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Tuesday 12, Jan 2010

  Not all herbal supplements are safe

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Not all herbal supplements are safePeople often resort to herbal supplements with a hope that they do not come with any side effects, but this long held belief is not true.

According to the August issue of Mayo Clinic Health Letter, some herbal products including supplements may result in fatal health complications and ailments.

 It is highly advisable that individuals on herbal products including the so-called safe supplements must disclose the same to the doctor before going for a new medication. It is important to note here that some of the health supplements need to be discontinued 2-3 weeks before specific surgical procedures as they can affect blood clotting, blood pressure control, and response to sedation.

Wednesday 15, Jul 2009

  Natural Medication not always be safe as alternative to Synthetic Medication

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Natural Medication not always be safe as alternative to Synthetic MedicationAccording to a research by a Consumer Reports magazine, the common perception that if a medication is natural then it must be safe is not completely true.

The research found that a number of herbal supplements that are banned in Asia and Europe are widely available and used in the United States; these supplements can result in severe side-effects such as kidney or liver damage, cancer, and even death.

In the best interests of prospective users of herbal products and supplements, it is advised not to rely on too-much attractive products without obtaining a clear and complete insight about them and the distributor.