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Monday 28, May 2012

  Astros team doctor testifies in Clemens perjury trial

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The team doctor of the Houston Astros told jurors in testimony that pitching great Roger Clemens showed no physical signs of using anabolic steroids or human growth hormone during his stint with the club.

However, Houston orthopedic surgeon Dr. David Lintner offered testimony that may improve content of the prosecutors that the baseball player lied to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs.

The Yankees did not make B-12 shots available to players or authorize injections by non-medical personnel, New York Yankees‘ general manager Brian Cashman testified.

Monday 16, Feb 2009

  THE 400 VESUS THE 104

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WORLD SERIESHouston Astros Roy Oswalt shared his opinion on what is happening in Major League Baseball today. He shares the same views with his good friend Lance Berkman and probably with the rest of the MLB players who have never used steroids in their lives. After Alex Rodriguez’s admission that he had used performance enhancing drugs, the main feeling was that of anger. Oswalt admits that even if he is good friends with Andy Pettitte and Roger Clemens, both of which have been charged of using anabolic steroids, he can’t help but feel that he was cheated.

Oswalt says that baseball should have two records— one for those who have used steroids and another for those who haven’t. For the former, the numbers shouldn’t count because it would simply not be fair to those who have stayed clean and took the harder road to improving their skills. It would be unfair for athletes like him who performed well because of their natural talents to be on the same level as those who had taken performance enhancing drugs. According to Oswalt, his biggest regret is that MLB players, guilty or not, are all stained because of steroid use. The public wouldn’t look at the 400 that didn’t test positive. They would only see the 104 who failed the drug test. At least for now, Oswalt is content with the drug testing program in baseball and he believes that the game has been clean the past few years.

Sunday 15, Feb 2009


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miguel-tejada-pleads-guilty-to-lyingFrom the news of Alex Rodriguez taking performance enhancing drugs, the spotlight now moves on to Miguel Tejada of the Houston Astros. Tejada is not a stranger to steroid-related headlines. Back in 2005, he was named by Rafael Palmeiro as the guy who supplied him with supplements that could probably explain why he had failed the drug test that season. Tejada has also been named by several other athletes and eventually became the subject of investigations and allegations. In 2005, Tejada testified in front of the Congress. Just a few days ago, right after A-Rod had admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs, Tejada was charged of lying under oath, and just yesterday, he finally admitted to these charges.

The teary-eyed Tejada apologized to the United States, to his family and friends, and all those who had supported him. He says that he owns the country so much for taking him in and giving him the chance to play. As you can recall, Tejada is not a U.S. citizen just yet. He is still in the process of filing citizenship and a judge admitted that this incident might affect the outcome of that process. Other than that, Tejada is aware that he will be facing penalties such as serving a year in jail and paying a fine of $1000.