trevor-graham-steroidsTrevor Graham has fulfilled so many roles in the past years. First, he gained popularity as an athletics coach to track and field stars like Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery. Then in 2003, he was the whistleblower that has blown the top off of the whole BALCO fiasco, exposing the massive steroids use in the sporting world. Now, his attorney was saying Graham is being used as a “convenient scapegoat for their past mistakes and their past drug use” by athletes who have been caught using performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) like anabolic steroids.

This was the statement of his attorney to the federal jury at his opening trial on Monday. Graham has pleaded not guilty to three charges of perjury. He said he never lied to federal investigators regarding his relationship with Angel “Memo” Heredia, a former steroids dealer turned government witness in the aftermath of BALCO steroids scandal.

In exchange for his cooperation, prosecutors helped Heredia, a Mexican national, keep his U.S. work visa. Heredia will take the witness stand against Graham during the trial. It was reported that Heredia has secretly taped his conversation with Graham back in 2006 in Eugene, Ore., during the Prefontaine Nike Classic track meet. Heredia also taped other phone calls with Graham, which prosecutors plan to use as evidence.

Graham has initially said that he has had one phone conversation with the Mexican. Graham also denied that he met Heredia in person. Assistant U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Finigan, however, showed the jury a photo showing the two standing next to each other. The photo was said to be taken in 1996.

The trial is expected to run for two weeks and another controversial personality to take the witness stand is former IRS agent Jeff Novitsky, the leader on the raid of BALCO in 2003. Novitsky is now an investigator at the Food and Drug Adminsitration.

Finigan on Monday told the jury that two IRS agents interviewed Graham in June 2004 regarding Marion Jones. The agents wanted to know if the track star committed a perjury when she told a grand jury that she never took anabolic steroids and other drugs. Jones is currently serving a six-month prison term after pleading guilty to lying to federal investigators regarding her use of steroids and PEDs.