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Friday 16, Jul 2010

  Finasteride no longer banned

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Finasteride no longer bannedFinasteride, the popular hair-loss drug, has been taken off from the banned list of World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA); the drug was also used as a masking agent for other banned substances.

Since the drug can now be easily detected if used to mask banned substances, the WADA decided to take it off since Finasteride is primarily used for slowing the process of hair loss.

Romario, the Brazilian footballer, was banned in 2007 for a period of 120 days though he said that the drug was used for preventing hair loss.

Wednesday 02, Jun 2010

  Genes do not significantly influence hair loss

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Genes do not significantly influence hair lossThe world’s leading hair transplant and hair loss expert Dr. Larry Shapiro, who has spent 20 years treating over 11,000 men and women for hair thinning and loss, said that men and women have been losing hair more due to self-created reasons than because of genetic reasons.

Shapiro said that his clinical practice shows that most people tend to lose hair after battling the effects of anesthesia, thyroid problems, cosmetic surgery, dietary deficiencies, prescription medications, male pattern baldness, use of steroids for weight training, use of growth hormone-based supplements during weight training, use of weight-loss products and fat burners.

Dr. Larry J. Shapiro is an eminent hair transplant surgeon and one of the world’s leading experts on hair loss besides being the first doctor in the U.S. to do the strip incision and micro/mini graft, follicular unit technique.

Saturday 11, Jul 2009

  Anabolic Steroids Have Caused Alarming Increase Of Premature Baldness

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Anabolic Steroids Have Caused Alarming Increase Of Premature BaldnessAnabolic steroids are known to produce several side effects including excessive sweating, insomnia, heightened aggression and male pattern hair loss. According to a leading hair clinic the premature baldness is becoming an alarming complaint among men who use designer drugs.

Optima Hair Specialists – which supplies advanced hair replacement systems – has seen a 60 percent increase in enquiries from men who have taken anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) and suffered early hair loss.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) has an adverse effect on hair follicles and is the main culprit behind hair loss. Recent studies have found that steroid drugs can increase the levels of DHT within the body and therefore accelerate hair loss.