Sylvester Stallone steroidsYou know how Hollywood takes on anything to achieve and maintain stellar status. Let’s face it – we are still in the era of superficiality where good looks almost supersede everything else. Thus, celebrities are trying to fit into the current parameters of beauty and bankability, i.e. a well-toned and age-defying body. And they would do – and use – anything to stay on the glaring spotlight of Hollywood, including steroids. (yes celebrities do buy steroids!)

Hollywood celebrities’ techniques in keeping fat-free are myriad. The General Surgeon surely would not be happy with the chain smoking technique to keep slim; Katherine Heigl is rumored to be a practitioner of this. There is, of course, the infamous staple for slimming like cocaine and heroin and other illicit and hard-core drugs. You must have heard of Kate Moss taking in coke (and we’re not referring here to a soda brand).

Most of these stars would say their gorgeous figures are due to visits to gyms and veggie diets. Speaking of diets Beyoncè’s got an interesting recipe to stay booty – water mixed with maple syrup, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. She called it the lemonade diet. That one could really make your ears turn red. Then Stallone has stolen the limelight with his with the human growth hormone.

But the thing now is diet pills and anabolic steroids. These secret ‘weapons’ can be handy – steroids and diet pills are easy to use and easy to hide. When caught using them, celebs could usually act their way out and deliver the line “I have a prescription”, with such conviction that a star-struck agent could easily believe it.

Steroids, in the world of celluloid, could be quite indispensable props. Call them tricks of the trade because steroids indeed could transform actresses into desirable sirens and actors to some mouth-watering specimens.

Edward Norton easily comes to mind when you think of phenomenal physical metamorphosis. In most of his movies, you see him as a pale, reedy guy; then you see him with bulging biceps in American History X. He reportedly packed on 30 pounds with his role as a reformed neo-Nazi in this film. If you’re so interested with his training regimen, forget about searching it online because it’s too top secret you won’t find it online or anywhere else.

Thus, it invites several questions. Could his transformation due only to intense training and workouts? Or steroids can be partly credited? Many can’t wait to see him as the physicist Bruce Banner in The Hulk due this June to see how many pounds he has packed on this time around.

P.S. obviously anabolic steroids and human growth hormone played a huge role in  Bruce Banner – The Hulk – transformation.