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Monday 23, Feb 2009


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e2809cthe-wrestlere2809d-actor-arrested-for-illegal-drug-distributionOne of the popular movies today is “The Wrestler” which is mainly about the struggles of a professional wrestler in a competitive era. It has become famous not only because of its Academy Award nomination but also because it has been involved in several scandals. Some time ago, there were speculations that the movie’s main actor, Mickey Rourke, had used steroids when he said that he did everything a wrestler would do while preparing for the movie. Now, the most recent issue it faces is the involvement of another of its actors with the law. Scott Siegel was arrested on charges of illegal drug dealing just this week. Was this the secret to why Siegel fit his movie role so perfectly? In the movie, Siegel is the steroid dealer that had provided Rourke’s character with the performance enhancing drugs. While Rourke was not really proven to have used steroids while shooting the film, Siegel seems to have stepped beyond “living” his character. In fact, his character might have just mirrored his lifestyle.

Siegel was arrested with the charges of illegal anabolic steroid distribution and also with assault of a federal officer while he was struggling to escape DEA agents before he was able to be taken into custody. Unfortunately, this is not Siegel’s first time to be arrested. He had served some prison time from 1999 to 2003 after he was caught distributing anabolic steroids, ecstasy and hallucinogenic animal tranquilizers a few years ago.

Friday 02, Jan 2009


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50-cent-steroidsTimesunion.com has named the articles that have been viewed most by readers this past year of 2008. The top three are a misspelling of Barack Obama’s last name in Rensselaer County last October, details on the use of  anabolic steroids of different rap artists and other celebrities, and a disrupted graduation due to a public display by a graduate of Saratoga Springs High School.

The article entitled “Steroids beyond sports” drew more than 170,000 people to the web site of Times Union after the public had learned that R&B and rap stars Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Timberland, and Wyclef Jean used steroids and injectable growth hormones. This news isn’t the first to be heard in Hollywood, however. Apparently, celebrities make use of such drugs not because they want to improve their performance like athletes do, but because steroids have anti-aging properties.

One of the celebrities identified to have been charged for illegal possession of steroids and human growth hormones was Sylvester Stallone, who was caught during a customs inspection of his luggage back in 2007. Stallone claimed that he needed the drug to slow down his pituitary gland’s production of growth hormone, and to put up with his training. According to the article, the public should focus on the people who provide athletes and celebrities like Stallone the drugs they use, instead of fixating on the athletes and celebrities themselves

Sunday 27, Apr 2008

  Hollywood and Steroids

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Sylvester Stallone steroidsYou know how Hollywood takes on anything to achieve and maintain stellar status. Let’s face it – we are still in the era of superficiality where good looks almost supersede everything else. Thus, celebrities are trying to fit into the current parameters of beauty and bankability, i.e. a well-toned and age-defying body. And they would do – and use – anything to stay on the glaring spotlight of Hollywood, including steroids. (yes celebrities do buy steroids!)

Hollywood celebrities’ techniques in keeping fat-free are myriad. The General Surgeon surely would not be happy with the chain smoking technique to keep slim; Katherine Heigl is rumored to be a practitioner of this. There is, of course, the infamous staple for slimming like cocaine and heroin and other illicit and hard-core drugs. You must have heard of Kate Moss taking in coke (and we’re not referring here to a soda brand).

Most of these stars would say their gorgeous figures are due to visits to gyms and veggie diets. Speaking of diets Beyoncè’s got an interesting recipe to stay booty – water mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. She called it the lemonade diet. That one could really make your ears turn red. Then Stallone has stolen the limelight with his with the human growth hormone.

But the thing now is diet pills and anabolic steroids. These secret ‘weapons’ can be handy – steroids and diet pills are easy to use and easy to hide. When caught using them, celebs could usually act their way out and deliver the line “I have a prescription”, with such conviction that a star-struck agent could easily believe it.

Steroids, in the world of celluloid, could be quite indispensable props. Call them tricks of the trade because steroids indeed could transform actresses into desirable sirens and actors to some mouth-watering specimens.

Edward Norton easily comes to mind when you think of phenomenal physical metamorphosis. In most of his movies, you see him as a pale, reedy guy; then you see him with bulging biceps in American History X. He reportedly packed on 30 pounds with his role as a reformed neo-Nazi in this film. If you’re so interested with his training regimen, forget about searching it online because it’s too top secret you won’t find it online or anywhere else.

Thus, it invites several questions. Could his transformation due only to intense training and workouts? Or steroids can be partly credited? Many can’t wait to see him as the physicist Bruce Banner in The Hulk due this June to see how many pounds he has packed on this time around.

P.S. obviously anabolic steroids and human growth hormone played a huge role in  Bruce Banner – The Hulk – transformation.

Thursday 24, Apr 2008

  Steroids – Your Chance for a Second Adolescence

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maryjblige-steroidsNow, don’t you like the sound and the possibility of that – a second stab at one of the thrilling stages of your life. It’s possible according to Charles Yesalis, Penn State professor of exercise and sports science.

“Essentially, anabolic steroids induce a second adolescence,” says Yesalis. “Many of the same things happen as would in puberty. As testosterone levels elevate, the user experiences increased strength and muscle mass.”

He further explains: “Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of the natural hormone testosterone, which drives the development of secondary male sex characteristics. When boys hit puberty, testosterone levels shoot up, causing hair to grow, sex organs to mature, muscles to enlarge and the voice to deepen. The process continues until testosterone levels begin to drop off at age 40.”

Note that anabolic steroids are not exclusively used by athletes who want to boost their performance. Popular models and Hollywood celebrities are reportedly using (not en masse, but many of them) steroids to improve their marketability. As one online survey has concluded, the bulk of recreational steroid users are motivated in improving their physical appearance and not their performance in athletic sports.

This positive aspect of these controlled substances (improving looks, defying age) is the reason why Mary J. Blige and other RnB artists figured in a doping incident recently. Some steroids are considered as fast fat burners and most are known to improve the general physique. Thus, those who want some a little help in getting a well-toned body resort to steroids.

And it looks like Hollywood is not the only stars haven ‘benefiting’ from steroids. Its Indian counterpart, Bollywood, is also gaining different kind of publicity because of steroids. Salman Khan is one of Bollywood’s most controversial cases of steroid use.

Yesalis warns though that steroids can be harmful to users. Acne breakout, baldness, infertility and virilization symptoms (excessive hair growth, deepening of voice) on women are just a few of the possible side effects of steroid use.