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Wednesday 26, Nov 2008

  Jets to be fined by NFL for two doping suspensions

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new-york-jets-steroidsAs a consequence for a second suspension off their roster, the New York Jets faces a fine from the National Football League under a newly adopted policy.

Jets rookie quarterback Erik Ainge tested positive for a banned diuretic and was slapped with a four-game suspension for violating NFL’s steroids and related substances policy.

Ainge’s teammate Jesse Chatman was the first to commit doping infraction when he tested positive for bumetanide. He was penalized with a four-game suspension without pay a week prior the start of the season.

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones has figured in several run-ins with authorities with the recent one taking place last month at a Dallas hotel in what one news article has described as “an alcohol-related scuffle with a bodyguard”. Pacman was suspended for four games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Tuesday 09, Sep 2008

  NFL’s 89th season – new rules, new steroid stories, and new team for good old Favre

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Since football is back, let’s talk about the highlights and sidelights of the NFL’s 89th season so far.

There is, of course, the retirement and unretirement of Brett Favre, which lent some melodrama to the usually action-packed league. Favre is now with the New York Jets. Then there are the new NFL rules for 2008, one of which is the use of instant replays to correct onfield officiating errors.

And there are the season-opening suspensions, which included New York Jets’ running back Jesse Chatman due to reported steroid use. He received a four-game suspension without pay for the infringement.  This incident prompted many to ask: “How is it that Chatman got suspended while Ryan Fowler is left unscathed for violation of NFL’s policy regarding anabolic steroids and related substances?”

We reported just last month that Fowler was relieved that the league did not pursue his case of alleged use of steroids. He said NFL had initially scheduled a hearing regarding the case, but the meeting did not materialize. Did the NFL forget about it or did it decide not to pursue the case anymore? Lucky for Fowler, bad fate for Chatman.

Fowler, a linebacker for Tennessee, was implicated by the now deceased David Jacobs, the reported Texas-based steroid dealer to several NFL players.  Jacobs told The Dallas Morning News before he committed the murder-suicide case in June that he had supplied Fowler with drugs before and after the 2006 season and Jacobs also provided the NFL names of players who bought steroids from him. The list of names included Fowler and former Dallas lineman Matt Lehr.

NFL sent Fowler a letter that same month stating he faced an investigation and possible suspension. Now that the said investigation did not push through Fowler considers the case closed.