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Tuesday 01, Sep 2015

  Dafne Schippers Dismisses Doping Suggestions

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Dutchwoman Dafne Schippers has rejected any suggestion of doping after she claimed 100m silver on Monday and then won the 200m gold at the recently-concluded World Athletics Championships in Beijing.

Schippers smashed a 36-year-old European record to win the world 200m title with the fourth-fastest run in history. The 23-year-old eclipsed the European record of 21.71sec set by Marita Koch in 1979 and matched by fellow East German Heike Drechsler in 1986. Only Americans Marion Jones and world record-holder Florence Griffith-Joyner have run the 200 meters race faster than the Dutchwoman, who won heptathlon bronze at the Moscow worlds two years ago. It is interesting to note that all four athletes were mired in doping allegations but Schippers has been clean till now.

Schippers insisted she had nothing to hide and remarked she is clean and work very hard for it. Schippers added she does all the dope controls and does not want to say more than that. Her coach Bart Bennema said nothing should be read into the acne problem of Schippers. Acne is a side effect generally associated with doping. Bart added if you walk down the street in Holland, he can point out 10 girls her age with that skin. The coach added he understands that acne is one of the things you have when use something such as doping but sometimes you just have bad skin and it is in her family.

Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson, who was second behind Schippers, called her a “great competitor”. Elaine remarked she is not disappointed at all that she did not win as she came home with a medal. The bronze medal was won by two-time Olympic champion Veronica Campbell-Brown, who won the world title in Daegu in 2011. The Jamaican athlete said she had no complaints after a raft of injuries. Campbell-Brown said this year has been a difficult experience for her after she worked so hard. She added it was going up and down all the season so she is so grateful that she came out with the medal and a season’s best.

Born on 15 June 1992, Dafne Schippers competes in heptathlon and the sprints and is the 2015 World Champion at the 200 meters. Schippers holds the European record of 21.63 seconds in the 200m event. Schippers’ career reached new heights after she won gold medals in the heptathlon at the 2010 World Junior Championships in Athletics and 2011 European Athletics Junior Championships. Dafne Schippers also won the gold medal in 100 m and bronze in the long jump at the 2013 European Athletics U23 Championships. During the 2014 European Championships, she won gold medals in the 100m and the 200m. As a teenager, Dafne beat the 2012 Olympic champion Allyson Felix and narrowly missed out on the 200m final at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu by 0.04sec.

During this year’s World Championships, Kenyan athletes Koki Manunga and Joyce Zakary received provisional bans after they failed doping tests according to an announcement by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF).

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Saturday 15, Jun 2013

  Leading Anti-Doping Prosecutor Joins Doping Inquiry

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Leading Anti-Doping Prosecutor Joins Doping Inquiry

Richard Young, who played a central role in the cases of Lance Armstrong and Marion Jones, has joined the investigation of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) into the use of banned substances in the National Rugby League and the Australian Football League.

Young, the Colorado-based sports lawyer and a leading anti-doping prosecutor, was enlisted by ASADA to help the doping watchdog on an ongoing basis as it prepares to enter the fifth month of its investigation. An ASADA spokesperson said the agency confirms that it has engaged Richard Young to assist in its investigation. The lawyer, known for his pursuit in sealing the downfall of Lance Armstrong, was enlisted to help ASADA move its own investigation towards a successful conclusion.

The expertise of Richard Young in the anti-doping field is unmatched as he is the principal draftsman of the World Anti-Doping Code and has unrivaled reputation as an investigator and trial lawyer in cases involving performance enhancing drugs. Young was the senior prosecutor in the BALCO episode that led to American sprinter Jones being stripped of her Olympic medals besides being the lawyer of USADA in the 2007 case against disgraced Tour de France winner Floyd Landis and was even the lead outside lawyer of USADA on the Armstrong doping case. Young was instrumental in dealing closely with witnesses (in the Armstrong case) who were initially unwilling to come forward and was central as several top riders lifted the lid on the practices employed by the seven-time Tour de France champion and teammates.

Young is past Co-Chair of Holme Roberts & Owen’s Litigation Practice Group and has been the managing partner of the Colorado Springs office and is the managing partner at the firm Brian Cave LLP of the Colorado Springs office for 20 years. Young has been nationally-recognized as a “Leader in His Field” for Sports Law: Athletic Disputes, by Chambers USA 2011, and as a member of the Law Dragon Top 500 Lawyers in the country. In Colorado, he has been awarded Colorado Law Week’s Lawyer of the Year (with his Landis trial team), Best Sports Lawyer, and is rated by Super Lawyers as a Colorado Super Lawyer. He has handled high profile cases for the World Anti-Doping Agency, the United States Anti-Doping Agency, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority, the United States Olympic Committee, USA Swimming, the International Weightlifting Federation, and other Olympic National Governing Bodies and International Federations.

After a legal wrangle over the level of co-operation provided by the first Sharks player who was interviewed, Wade Graham, the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority quickly cancelled its interviews with the NRL club in its sights and Young is believed to work from Colorado Springs on the ASADA case though the anti-doping agency didn’t rule out him being flown here in the future. The lawyer is no stranger to cases of performance enhancing drugs in Australia; his services were sought in 2006 by ASADA to front the investigation into Australian weightlifting that led to several lifters and coaches being suspended.

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Monday 11, Jun 2012

  Juan Marquez defends training with Angel Hernandez

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The World lightweight champion, Juan Manuel Marquez, has defended his stand his new strength and conditioning coach, Angel Hernandez, after reports revealing shady past of Hernandez came out.

Hernandez admitted to a San Francisco court in May 2008 that he had supplied Olympians, including Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery. Marquez said he has no knowledge of his new nutritionist’s dealings with anabolic steroids.

“If they want to do whatever doping or drug testing they want to do, Olympic-style, or whatever they want to do, I’ll do it. I’m prepared,” Marquez said.

Thursday 12, Jan 2012

  Retired sprinters received suspended sentences

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Kostas Kenteris and Katerina Thanou have received suspended sentences of 31 months.

The retired sprinters guilty of making false statements about an alleged motorcycle accident they had cited as the reason for missing drugs tests on the eve of the 2004 Olympics in the Greek capital.

On the day Kenteris and Thanou left hospital, police raided the premises of their coach and discovered 30 boxes of anabolic steroids and 1400 boxes of supplements containing the banned stimulant ephedrine.

Friday 06, Jan 2012

  Jones visiting Serbia and Croatia

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On behalf of the U.S. State Department, former track star Marion Jones is making a series of diplomatic visits to Serbia and Croatia.

Jones, once considered the fastest woman in the world, give back her five medals from the 2000 Sydney Olympics after lying to federal investigators about taking performance enhancing drugs.

“I think that this country is in the process of rebuilding,” she said. “My story is one that I am also rebuilding from making some bad choices in the past, so I think that was one of the main reasons that I was chosen because I have decided to not give up in my quest to help people.”

Thursday 15, Dec 2011

  Mexican fighter to fight doping claims

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On Wednesday, Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez defended himself as doping clouds arose after his strength coach was revealed to be among those involved in a major doping scandal that stung US athletics.

“Whatever doping they want to do – blood, Olympian – whatever they want to do, I’ll do it, as long as he does it too,” Marquez said through a translator.

“It’s a shame all the work I’ve done has been trashed by these guys, Conte and Ariza,” Marquez said.

Tuesday 06, Dec 2011

  Marquez Strength Coach Threatens Lawsuit Against Ariza

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Angel “Memo” Hernandez, the strength and conditioning coach of Juan Manuel Marquez, recently threatened to sue Alex Ariza, his counterpart in the camp of Manny Pacquiao.

“I would like to say through this medium and the public that logically, we are preparing a lawsuit for defamation against Mr. Alex Ariza,” Hernandez said, his words translated from Spanish.

“On his behalf, the declarations he has made are very direct. I think they’re very prejudicial not just with respect toward the image of Juan Manuel Marquez, but for mine as his physical trainer,” Hernandez said.

Saturday 03, Dec 2011

  Steroid problem a thing of the past

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Bob Arum, top rank chief executive officer, defended world lightweight champion Juan Manuel Marquez for hiring nutritionist Angel Hernandez, who has admitted to being a steroid dealer in the past.

Hernandez admitted in May 2008 to a San Francisco court that he sold performance enhancing drugs to track stars, including former Olympian Marion Jones.

“The steroid problem is fading into the past,” Arum said.

Saturday 26, Nov 2011

  Marquez defends training with ex-steroid dealer

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The World lightweight champion, Juan Manuel Marquez, is defending his new strength and conditioning coach, Angel Hernandez, after reports came out revealing Hernandez’ shady past.

Hernandez was known as Angel Heredia and supplied performance enhancing drugs to Olympians, including Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery.

“If they want to do whatever doping or drug testing they want to do, Olympic-style, or whatever they want to do, I’ll do it. I’m prepared,” Marquez said.

Wednesday 06, Apr 2011

  Olympic gold medalist falls to disgrace

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Olympic gold medalist falls to disgraceAntonio Pettigrew, a gold medalist in Olympic 4x400m relay, has entered into the disgrace zone by admitting that he took performance enhancing drugs.

Pettigrew is presently working in the capacity of an assistant track coach at the University of North Carolina. He never tested positive during his career in which he conquered World Championship gold over 400m in 1991 and world relay gold in 1997, 1999, and 2001.

Heredia recalled an incident during prosecution testimony in which Graham asked him to send by overnight mail a cocktail of EPO, human growth hormone, and insulin for the disgraced Marion Jones.

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