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Thursday 07, Feb 2013

  Doping Widespread In Australian Sport

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Doping Widespread In Australian Sport

An Australian Crime Commission inquiry has identified that drug use is widespread in Australian sport. The damning official probe revealed growing links to organized crime that points to “clear parallels” with the Lance Armstrong case.

The common use of banned substances such as peptides, hormones, and illicit drugs was identified by the inquiry, with no professional sporting codes immune to the scourge of doping.

Sports scientists, coaches, support staff, doctors, and pharmacists were involved in the provision of drugs according to the findings in the year-long investigation. In its report, the commission said peptides and hormones despite being prohibited substances in professional sport are being used by professional athletes in Australia, facilitated by sports scientists, high-performance coaches, and sports staff. It was further revealed that some players were even being administered with banned substances that have not yet been approved for use by humans.

Home affairs minister Jason Clare said the findings are shocking and will disgust fans of Australian sports. Jason added that officials from clubs have also been identified as administering, via injections and intravenous drips, and a variety of substances and this cheating but more than that, it is cheating with the help of criminals. He went on to add that multiple athletes from a number of clubs in major Australian sporting codes are suspected of presently using or having previously used peptides, potentially constituting anti-doping rule violations.

The year-long investigation also disclosed that there were “clear parallels between what has been discovered in Australia and the USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) investigation into Lance Armstrong”, referring to the disgraced Tour de France cyclist, which underlines the transnational threat posed by doping in professional sport, both from a ‘fair play’ perspective and as a broader integrity issue. The project findings, USADA investigation, and previous high-profile doping cases in Europe and the United States make it clear that it is not only athletes who are involved in doping, but also athletic support staff, organized criminal groups, and complicit doctors. The report also disclosed that criminal networks were increasingly involved in distributing illegal substances and the links may have resulted in match-fixing and fraudulent manipulation of betting markets.

The threat of match-fixing was “extraordinarily serious” with organized crime involved, Crime Commission boss John Lawler said who also added that organized crime has many facets and it will go to where there are lucrative profits to be made, low risk, regulatory weakness, and they will exploit those vulnerabilities.

All sports had committed to work with the government, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), and law enforcement agencies to restore confidence in sport, said Sports minister Kate Lundy. She said the government this week introduced legislation to strengthen the powers of ASADA to enable the full and unhindered investigation of these issues and if persons of interest refuse to cooperate with ASADA investigations they will be liable for civil penalties. Kate also added that all major professional sports would establish integrity units to deal with doping, betting and ethical issues.

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Friday 28, Oct 2011

  Guardia Civil seize 12,000 packets

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The Guardia Civil have seized 12,000 packages of medicines that were being sold illegally.

The Guardia Civil also searched sex-shops, smart-shops, and dietary shops where the products were being sold without authorization.

The seized contained medicines such as Pollenin and Omeprazol, hormones, anabolic steroids, and other products that are yet to be identified as they had no labels or were in Chinese.

Friday 03, Jun 2011

  Brazilian beef not up to standards

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Brazilian beef not up to standardsAccording to EU inspectors, Brazilian beef and food production does not measure up to the standards found in Europe.

The EU Food and Veterinary Office (FVO) found on a recent trip that hormones and anti-biotics banned from use on animals in the EU are freely available and present on farms in Brazil.

Brazilian authorities do not test for many substances banned in the European Union.

Thursday 11, Nov 2010

  Counterfeit drugs on rise and pose global threat

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Counterfeit drugs on rise and pose global threatExperts recently issued a warning in response to production and sale of counterfeit drugs in rich and poor countries. It was added by the experts that more and more unwary consumers are buying these drugs over the Internet.

Margaret Hamburg, head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) remarked that manufacturers of these drugs put people at risk of harm from products that may contain too much, too little, or the wrong active ingredient and/or contain toxic ingredients.

Counterfeit medicines pose a threat to patients and they are not driven by commercial interest in fighting the scourge, according to research and development-based pharmaceutical companies.

Friday 19, Jun 2009

  Good Night Sleep Increases Natural Steroids

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Good Night Sleep Increases Natural SteroidsA lot of bodybuilders and athletes are using anabolic steroids to enhance muscle build-up. These individuals believe that reducing the level of estrogen and increasing testosterone level are the ways to build pump-up physiques. However, some natural bodybuilders and athletes do away with steroids, instead they take in creatine, glutamine and dhea supplements because they think these will help them build their physique naturally.

Less that they know that adequate sleep is good enough to stimulate muscle building hormones in the body. During sleep at night is when the abundance of natural hormones is available to the muscles.

Natural hormones are abundantly produced at night when you sleep. Rest will allow your muscles to recruit available resources to recover. A good workout and sufficient rest will help you achieve good physique.

Tuesday 09, Dec 2008

  Gene doping may be the next big booster in sports

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steroids baseballIt may not be here, but it will be upon the world of sports in the near future. This is the general feeling among scientists, the media, and sports officials on gene doping.

The World Anti-Doping Agency has recognized the threat of this futuristic method, thus banning it in 2003. At the Beijing Olympics in August, there have been cases which garnered the scrutiny of WADA concerning the drug Repoxygen, a tradename for a type of gene therapy.

Now, a science journalist and a scientist in Switzerland acknowledge the imminent enticement of gene doping to 21st century athletes, displacing synthetic steroids and hormones sooner than later as means to boost athletic performance.

Professor Max Gassmann of Zurich University’s Institute of Veterinary Physiology has manipulated the erythropoietin (EPO) gene of mice to produce more oxygen carrying red blood cells – a process that could eventually be transferred to humans.

Gassmann does not think gene doping has infiltrated sport at the moment but believes some people may already be testing its potential, just as beneficial gene therapy is currently undergoing clinical trials.

“I can hardly imagine that we had a gene doping cheat winning at the Beijing Olympics,” he told swissinfo. “But there has been doping throughout history and if gene doping becomes viable then you cannot stop it, because people want to win.”

Author Beat Glogger has taken the theory a stage further by writing a thriller – “Run For My Life” – about genetically modified athletes. Glogger, also a science journalist, and Gassmann contributed to a Swiss sports ministry document warning about the risks of gene doping.

According to the same article, scientists have already identified more than 150 genes that can influence performance output, such as those that control muscle growth, muscle speed and the production of red blood cells.

Gene manipulation is still at its infancy, requiring more scientific research to ensure effective and safe administration. Athletes who submit themselves to gene doping now can suffer health risks and even death. In Gassmann’s study, genetically modified mice live only half as long as the untreated mice.