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Saturday 04, Oct 2008

  Kimbo Slice gets beaten to death by Seth Petruzelli no steroids

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There was a lot of talk about MMA fighter/Street fighter Kimbo Slice in the past year or so.  Ever since making his debut fighting on Youtube and other video sharing networks, for his boss – a porn site, he’s become a “huge” MMA start.  However, we all know and stated he was a joke, a big/weak joke.  Today kimbo slice proved to be a joke when he was knocked out in 14 seconds by Seth Petruzelli on EliteXC.

Here is a GIF of the knockout, no need for a video since it was only 14 seconds!

Kimbo was originally was supposed to fight Ken Shamrock – The worlds’ least dangerous man who is also the worlds’ biggest jacked up steroid users.  Unfortunately for Kimbo and EliteXc, instead of a washed out Ken Shamrock, they got a light heavyweight Seth Petruzelli, who was giving up about 30lbs. to Kimbo “the Joke” Slice.  All in all, today was Ken Shamrocks biggest knockout, as he likely delivered the knockout blow to EliteXC – most likely putting the promotion out of business by end of this year.

There were photos of Kimbo on the interent with a huge GUT, like he was really abusing human growth hormone (HGH) or IGF-1, so it seems HGH doesn’t really help you win fights.  Talent does!

Monday 02, Jun 2008

  Kimbo Slice – fixed fight thug

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Kimbo-Slice-vs-Thompson-Elite-XCMay 31st, the worst day for MMA history, was the start and the end for Kimbo “the street thub” Slice and EliteXC. Kimbo Slice was finally exposed as the class D fighter he is. Kimbo Slice faced James Thompson, a D level fighter with a glass jaw, and was exposed in the fight.

1) The fight was fixed:
In the 2nd round, Kimbo Slice was on his back for 1 minute and 40 seconds, and got 50, that’s right fifty, unanswered elbows to the head. That should have been a stoppage, but the referee allowed the fight to go on even as James Thompson was hitting Kimbo Slice’s head non stop for almost 2 minutes with NO response from Kimbo Slice! That’s right no response.

In the 3rd round, a lucky shot by Kimbo opened up James Thompsons ear, but Thompson was rocked but standing and still coming forward to fight. However, the referee stopped the fight for no reason, which makes it NOT an early stoppage but a fixed stoppage.

2) Kimbo Slice should not have been on the main card. A street thug from maimi who admitted to doing cocaine before his street fights with street bums is not a role model for MMA. He should have never headlined an event and he proved our earlier points about this. Kimbo was exposed to be a joke. The guy gassed out after the 1st round, oooo sorry, no coke?

3) EliteXC ruined any chance for a REAL MMA organization like UFC or DREAM to get on a major TV network after the joke their last even was.

4) Was Kimbo Slice or James Thompson on steroids? most likely Kimbo Slice was using some anabolic steroids or HGH, we venture to guess some Anavar or Winstrol.