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Friday 11, May 2012

  Steroid users may find place in Baseball Hall of Fame

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If recent reports are to be believed, the Baseball Hall of Fame will very soon feature some of the greatest home run hitters in the history of the game who were using or accused of using steroids.

The admission of these players seemed inevitable from the start as ignoring the most dominant pitchers like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens would have left the Hall of Fame almost empty and meaningless.

Bonds and Clemens were two players who brought baseball back into the national forefront in 1990s that was far more impressive than their career home run totals.

Tuesday 10, Apr 2012

  Hall of Fame offers drug education

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A drug education program will be started by the Baseball Hall of Fame for students and young adults. The program will commence in the same year when Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa will appear on ballot for the first time after left with tainted careers by steroid accusations.

“It is not intended to cast a directive to voters about Hall of Fame worthy candidates,” shrine president Jeff Idelson said.

Hall of Fame voting has been a part of this nation’s fabric since 1936, and has touted the virtues of character, sportsmanship and integrity, along with the contributions to the game, as integral qualifications for earning election,” Idelson said.

Tuesday 31, Jan 2012

  Hall voters to be consumed by steroids era

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Barry Larkin, still glowing over his election to the Hall of Fame, was asked about next year’s sure-to-be-controversial vote: the first appearances of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa on the Cooperstown ballot.

“All I know is playing and competing against some of these guys, they’re the best — period,” he said.

“I’m not going to vote for any of the people that are linked to steroids. I could change down the road, but that’s the real strong feeling I have now,” said Hal Bodley of MLB.com, the former lead baseball writer for USA Today.

Friday 25, Mar 2011

  Failed drug test was a mistake, says Palmeiro

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Failed drug test was a mistake, says PalmeiroRafael Palmeiro is sticking to his story that a tainted vitamin shot resulted in a failed drug test five years ago and is hopeful that Hall of Fame voters will overlook the mistake and honor him for his 3,020 hits and 569 home runs.

“I was telling the truth then and I am telling the truth now,” Palmeiro said.

Baseball voters have earlier denied Mark McGwire and the once certain election of Palmeiro to the Hall is in jeopardy.

Friday 10, Dec 2010

  Alex Rodriguez still has plans after the 600th

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Alex Rodriguez still has plans after the 600thThe seventh and youngest player in Major League Baseball history to hit 600 career home runs, Alex Rodriguez, is still under a lot of pressure to prove critics wrong who often find it amusing to link A-Rod with anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs.

It is believed by some that the 600th home run may just not be enough for A-Rod to gain an easy entry into the Hall of Fame once he becomes eligible five years after retirement.

People still doubt me and my performance because of what happened in the past, Rodriguez told Suzyn Waldman of WCBS Radio.

Thursday 02, Dec 2010

  Hall of Fame linebacker leads war against drugs

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Hall of Fame linebacker leads war against drugsDick Butkus, the Hall of Fame linebacker, who was renowned for playing with a menacing fury, is putting his passion into the fight against steroids.

The association between steroids and sports disgusts me, says Butkus. The former Chicago Bear is tackling the problem by delivering a message on the dangers of doping with his “I Play Clean” campaign aimed at high-school students.

Butkus has learned over time that use of steroids could result in heart damage among its other dangers.

Thursday 23, Jul 2009

  Reggie Jackson uses his voice against Steroid Users

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Reggie Jackson uses his voice against Steroid UsersReggie Jackson, a two-time World Series most valuable player, has said that there is no room for baseball players who used steroids during their playing days to make an impression, in the hall of fame.

Jackson, who played Major League Baseball from 1967-1987, is one of the best baseball players ever and presently holds the 12th position on the all-time list for maximum home runs with 563 to his credit.

Some of the players who have outplayed him in the rankings had confessed to taking steroids in the past and the list includes big names, namely, Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds.

In an interview with the Bloomberg Television in New York, Jackson said that baseball greats like him who never used steroids to gain an unfair advantage feel offended to be ranked lower than those who cheat the game and fans by taking steroids.

Tuesday 21, Jul 2009

  Baseball Writers turn down Steroid Committee

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Baseball Writers turn down Steroid CommitteeDuring the national meeting of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America, baseball writers vote down a proposal to form a steroid committee for the development of guidelines in relation to evaluation of players from the era of steroids in Hall of Fame voting.

Players needed just 75 percent of the vote for election. Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson were the only electees for this year.

The proposal was turn down 30-25. The name of winner is expected to be announced in December.

The proposal was brought forward by Rick Telander, a Chicago Sun-Times columnist, at a Chicago chapter meeting last month.

Friday 10, Apr 2009


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STEROIDS ISSUE STILL NOT DEAD AS SEASON OPENSSteroids is still creating havoc in the Major League just as the season is about to start. MLB might be doing its best to silence the issue, but it looks like steroids will be a thorn on its side the whole season round. The media won’t stop talking about it and fans are getting tired of having it on the headlines everyday. Steroids have done a lot of damage to a sport that America loves. Players that high school athletes and kids look up to are now obviously playing for the money and no longer for the sake of the game. They lie, they cheat. Whatever happened to being role models and social responsibility?

Alex Rodriguez may have thought it would do him good in his career if he came forward and admitted he used steroids. However, honesty is not a guarantee of giving him back his tarnished reputation.

Moreover, sportswriters should not compromise their standards in voting for the Hall of Famers. If they decide not to vote for someone because his name is linked to steroids then they shouldn’t bend the rules for others for any reason. Case in point, some sportswriters are not voting for McGwire but will excuse Bonds and Clemens because they are Hall of Famers already. Apparently reputation doesn’t play any role in the selection. It’s all about the numbers now, no wonder the players go to the lengths of taking steroids just to get ahead.

Saturday 04, Apr 2009


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SURVEY SHOWS BALLGAMES TOO EXPENSIVE FOR FANSFans are singing a different tune as tickets for watching a ballgame soars high. This is now the main concern of fans after a survey was conducted on March 26-29 by the Associated Press-Knowledge Networks. Survey results reflected that other concerns of fans were players getting into steroids and their salaries. As the opening day looms, fans are concerned that the recession has affected their disposable income and they may not be able to afford the cost of the tickets. And it’s not just the tickets. Concession stands and parking lots have increased their rates too. Even souvenirs like t-shirts cost $55 a piece.

Some of the fans express their disappointment over the fact that players are earning millions despite the recession that the country is going through. Salaries of players like Texeira and Sabathia have signing bonuses of $180 million and $161 million respectively are also becoming so too much. Other fans are still enraged over major league players getting into steroids. Some say that they shouldn’t be recognized or given a chance to the Hall of Fame regardless of their baseball statistics.

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