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Wednesday 28, Jul 2010

  Sandy Alderson tapped with fixing Dominican baseball

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Sandy Alderson tapped with fixing Dominican baseballSandy Alderson, the new sheriff hired by baseball commissioner Bud Selig, for addressing the litany of problems presently plaguing one of the richest talent resources of the game had a rude awakening as soon as he took the job two months ago.

Alderson met with MLB team representatives at the Embajador Hotel in mid April and the conference was marred by a raucous protest by dozens of Dominican trainers organizing a rally outside the hotel.

A big majority of personnel, including one of the Prospect League founders, Ulises Cabrera, who rushed to greet Alderson, were not happy with the American interfering in the Dominican baseball business.

Thursday 23, Apr 2009


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SHEFFIELD HITS 500TH CAREER HOMERUNGary Sheffield believes everything happens for a purpose. Never mind if people think him too pious. At least he got vindicated and the tainted past is now long forgotten.

On Friday, Sheffield rounded the field to complete his 500th career homerun, which some didn’t think would ever happen. The Mets desperately needed the win, and that homerun also broke the tie 5-4 against Milwaukee. Because of this victory fans are ready to forgive his brush with the steroids.

Getting Sheffield for the Mets is something Jose Reyes would never regret, if in case he did before. Having Gary on the team as the 25th baseball player to hit the 500th homerun is enough for the Mets to make history. Reyes definitely made a great choice of getting him. It didn’t matter now that Sheffield wasn’t originally part of the team.

The Mets have Sheffield to thank for he gave life to what seemed to be a hopeless team. Willie Randolph had been the biggest thing that happened to them until later in the evening when Sheffield just whacked the ball into a homerun.