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Friday 23, Mar 2012

  Steroid possession charges against soldier

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Cumberland County authorities have disclosed that a Fort Bragg soldier and his spouse have been caught after a search of their house led to anabolic steroids.

Christopher Dwight Foust, 39, and Jennifer Ann Foust, 33, both of 870 Fredonia Drive in Fayetteville, were charged by government bodies with the ownership with purpose to construct, offer, and produce a Schedule III drug.

Christopher Foust was remanded to Army’s legal care under a $5,000 unsecured bond.

Tuesday 09, Feb 2010

  Cattle steroid abuse identifiable with new test

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Cattle steroid abuse identifiable with new testNew innovative tests have been developed by scientists at Queen’s University Belfast to identify the use of steroids in an illegal manner in the European beef industry, as per a study.

The new tests are not only economical but also more accurate and easier than the conventional drug tests for tracing the presence of illegal steroids in cattle.

The study appeared in the scientific journal Analytical Chemistry and was led by Professor Chris Elliot, the Director of the Institute of Agri-Food and Land Use at Queen’s.

Professor Chris Elliot, the Director of the Institute of Agri-Food and Land Use at Queen’s said that single steroid administration means that a lowered metabolic response was generated as compared to what would have been achievable via cocktail hormone treatments that are presently abused in Europe.

Sunday 31, Jan 2010

  Mark McGwire still reluctant to take responsibility

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Mark McGwire still reluctant to take responsibilityMark McGwire is a broken man these days, living with a conflicted soul. The name and recognition he received while playing baseball have suddenly started eluding him after he confessed using steroids during his illustratious career as a baseball slugger admired for hundreds of home runs.

McGwire insisted that his on-field performance was based on God-given talent and hand-eye coordination and not due to use of steroids.

Whatever may the future holds for this eminent baseball slugger, one thing that cannot be denied is that he has lost the respect that was once unique to him.

Friday 01, May 2009

  Steroid Convict Released

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Steroid Convict ReleasedIn September 2007, Richard Donoghue was caught possessing $60,000 worth of illegal drugs. During the search and investigation, police officials found various kinds of prohibited drugs including steroids. Donoghue pleaded guilty in Ontario Court of Justice to seven drug-related charges including possession and trafficking of ketamine, magic mushrooms and ecstasy.

According to federal prosecutor Mauro DiCarlo, the police was able to confiscate 150 grams of cocaine, 155 grams of ketamine, 329 ecstasy pills, 60 grams of magic mushrooms, 72 vials of liquid steroids and 100 steroid pills.

Addition to the confiscated drugs, the police also found debt lists, cash and two prohibited knives. Richard Donoghue, who is now 36, was sentenced to 360 days of imprisonment. Donoghue was recently released though he will still be under probation for 18 months.

Possession, use and trade of regulated drugs such as steroids and cocaine are unlawful. Hence, person who is found guilty of selling, possession and use these controlled drugs without prescription from his doctor and proper documentation will face legal sanctions.

Tuesday 03, Mar 2009


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steroid-use-in-sumo-wrestlingIn a country that takes pride in every single detail that they do, the assault to one of its most revered sports‘ reputation is cause for panic. Having just recently been accused of fixed games, tax evasions, sex scandals, illegal gambling and consorting with the Yakuza (among other things), the Japanese are frantic to salvage whatever they can in response to the latest threat to Sumo wrestlers.

Performance enhancing drugs or steroids. Such drugs are unacceptable to the Japanese, especially when there’s a game. Not fair at all. In light of recent events (and accusations) it’s no wonder that less and less Japanese boys are eager to live their lives Sumo wrestling. Only one kid applied the previous year to join the Sumo world. At this rate, 2000 years of tradition is well on its way to extinction. And the Japanese can’t have that.

Money always fixes the problem. The lack of it will definitely set things straight. To explain, JSA has declared that Sumo wrestlers caught red-handed using any kind of performance enhancing drug will be stripped away of their retirement pay. Or a very large cut to their pay. And if they still don’t give a fig about their money or pension (which is really, very rare in Japan) then let’s hope the police will set them straight. The fun part is that they won’t even see it coming. Drug tests will be done announced so when you’re caught.

Hopefully just these two rules will be enough to fix this latest problem faced by the Sumo. It would be a shame to see this long-standing tradition fade away because of a couple of drugs. And shame is something that the Japanese doesn’t handle very well. Neither does the rest of the world, for that matter.

Friday 20, Feb 2009


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anti-drug-campaigns-in-californiaIn the effort to extend the anti-steroid and anti-addictive drug abuse to the youth, different cities in California have developed various drug testing programs for their student athletes. In the city of Visalia, high schools will also be subjecting their cheerleaders to the same drug tests done on sports athletes. According to a coach, the main reason is that cheerleading is a dangerous activity and that parents wouldn’t want their girls being thrown high up by a drug user. The drug policy was approved last month and plans to test 10 students weekly at each high school. The school principal would be the one who would be holding the list of positive results and she would inform the parents of these students. While the athletes or the cheerleaders can still continue participating in activities, they will be put in a guidance counseling program that would determine if they need further therapy. Unfortunately, Visalia doesn’t have the budget to test for steroid use and the program all-in-all had to be temporarily stopped due to lack of funds.

The city of Clovis, on the other hand, makes sure that the privacy issue is addressed by sending the results directly to the parents of those who had tested positive for drugs. Unlike Visalia, Clovis high schools also test for the use of performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids.

Tuesday 27, Jan 2009


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rd1-steroidsA local of Sayreville, New Jersey has been sentenced for manufacturing more than a thousand doses of anabolic steroids right in his own residences. Alfred Scarpa was found as a result of an investigation known as “Operation Raw Deal“. Federal agents were able to arrest and charge over a hundred drug dealers across the country. Last September 20, 2007, Scarpa’s house was raided and federal agents managed to seize 40,000 doses of steroids, 2 guns, and cash worth $56,000. They also found that part of his house was turned into a steroid factory and was used to produce his own stocks.

Scarpa was charged with illegal possession and manufacturing of steroids with the intent to distribute them, and possession of firearms. The man pleaded guilty to everything and has now been sentenced to 33 months in prison. The authorities are waiting and expecting Scarpa to surrender himself voluntarily by March 23 to face his sentence.

Scarpa has been part of several drug distribution schemes. In 2000, he was convicted for illegal distribution of cocaine in Monmouth County. In 2003, he was arrested in Union County for distributing ketamine

Monday 12, Jan 2009


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hs-steroidsThe high school athletes of Palm Beach County now don’t have to wonder how it would be like to be in the Major Leagues or in the Olympics. The school board is highly considering having their athletes tested for use of alcohol and of illegal drugs. All that is needed is the board’s final approval for the tests (similar to those district employees receive) to be randomly used on the baseball and softball teams of six high schools.

Tests to detect anabolic steroid use will be added to the program later on and had already gotten the support of Elaine Taulé, the writer of the grant and also the president of to company who would do the tests.

Students who test positive for alcohol, steroids or any illegal drugs will not be removed from the team at first. They will not be able to play for 10 days, although they would be allowed to practice. They will only be booted out of their teams when tested positive for the second time. Coaches and other officials believe that the tests would teach the students discipline and hopefully, help them in guiding these students to the right path. This seems to be working since only one athlete was found positive for steroids among the 600 samples tested last year.

Wednesday 07, Jan 2009


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boxing-steroidsWhile Shane Mosley is waiting to battle it out with WBA welterweight champion Antonio Margarito on January 24, his legal team has been publicly battling it out with BALCO founder and owner Victor Conte.

Back in 2003, Mosley was one of the athletes involved with the BALCO Labs steroid scandal. Investigators reported that Mosley had received designer steroids (“the clear” and “the cream”) and was doping before his fight with Oscar De La Hoya the same year. Mosley was firm on his defense that he thought BALCO was selling him legal vitamins. Conte, on the other hand, claimed that the boxer knew he was taking steroids. Darryl Hudson, Mosley’s then-strength and conditioning coach, sided with Conte.

There have been many discrepancies with Mosley’s stories, and Conte is prepared to address each and every detail that had been turned around. After all, Conte is not a novice in legal suits. He had been involved in a similar case with Marion Jones, a multi-gold medalist track and field athlete. Conte had come clean and eventually, Jones admitted to have used anabolic steroids amidst initially filing a defamation suit against Conte. Apparently, Jones’ first statement also claimed that she thought Conte had been selling her vitamins.

Mosley will be facing the court this January 15th in San Francisco, just a few days before his match.

Monday 05, Jan 2009

  Mr. Universe Arrested for Illegal Trafficking

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kiev07-steroidsManuel Manchado was arrested for illegal trafficking of anabolic steroids. He and six other companions were sentenced to two years imprisonment. The local magistrates have offered Manchado and 4 others the possibility of freedom if they can post a bail of 5,760 Euros.

Manchado, Mr. Universe 2003, is a Spanish body builder who runs a local gym in the Leganes area of Madrid, Spain, an internet shopping site that sells performance-enhancing drugs, and a local store that sells sporting supplements. His products were being provided by a local company called Steromax Spain. Police found an average of half a million doses of illegal products in several of Manchado’s warehouses. Manchado claims that he had a contract with Steromax and was working as a distributor of the company’s products. Among these products are three types of drugs whose sales are unauthorized in Spain. Other than unauthorized distribution of drugs, Steromax was subsequently charged for counterfeiting prescriptions and for selling supplements with no medical or pharmaceutical value, contradictory to what the company claims. The court maintains that the company poses serious health risks to their buyers.

The court has considered the possibility that Manchado and the others that were arrested are members of an organized group whose activity is to import illegal substances, and to store these products in the country for future commercialization and distribution. Manchado’s arrest, as well as the arrest of several other traders of illegal drugs, was a result of the opening two parcels containing illegal substances such as steroids and cocaine back in 2003. This operation led to the discovery of many illegal activities within the country.

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