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Wednesday 08, Apr 2009


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ONLY FEW HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS USE STEROIDS BASED  ON TESTSSome high schools are confident that their students are safe from the steroid because random testing have yielded very few positive results. There has been a concern of steroid use trickling down to the younger athletes because of the influence of players in pro sports. The issue of Alex Rodriguez and all the other baseball players involved in the use of performance enhancing drugs had the high school officials worried that their students could be into these substances as well. Random drug testing was conducted in both Cumberland Valley High and Boiling Springs High.

The Associated Press reported that in 2006 four states, namely New Jersey, Texas, Illinois, and Florida had performed random drug tests to almost 30,799 students and only 20 were reported positive. This proved that the fears of school authorities are unfounded. That or the testing methods were flawed.

The government said that getting high school students are very expensive and it is not worth doing if there doesn’t seem to be a problem of steroids in high school sports. Per test costs $200 which is quite a lot most especially at this time when the nation is facing a global financial crisis.

What high school authorities could do for now is to continue educating their students on the bad effects of steroids and how it has damaged the careers and lives of athletes.

Sunday 22, Mar 2009


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HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS UNAWARE THEY ARE USING STEROIDSMore and more people are becoming aware of the dangerous effects of steroids. The use of performance enhancing drugs had been exclusively in the field of professional sports. However, because high school athletes are also subjected to the intense pressure of winning and staying in the game, the use of steroids among teenagers have become alarming.

In 2007 an alarming number of 580,000 high school students, majority are athletes, have been known to be taking steroids. This is according to the survey done by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There are students who know that steroids are illegal but many more are unaware.

Despite the numbers that appeared in the survey, drug tests that were conducted in the states of New Jersey, Illinois, Texas and Florida did not reconcile. In the four states alone out of approximately 30,000 high school students only 20 came back positive. The drug tests were eventually dropped in 2008 because it was costing the government so much money at $200 per student. If the CDCP’s survey reflected the alarming numbers the method of testing them could be flawed. Or the survey is not accurate. Either way the numbers are saying something.

To prevent the epidemic of steroid overdose to spread among teenagers there should be a campaign to educate them on the harmful effects of performance enhancing drugs.

Monday 12, Jan 2009


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hs-steroidsThe high school athletes of Palm Beach County now don’t have to wonder how it would be like to be in the Major Leagues or in the Olympics. The school board is highly considering having their athletes tested for use of alcohol and of illegal drugs. All that is needed is the board’s final approval for the tests (similar to those district employees receive) to be randomly used on the baseball and softball teams of six high schools.

Tests to detect anabolic steroid use will be added to the program later on and had already gotten the support of Elaine Taulé, the writer of the grant and also the president of to company who would do the tests.

Students who test positive for alcohol, steroids or any illegal drugs will not be removed from the team at first. They will not be able to play for 10 days, although they would be allowed to practice. They will only be booted out of their teams when tested positive for the second time. Coaches and other officials believe that the tests would teach the students discipline and hopefully, help them in guiding these students to the right path. This seems to be working since only one athlete was found positive for steroids among the 600 samples tested last year.

Saturday 19, Jul 2008

  Only 2 students test positive for anabolic steroids

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Among 10,000 Texas high schoolers tested this spring, only two student-athletes tested positive for steroids, officials said.

That’s right, out of 10,000 students, only 2 students tested positive for anabolic steroids, and one of the students was barely over his natural testosterone levels during the test.  Thus, there isn’t even conclusive proof the 2nd student even used anabolic steroids.  Let’s do the math,  that’s 0.02 of 1%, that’s about 2/100th of 1% of students were using anabolic steroids.  On the national scale, steroid use is so small it’s hard to measure about 0.0003%!  Let’s look at the OTHER drug use by the SAME high school students, taken from the official US government website: Bureau of Justice Statistics Drugs and Crime Facts (ojp.usdoj.gov).

Reported drug and alcohol use by high school seniors, 2006
Alcohol – 66.5%
Marijuana  –   31.5%
Other opiates  –   9.0 %
Stimulants  –   8.1 % (like methamphetamine/speed)
Sedatives  –   6.6%
Tranquilizers  –   6.6 %
Cocaine  –   5.7 %
Hallucinogens  –   4.9 %
Inhalants  –   4.5 %

Now, take a look at the above numbers and tell us if you think steroid tests are what the government should be spending taxpayer dollars on?  or is REAL drug testing the answer!

Let’s be realistic, steroid use by teenagers is WRONG, period, but trying to kill a fly with a bulldozer is not going to solve anything.  Texas high schools are wasting $6,000,000 (6million USD) just for testing of steroids over the next 24 months!  With ancillary and administrative cost, the texas school board estimates steroid tests will cost upwards of $25,000,000 (25million USD) over the next 5 years.  That’s a huge waste of taxpayer dollars for something that isn’t going to be solved by a test.

Saturday 24, May 2008

  Steroid bust for a football player

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football_steroidsIt seems that former high school quarterbacks are targets of government ‘serious’ investigations into steroid abuse. The problem of cocain, crack, meth, ecstacy, alcohol, smoking and obesity have already been fixed by the governments’ every so efficient system, now it’s time to concentrate on STEROIDS! It seems government officials set up a sting where some rat snitch wanted to buy steroids , so he called Jared Foster asking for steroids (entrapment?). It seems Jared Foster was induced into selling steroids via governments’ use of his friend. Using other people as bait is illegal, no matter what the courts have ruled.

A former Madison County high school quarterback has been indicted on charges of selling steroids.

Nineteen-year-old Jared Foster of Madison was released on $5,000 bond after an appearance in Madison County Circuit Court. He entered a plea of innocent and waived arraignment.

Prosecutors say the case will likely go to trial in September.

Foster was arrested in Oxford in January after allegedly selling anabolic steroids to an informant on Oct. 5, 2007. He was dismissed from the University of Mississippi football team in January.

The former Madison Central High School standout had played in 2007 at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. He had been enrolled in classes at Ole Miss and was informally working out with the team.

Monday 25, Feb 2008

  Steroid use by teenages

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It seems that steroid use in schools is overblown and overrated.  If anything, it’s something that’s a going away factor, with steroid use on the decline.  In fact, overall, since 1981 (steroids were legal in 81), we have seen the decline of steroid use in teenagers yearly.  It is clear that recreational drugs are the poison in the schools and must be dealt with.  Everything from cocaine to ecstasy to alcohol is killing the kids, NOT steroids.  Rick Collins reports:

According to the latest 2007 University of Michigan Monitoring the Future studies of 8th, 10th and 12th graders, the percentage of 8th graders who reported using steroids at least once in their lives went from a high of 3.0% in 2000 down to 1.5% in 2007. Among 10th graders, the figure went from 3.5% in 2000 down to 3.0% in 2003, then down to 2.0% in 2005, and now down to 1.8% in 2007. Among 12th graders, the decrease was from a high of 4.0% in 2002, to 3.5% in 2003, to 3.4% in 2004, and now dramatically down to 2.2% in 2007. By comparison, more than three times as many 12th graders have used ecstasy (6.5%), over three times as many have used cocaine (7.8%) or hallucinogens (8.4%), over five times as many have used amphetamines (11.4%), and a whopping 55.1% have been drunk. Nearly 18% of our 8th graders have abused alcohol to intoxication, and more than twice as many 8th graders have used cocaine (3.1%) over steroids. These statistics are not intended to minimize in any way the societal problem presented by teen steroid abuse. However, it’s dishonest for self-serving professional alarmists and sensationalistic journalists to create unfounded hysteria.

Wednesday 20, Feb 2008

  High School Girls on Steroids?

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steroids high school girlsIt’s kind of a shame, but just when the media was getting our positive thumbs up for reporting the truth about wasteful steroid investigations by congress, the media let us down with an idiotic story about high school girls on steroids. It seems they wanted to report about the 1-2 girls (that’s right 1-2 girls) in a school of over 1000 students that used steroids. The girls were so stupid as to just pick up anything and use it, they didn’t care to research anything. Women shouldn’t use steroids, just like men don’t use tampons! it’s just common sense. The news fail to mention the 200+ girls in the same high school that are estimated to use marijuana almost on a weekly basis, and at least 450 girls who have been caught smoking and drinking alcohol almost daily. Methamphetamine use in the school was ignore , estimated at least 50 girls in the school use it. Instead of all the real problems in this high school and high schools all over the nation, the media decided to do an article on the 1 girl who was using steroids, come on!

So, the girl said, she had to buy steroids from her football team buddies then she took them to look lean and great. Probably injecting some testosterone without even thinking for 10minutes or using her brain. She did absolutely no research about anabolic steroids, and had no brains to go to www.google.com and type in effects of steroids, let’s give her some help in researching steroid abuse:


From iAnabolicSteroids.com:


Women experience a different range of steroid side effects. The first is virilization which is the appearance of male secondary sex characteristics in females such as increased body hair, clitoral hypertrophy and a deepening of the voice. Another steroid side effect for women is a ceased or decreased menstrual cycle.

Let’s face it, this girl not only didn’t know about steroids but also had no clue about life. She didn’t bother to research anything and jumped in the water, but let’s ask, where are the parents in this? why didn’t they raise the daughter to understand how to deal with life. Anabolic steroids get blamed on a lot of nonsense, when in reality the steroids had nothing to do with the problem related.

So, she took what seemed to be an easy route to a better body: she began using anabolic steroids. “It seemed like the ultimate answer,” she said, adding that the drugs — bought, she said, through a friend on the school football team — were “ridiculously easy to find.”

can you ask her how much easier is it to find Methamphetamine or marijuana that’s rampant in her school? we rest our case!

Wednesday 16, Jan 2008

  Steroid testing in schools but NOT marijuana , cocaine or meth testing?

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methPlease someone explain to me why the governments are spending money to test for steroids in schools but don’t test for the most dangerous drugs like marijuana , cocaine or meth or ecstacy ? please explain that one to me.

A Missouri Senate committee will consider legislation today to require the state’s school districts to start testing for steroids.

Anyone with common sense knows that testing for steroids is a waste of money! now testing for coke , meth , E and weed! there is something schools need. How much do you think this will cost the taxpayers (testing for steroids)?

but it’s not cheap. A single test can cost $200, and many school districts don’t want the state to pass that cost to them.

So let’s see, USA has a failing education system with one of the highest rates of widespread drug abuse among teenagers, with methamphetamine claiming over 25% of high school students, but nothing is being done about that drug? let’s let students smoke marijuana and do cocaine but we’ll look the other way and spend MILLIONS of tax dollars testing for steroids , where is the common sense here?