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Monday 06, Jun 2011

  Eight sports stars suspended

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Eight sports stars suspended A motorcycle racer was handed over a suspension of six months after he was found with traces of the major active chemical in marijuana and hashish in his system.

The racer was one of at least 20 sportsmen and women who have tested positive for banned substances in tests conducted by and for the Irish Sports Council.

According to the Irish Sports Council, the positive results last year included two swimmers, one triathlete, one motorcyclist, a judo player, and a rugby player.

Thursday 28, Apr 2011

  Geraldine Hendricken receives a lifeline

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Geraldine Hendricken receives a lifelineThe career of Geraldine Hendricken received a lifeline thanks to a lab in Cologne.

The athlete from Ireland sent the laboratory two samples of the dietary supplement she had been taking prior to her out of competition positive dope test and it seems that one of them contained enough anabolic agents to provide a positive test.

Traces were found of metabolites similar to 19-Norandrosterone, a precursor to the anabolic steroid Nandrolone that produced positive test for the athlete.