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Friday 25, Mar 2011

  Positive steroid test haunts Rafael Palmeiro

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Positive steroid test haunts Rafael PalmeiroRafael Palmeiro maintains he did nothing wrong five years after he tested positive for an anabolic steroid.

The former Ranger talked about the positive test during a rare interview recently while he watched his son play for the McKinney Marshals in a Texas Collegiate League game.

Palmeiro continues to maintain that he took a tainted shot of vitamin B12.

Monday 25, Oct 2010

  For Jim Thome, nothing adds up to a ring

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For Jim Thome, nothing adds up to a ringJim Thome, known in the baseball circles as a man who swings ferociously and built like a mountain, recently moved past Rafael Palmeiro on the career list with his 585 career home run.

At 40, Thome may have lost the charm a bit but has not lost the aspiration to climb the ladder of 600 career home runs for no player has ever retired so close to 600 home runs.

Thome said that he seriously has to stop and think about the 600-run landmark because there’s no better way to go out than on top.