that steroid testing should be brought into the place and sanctioning bodies should get behind their acts on such testing.

Wednesday 16, Nov 2011

  Steroids rampant in boxing

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Promoter Gary Shaw recently spoke on a number of issues, including his thoughts on performance enhancing drugs in boxing.

Shaw also recommended that all world title fights should be tested.

Shaw also recommended that steroid testing should be brought into the place and sanctioning bodies should get behind such testing.

Friday 30, Sep 2011

  Amir Khan denied allegations of steroid use

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Amir Khan has vehemently denied allegations by Roger Mayweather that Khan is guilty of taking steroids.

“The only reason Amir Khan has become the fighter he is, is because he’s got those steroids in his ass, too!” said Roger Mayweather, the trainer and uncle of superstar Floyd Mayweather Junior.

“I would question Roger Mayweather’s education abut steroids, first of all,” said Freddie Roach, Khan and Pac-Man’s trainer.