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Thursday 26, May 2016

  Ken Shamrock Tests Positive For Steroids

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American mixed martial artist Ken Shamrock has reportedly tested positive for elevated testosterone at Bellator 149.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer tested positive for elevated testosterone levels, as was 12.4:1, well above the Texas limit of 4:1. Methadone and Nandrolone were also found in system of the professional wrestler. Shamrock tested positive for the opioid Methadone, with reported levels of 370 nanograms per milliliter while the threshold for a positive test is 300 ng/ml.

This is not the first doping instance for Shamrock. He tested positive after his fight with Ross Clifton and received a suspension of one year.

During the course of his career, Ken Shamrock set numerous pay-per-view records with his drawing power. Widely considered to be an icon in the sport of mixed martial arts, he was named The World’s Most Dangerous Man by ABC News in a special entitled “The World’s Most Dangerous Things” in the initial days of his UFC career. Shamrock became the first UFC Superfight Champion after he defeated Dan Severn at UFC 6 and is best known for his rivalry with Royce Gracie.

Ken Shamrock also holds the distinction of being the first foreign MMA Champion in Japan when he won the title of King of Pancrase. Ranked by Inside MMA as one of the top 10 greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time, Shamrock has the distinction of being a one-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, one-time WWF Intercontinental Champion, one-time WWF Tag Team Champion, and the 1998 WWF King of the Ring. He is the founder of the Lion’s Den mixed martial arts training camp. During his prime, Ken Shamrock was hailed by everyone as an explosive grappler with speed, physical strength, agility, and power.

Shamrock appeared in the films Scarecrow Gone Wild, Beyond the Mat, Champions, and Virtuosity besides he appearing in That ’70s Show episode “That Wrestling Show” as Wrestler #1. He has also appeared in the video games WWE ’13 and WWE 2K16.

The rivalry of Shamrock with the Hart Foundation led to his first WWF pay-per-view main event at In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede. This was after his name was associated with a feud with Big Van Vader, Bret Hart, and The Hart Foundation throughout 1997. Shamrock challenged Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship in the main event of December’s D-Generation X: In Your House and defeated Michaels by disqualification when Triple H and Chyna interfered. Shamrock won the King of the Ring tournament in June 1998 after he defeated Jeff Jarrett in the semi-finals and WWF Intercontinental Champion Rocky Maivia in the final. Shamrock feuded with Owen Hart following the King of the Ring. Hart defeated Shamrock in a “Hart Family Dungeon match” at Fully Loaded and Shamrock took the revenge by defeating Hart in a “Lion’s Den match” at SummerSlam. Shamrock defeated X-Pac in the finals of an eight-man tournament to won the vacant Intercontinental Championship on October 12, 1998.

In another development, Kimbo Slice also failed post-fight drug test. Slice’s testosterone level was 6.4:1 and he also tested positive for Nandrolone.

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Monday 10, Feb 2014

  Ken Shamrock Appreciates Voluntary Drug Testing

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Ken shamrock appreciates voluntary drug testing

Ken Shamrock, one of the biggest stars of MMA, has appreciated Filipino-American boxer Nonito “The Filipino Flash” for his efforts to clean up the sport by willingly opting for voluntary drug testing.

Shamrock remarked the Filipino-American boxer has become the ideal example of a drug-free fighter after subscribing to 24/7 drug testing with the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA). Shamrock, who admitted to using anabolic steroids in the past, said Nonito Donaire is a name that comes into my mind and is someone who has proven that he does not use steroids because he does random drug testing. Ken Shamrock said the fighter has demonstrated there is nothing to hide as he is open to testing at any given time. The MMA great, who is best known for his rivalry with Brazilian jiu-jitsu great Royce Gracie in the early 1990s, said anti-doping officials can come to his gym whenever they want and they would test Donaire.

Shamrock became the first UFC superfight champion after he defeated Dan Severn at UFC 6. He was the first foreign MMA champion in Japan after he won the title of King of Pancrase. Shamrock then entered the world of professional wrestling to become the WWF intercontinental champion, the WWF tag team champion, and the 1998 WWF “King of the Ring.”

Shamrock remarked he never used steroids while in the ring and never fought using them. He added he understands the present-day turmoil in the context of drug testing in MMA but said the fighters who have already been making money can afford to get around the testing. Shamrock, described by many as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man“, is working these days as a security guard for the world-renowned rapper 50 Cent.

The retired American mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer, and professional wrestler emerged as one of the biggest stars in the history of mixed martial arts during the course of his career. Shamrock set many pay-per-view records with his drawing power. Considered to be the #1 mixed martial artist in the world, Shamrock was ranked by Inside MMA as one of the top 10 greatest mixed martial arts fighters of all time. World Wrestling Entertainment—formerly the World Wrestling Federation—credited Shamrock for popularizing the ankle lock that was named by it one of the top five submission holds in history. Born Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick, Shamrock came to overnight prominence by defeating world kickboxing champion and future UFC Heavyweight Champion Maurice Smith and Alex Cook in the Opening Round of the 16 man King of Pancrase Tournament. He defeated Masakatsu Funaki and Manabu Yamada in the Second Round to become the first King of Pancrase.

Shamrock’s finishing moves were mostly all about ankle locks and his signature moves included sleeper hold, hurricanrana, and belly-to-belly suplex. Ken Shamrock is the only fighter to ever defend the UFC Superfight Championship and is credited with having the longest Fight in UFC History UFC 5 at 36 minutes. He was the first inductee into the UFC hall of fame with Royce Gracie and was the first fighter to defend a UFC title belt. Shamrock was ranked by Pro Wrestling Illustrated as the Most Improved Wrestler of the Year (1997) and #8 of the 500 best singles wrestlers of the PWI Years in 1998.

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Tuesday 17, Mar 2009


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SHAMROCK FACES SUSPENSION OVER STEROID USEIn a sport where steroid use is highly expected, what comes as a surprise is that players still get sanction when they are discovered to be using them. That is the case of Ken Shamrock, the “World’s Most Dangerous Man,” and Ultimate Fighting Champion Hall of Famer. It was discovered that prior to his fight with Ross “Grizzly” Clifton he administered some PEDs. His urine was tested positive with the substance. This report was announced by the California State Althletic Commission.

The steroid substances found in Shamrock’s urine sample were two Nandrolone-based substances 19-Norandrosterone and 19-Noretiocholanolone.

When Shamrock is suspended he will be able to apply for reinstatement in February 2010 before he turns 46.

The world of sports is under the watchful eye of the Anti-Doping Agency that bolstered their campaign against the use of steroids among athletes. Major League baseball player Alex Rodriguez had admitted tot the use of steroids in 2001-2003 and there are still others facing raps for their involvement in using and distribution PEDs.

Wednesday 17, Sep 2008

  War of words heats up between Ken Shamrock and Kevin Ferguson as “Heat” draws near

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EliteXC Heat on October 4 will be the venue for both Ken Shamrock and Kevin ‘Kimbo Slice’ Ferguson to prove something. Shamrock’s goal is to shut up his critics who are suggesting retirement for him. To Ferguson, it is to validate his position in mainstream MMA.

Indeed, big stakes are in for both mixed martial artists. During an intense teleconference on Thursday, Shamrock was quite vocal about his feeling towards the fight and the fighter he’s pitted against. It was clear to Shamrock that he would be a pawn to the promotion’s big event, which is to take place at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise in Florida. Shamrock did not mince words expressing his views about the whole thing.

“That is absolutely what this is,” Shamrock said. “I’m absolutely taking it as an insult, and I’m going to smash it back in their face.”

Indeed, Shamrock (26-13-2) will have to deliver a smashing performance; otherwise, the public outcry for his retirement will grow louder. Shamrock’s age and record are working against him. He is 44 years old, well past the prime of any fighter. He suffered defeats in eight of his 10 last matches. Shamrock is now on a five-fight losing streak and it was apparent he did not put up a good fight in those losses – he has not survived the first round in any of his last five matches. That’s a great disappointment from a man who’s been nicknamed as “The World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

“All I’ve got to say is that I apologize for my last couple of performances,” Shamrock said. “I have no excuses. On Oct. 4, I will shut everybody up and make amends for those [losses] by putting Kimbo’s lights out.”

Ferguson (3-0), then, became at the receiving end of Shamrock’s fierce words. “After it’s over,” Shamrock said, “I’m going to shave your goatee.”

Ferguson, meanwhile, resisted to take the verbal bait and shrugged off Shamrock’s comments. “I’m not a s–t talker,” he said.

Ferguson was very much aware that he would not prove anything by talking – after all, he is not only at the receiving end of Shamrock’s nasty remarks but also of the persistent speculation that he has yet to find his footing in mainstream MMA. Ferguson gained popularity via the Internet, appearing in several filmed underground streefights before his introduction to commercialized MMA.

His performance at his last bout earned criticisms. Although he was able to defeat Pride Fighting Championships veteran James Thompson, many said Ferguson was ‘out of sorts’ when his opponent pushed the action to the ground. Ferguson considered that bout, as well as the nasty post-fight reviews, as worthwhile lessons.

“Every fight makes me a more complete fighter,” Ferguson said. “I’m prepared for a lot of s–t. Losing’s not an option, but if it happens, I’ll learn from it and come back from it. Ken’s really going to have to be Superman to beat me.”

Yet, the 34-year-old fighter from Florida was not underestimating Shamrock’s fighting skills.

“I grew up watching Ken,” Ferguson said. “I’m honored to fight a guy like him. If I beat Ken’s ass, I’m good. This guy has the ability to f–k somebody up. I’m not taking this s–t lightly. I want a guy who’s going to try and kick my ass, try to knock me out, try to break my leg. He still has the ability to pull something off. I don’t underestimate anybody.”

Shamrock, on the other hand, showed no respect for Ferguson’s abilities.

“I don’t respect his power,” Shamrock said. “The only time he’s knocked anyone out is when they were tired. At this point, I have no respect for him at all. I’m going in there to whip his ass.”

And, seasoned fighter as he is, Shamrock openly acknowledged what his triumph over Ferguson could mean to him.

“It’s a huge thing for me and my career,” he said. “I can taste this one. I want this bad. He’s a fast-rising star, and this is an opportunity for me to get in the ring and revive my career.”

And to those people who want to see him retired in some obscure Mexican town, Shamrock has some parting words for them.

“People are asking the question, ‘Should I be in the ring?’” Shamrock said. “I guarantee I’m going to answer the question and put a period at the end of it.”

Remember, Ken Shamrock is a walking and talking example of steroid abuse and HGH abuse.  He was so pumped up on anabolic steroids that he couldn’t move properly.

Thursday 27, Mar 2008

  Frank Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock – Steroids 3

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ken_frank-shamrock-steroidsWe have decided to start numbering the steroids allegations in the Frank Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock case. We already have 2 posts in our i steroids blog about Shamrock ‘s steroid use, both Ken and Frank, but now we have a new piece of information. After the last allegation, where Frank Shamrock claimed Ken Shamrock used steroids , Ken Shamrock responded to the steroid use claims:

“I have been subjected to mandatory steroid testing countless times, and I have never tested positive for steroids, nor have I ever refused a test. Furthermore, my experience has always been that the promoters and fighters willingly comply with the drug testing mandated by the various athletic commissions.

The comments Frank made about me and about the industry itself are based purely on his personal opinion, not on facts. Frank should acknowledge that his comments were without merit and irresponsible, and apologize for the disparaging remarks he has made towards the fighters, promoters, and to the various athletic commissions who regulate MMA.”

We thought Ken Shamrock was an MMA fighter not a lawyer, but this sure as hell looks lawyered up. In fact, read the statement, Ken Shamrock says he NEVER failed a steroid test, but he does NOT say he never took anabolic steroids. It is obvious that Ken Shamrock uses anabolic steroids and human growth hormone (HGH), or at least used HGH at some point. After his last fight, you can’t say steroids are helping him, since he’s on a 1-8 losing record (lose 8 out of 9 of his last fights).

Look how steroid hyped Ken Shamrock looks in this WWE (WWF) highlight:

Friday 21, Mar 2008

  Frank Shamrock on steroids

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frank-shamrock-ken-shamrock-steroidsIs Frank Shamrock on steroids? that’s the million dollar question. Frank Shamrock accused Ken Shamrock of steroid use, but if you look at Frank – it looks like he’s using steroids. In fact, from the looks of it, Frank Shamrock is probably using Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and probably IGF-1. So which brother is using anabolic steroids, Frank Shamrock or Ken Shamrock? well, our belief is that Ken Shamrock is on steroids, but his brother Frank Shamrock is also a user. Except, maybe Frank is using some short ester anabolic steroids like testosterone propionate, anavar or winstrol. Frank Shamrock is probably also using Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Let’s compare:

Ken Shamrock – Probably uses anabolic steroids like Winstrol, Anavar, Testosterone

Frank Shamrock – Probably uses Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and maybe short term anabolic steroids.

Thursday 20, Mar 2008

  Frank Shamrock says Ken Shamrock took Steroids

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frank-shamrock-ken-shamrock-steroidsOf course, it’s not like we need Frank Shamrock to tell us that Ken Shamrock took Anabolic Steroids and, most likely, HGH, but it’s interesting to know it as fact. We have talked about Ken Shamrock’s steroid use in the past here, but now it’s clear as water and 100% – Ken Shamrock uses steroids. Now that it’s all out in the open, who cares? MMA athletes are generally on steroids to aid recovery – since MMA is such a brutal sport. Face it, these days at least 90% of NFL players use anabolic steroids and human growth hormone, at least 40% of baseball players do, and at least 60% of MMA fighters do too. Don’t forget the Olympic athletes, golfers and pool players on steroids. Let’s not make a surprise out of Ken Shamrock’s steroid use, let’s just face reality and move on.

The only problem with Ken Shamrock using steroids is that they didn’t help him. People fail to understand that steroids do NOT make you a better athlete; sure, they can help with recovery from hard training and injuries, but anabolic steroids can’t give you talent. Drugs, no matter the type, do not provide talent! only hard work, training, diet and dedication does that. So, Ken Shamrock, please stop trying to rely on steroids and start training hard for your next MMA fight.

MMA Madness: You say that you’ve seen guys take steroids. Could you maybe give us any names?

Frank Shamrock: Sure, my brother Ken did them his whole life.

MMA Madness: Really?

Frank Shamrock: Yeah. Why do you think that his mind is so fried? Why do you think he crumbles before the big fights? He’s got no psyche. He let steroids give him a false sense of security and the moment that stuff is gone he’s no longer superman. He’s just a regular man. But without all the hard work and without all the belief in himself that a regular man would have if he got up to that point. He’s the only guy that I’ll tell on, because he’s always in trouble anyway.

Source: MMA Madness

Sunday 09, Mar 2008

  Ken Shamrock and Steroids

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ken-shamrock steroidsKen Shamrock is the best example of performance enhancing drugs such as anabolic steroids doing absolutely nothing. Ken Shamrock is probably the most obvious user of steroids, maybe after a few WWE guys! He has been so juiced up he didn’t even move much, and his latest MMA match has clearly shown that steroids in sports do NOT make you a better athlete. Training, talent and work ethic is what makes better athletes not anabolic steroids, and Ken Shamrock is the best example. He is one of the worst steroid users (and most obvious) in MMA and he has lost 7 out of 8 fights since 2002.

The truth remains that the best way to become the best in your athletic field is not by using steroids, but by training, hard work and a ton of talent.  A lot of guys in the sport like Anderson Silva are obviously not using any steroids or HGH, and look they are the best.  Don’t blame steroids for records, blame the hard work of the athlete!

Saturday 08, Mar 2008

  Ken Shamrock “The worlds LEAST dangerous man” KOed again (steroids?)

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Ken ShamrockKen Shamrock and MMA:

We have decided to rename Ken Shamrock from the worlds most dangerous man to the worlds least dangerous man. Ken Shamrock, who was once a legend, is now an MMA joke. Since 2002, he has fought 8 time with an almost unanimous losing streak, 1-7 (1 win,7 losses). The 1 win against a guy who probably sucks as much as him. Ken Shamrock is so past his prime that no steroids will ever help him. In his latest “fight” he was knocked out by an unknown Robert Berry at the Cage Rage 25 even, 1st round KO at 3:26. Ken Shamrock has become such a joke that he was even beat by Rich Franklin, some UFC middleweight (about 50lbs. difference!). Ken Shamrock, we have a suggestion for you: RETIRE! asap please.

Ken Shamrock and Steroids:

Ken Shamrock was clearly using steroids in the mid of his career but it seems that he hasn’t even stayed in proper shape these days. He came in lean and looking fit but he looked slow and bulky on his feet. He should lay off the Anabolic steroids and really consider some Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which helps with tendons, injury recovery and aging. He really needs to either try to reverse the aging process of face up to it and give up to being old and washed out.
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