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Tuesday 13, Oct 2009

  Rotherham Bodybuilders sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court for selling steroids

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Rotherham Bodybuilders sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court for selling steroidsTwo men were sentenced at the Sheffield Crown Court on 5 October 2009 after being found involved in a conspiracy to sell and supply Class C drugs, including HGHs.

Richard Flynn, a heavy goods vehicle technician from Rawmarsh (Rotherham), and Christopher Taylor, a house husband and gym owner from Rawmarsh, were sentenced after a joint operation was followed by the South Yorkshire Police and MHRA.

While Richard was sentenced to 12-month imprisonment, suspension for 18-month, and additional penalty of 120-hour community service, Christopher was sentenced to 9-month imprisonment, suspension for 12-month, and additional penalty of 80-hour community service.

The counsel defending Flynn remarked that he came in contact with steroids with the aim of participating in the World’s Strongest Man competition.

Thursday 20, Aug 2009

  Pro wrestler arrested due to HGH possession and harassment

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American professional wrestler Kurt Angle Saturday at Pittsburgh, police arrested American professional wrestler Kurt Angle for harassment, violation of a protection order and illegal possession of a prohibited substance.

Angle was arrested by the police at a mall parking lot where he was found harassing his girlfriend who was inside a local coffee shop. According to her sworn statement, she earlier obtained a protection order, an hour and a half earlier, after they fought last Friday. However, Angle violated the protection order when he allegedly kept circling the parking lot and kept staring at her while she sat inside a coffee shop.

Police also discovered Hygetropin inside his car. According to Angle, the human growth hormone was obtained with a doctor’s prescription.

He faced multiple charges of harassment, violation of the order of protection, illegal possession of drugs and paraphernalia and driving under a suspended license. Because of this incident, he was a no show at the Total Nonstop Action event held at Orlando, Florida.

Angle is also an actor and a 1996 Olympic gold medalist. He joined World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1998 until 2006. After that, he joined Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He is the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

According to ABC7 News:

MCKEES ROCKS, PA — Pro wrestler and Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle has been arrested on charges of possessing a human growth hormone and violating an order of protection in suburban Pittsburgh.