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Friday 30, Dec 2011

  Steroid supply leads to disgrace for doctor

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A doctor who is alleged to have a gang association and a reputation for supplying anabolic steroids to body builders has been struck off the register on charges relating to irregular prescribing.

Johannes Wilson, the doctor, was understood to have left the country and did not appear or defend himself at the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT) hearing.

The doctor was found guilty in July 2006 of professional misconduct for three failed vasectomies on two men.

Thursday 24, Feb 2011

  Sylvester Stallone charged with importing HGH vials

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Sylvester Stallone charged with importing HGH vialsSylvester Stallone, the 60-year-old American actor, has been charged with importing vials of a banned human growth hormone (HGH) into Australia.

Stallone had been in the country to promote his latest film, Rocky Balboa.

The Hollywood actor faces a charge of importing a banned substance after airport staff discovered 48 vials of the hormone Jintropin in his luggage.

Tuesday 01, Feb 2011

  Hollywood actor pleads guilty to Australian drugs charges

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Hollywood actor pleads guilty to Australian drugs chargesSylvester Stallone, the actor from Hollywood, recently told an Australian court that his importation of two banned muscle building hormones was a “terrible mistake” caused by ignorance of local laws.

Stallone will be sentenced in the next few days after he pleaded guilty to importing dozens of vials of the restricted drugs into Australia during a tour to promote his film, Rocky Balboa.

Stallone’s lawyer, Phillip Boulten, said his client had been taking the drugs under medical supervision for at least six years, and did not realize he was breaking customs laws by bringing them to Australia.

Wednesday 19, Jan 2011

  Doctor struck off register for irregular prescribing

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Doctor struck off register for irregular prescribingJohannes Wilson, a doctor alleged to have a gang association and a reputation for supplying anabolic steroids to body builders, has been struck off the register on charges relating to irregular prescribing.

Wilson did not appear or defend himself at the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (HPDT) hearing in Auckland.

Dr Wilson ordered more than 1.1 million tablets, each containing 60mg ephedrine, between May 2003 and July 2007.

Wednesday 03, Nov 2010

  Chinese Drug Company pleads guilty in GH case

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Chinese Drug Company pleads guilty in GH caseGeneScience Pharmaceutical, a Chinese drug company, and its chief executive have agreed to plead guilty to charges of illegally distributing human growth hormone in the United States, as per filings in United States District Court in Rhode Island.

The company, which identifies itself as China’s most profitable biopharmaceutical company, had distributed the growth hormone (GH) in China and other parts of the world through the Internet.

According to a court filing, the clean competition fund that is to be administered by the Rhode Island Community Foundation would support anti-doping in sports, drug screening, and clinical research into long-term effects of human growth hormone.

Thursday 17, Sep 2009

  Celebrity-driven image culture behind growing demand for steroids

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Celebrity-driven image culture behind growing demand for steroidsDoping officials and members of the general public are raising their deep concerns over the growing demand and popularity of steroids despite the fact that the government has already claimed that it has already enforced tight control on the manufacture and distribution of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. But, truth cannot be hidden for long and the underlying truth is that steroid usage is growing at an all-time high.

The biggest reason: celebrity driven image culture.

With news about sportsmen and other celebrities taking up anabolic steroids to stay ahead of the competition and maintain the “invincibility” factor, more and more “followers” have already started using steroids without understanding possible side effects. With big names such as Sylvester Stallone saying that he is an old man jumping around trying to look young and being busted at the Sydney Airport with 48 vials of human growth hormone Jintropin, things cannot be expected to settle down. The only thing that can happen from here on is popularity of steroids.

As per members of the general public and doping officials, things cannot be corrected unless highly stringent measures are implemented. Till this happens, illegal importation, unauthorized steroid usage, and distribution of anabolic steroids will continue despite all odds.

Friday 25, Jul 2008

  Documentary shows evidence of gene doping, steroid use in China

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china-steroidsThis is not going to be a good backdrop for the fast-approaching Beijing Summer Olympics.  With less than three weeks before opening of the world’s biggest sporting event, the showing of a German documentary can really do harm to Beijing’s stature as host city. The Times Online provides the incriminating details of the documentary film titled Flying High in Middle Kingdom.

Startling new evidence of a burgeoning underground doping culture in China emerged last night as a hospital doctor said that he was prepared to give illegal performance-enhancing gene therapy treatment to an Olympic swimmer. The doctor was caught on camera by a German television investigator saying that he wanted £12,000 for a two-week treatment that would help to strengthen the lungs of a fictitious American swimmer.

The documentary, broadcast by ARD on Germany’s main channel last night, went on to show evidence that drugs firms in China are prepared to sell steroids that have not passed full clinical trials, as well as erythropoietin (EPO), the blood-boosting drug, at a price far cheaper than in the West. In the case of one steroid, 100g was sold for €150 (about £120) when the price in Europe would have been more than €6,000.

Since Beijing won the bid to host the 2008 Olympics seven years ago, it started to primp up its image, particularly in regards to its steroid trade and use. In the last couple of months, with pressure from international anti-doping groups, the drive against these banned substances had netted several steroid labs and manufacturing firms across the country, including GenSci. GenSci is the Chinese company behind Jintropin, a human growth hormone popular among athletes. The company’s license had been temporarily revoked by Chinese authorities recently. The documentary, however, proves that GenSci is still conducting business, albeit not in the usual manner.

When asked if the company (GenSci) could supply steroids and EPO, investigators were asked to pick up the substances personally, to get round the preGames crackdown on selling illegal substances on the black market. EPO and a steroid called estra-diendione were offered. One hundred grams of the steroid cost 1,500 yuan (about £100). It came with quality control certification and proved to be a bargain. The cost in Europe is upwards of £4,500 per 100g, according to Mario Thevis, an expert at a laboratory in Cologne.

To show the world that it is serious in ridding competitive sports of steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs, Chinese officials have suspended a couple of their athletes and coaches because of use of steroids and other banned compounds. The TV airing of this documentary, however, is causing some jitters amongst anti-doping organizations.

With the Olympics beginning in Beijing in a little more than two weeks, the documentary evidence of cheap, on-demand gene therapy alarmed David Howman, the director general of the World AntiDoping Agency (Wada). “This is worse than my worst fears,” he said.