Novel Liver Steroid helps in slowdown of Brain Tumor GrowthSqualamine, a chemical discovered from the liver of the sharks, has been proven to be highly effective in putting brakes on the formation of new blood vessels that are destined to feed brain cancer and tumors. This fact was confirmed by lab studies at the Johns Hopkins Medicine, Maryland.

The study revealed that Squalamine inhibits the growth of gliomas (brain cancers) that are implanted in the flanks of rats after disabling growth of blood vessel.

Henry Brem, M.D., director of neurosurgical oncology at Hopkins and senior author of the study, told that squalamine may prove to be an effective option for treating humans for curing brain tumor and other diseases that are dependent on new blood vessel growth.

In the lab tests, squalamine proved as effective as carmustine (chemotherapeutic agent) for slowing down the growth of gliomas. It also slowed down the growth of new blood vessels that was caused by tumors in the eyes of rabbits.