Jesse_Chatman_SteroidsWhat a way to kick off NFL’s season!

New York Jet’s running back Jesse Chatman was already handed out suspension for testing positive for anabolic steroids. Ouch!

And for that, Chatman will never see the red zone for four games of the season.

NFL’s official statement reads: “Jesse Chatman of the New York Jets has been suspended without pay for the team’s first four regular-season games of 2008 for violating the NFL Policy on Steroids and Related Substances.”

Without pay? That’s double ouch for Chatman.

Jet’s coach Eric Mangini’s states on a media conference: “Chatman’s suspension begins on Saturday, August 30. He is eligible to return to the Jets’ active roster on Monday, September 29 following the team’s September 28 game against the Arizona Cardinals.”

Chatman’s agent, Brett Tessler, relays this statement: “Jesse never tested positive for a steroid or any other performance-enhancing drug. Near the end of last season the League claimed he had a diuretic in his system that they said could also be used as a masking agent. After spending great time and money defending his innocence, the League made its final ruling and now Jesse has no choice but to look ahead to week 5.”

The 5-foot-8, 220-pound Chatman spent his first three NFL seasons with San Diego from 2002-04, but was released by the Chargers in July 2005. He signed with the Dolphins before that season, but was traded to New Orleans after being inactive for the first five games. Chatman was then inactive for three games with the Saints before they also released him.

After sitting out a year and losing 60 pounds, Chatman was again signed by the Dolphins and revived his NFL career.

Oh yeah, what a way to revive one’s career. A four-game suspension at the start of the regular season? Let’s get it on, Chatman!

And count on more players to join Chatman sitting out as the NFL implements new rules for the 2008 season.  Expect confusion and explicit audibles that could end up in fists flying and referee shoving in the field.