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Monday 08, Sep 2008

  Two bodybuilders get three years probation for steroid trafficking

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David Jacobs may not be talking from the grave but he continues to drag more people into the mess he left behind. By mess we mean the steroid distribution network he created. His illegal activity also could have been the reason behind the murder-suicide he committed in June. Before he died, Jacobs had named names of individuals who are now under scrutiny, both from the public and the federal authorities.

Jacobs’ latest “haul” are two amateur bodybuilders who were sentenced for their involvement in said steroid distribution network.

Excerpts from the Dallas Morning News:

SHERMAN – A federal judge sentenced two amateur bodybuilders involved in the Plano steroids trafficking conspiracy to three years probation today and postponed final judgment on the third and final defendant until next month.

Brandon Mark Smith, who lives in the Dallas area, and Jamie Mongeau, of Wichita, Kan., both received three years probation and $2,000 fines for their roles in the steroid network run by David Jacobs.

After meeting before court this morning with Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Williams and defense attorney Kent Schaffer, Judge Schell announced that he was postponing sentencing for the final defendant, Houston bodybuilder and personal trainer Juan Carlos Ballivian, until Oct. 15. No explanation was given.

During their sentencing hearings, both Mr. Smith and Mr. Mongeau told Judge Schell that their time spent on the amateur bodybuilding circuit led to their steroid use.
“I felt like I did what I had to do,” Mr. Smith said. “Any person you see on stage in those competitions, even [California] governor [Arnold] Schwarzenegger, you can’t get to that size naturally. There’s not one of those people up there who doesn’t take performance enhancing drugs. I got wrapped up in the sport.”

“You need to find something else to do,” Judge Schell told him. Mr. Smith agreed.
Mr. Mongeau told Judge Schell that steroids caused him to develop high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

“I had to do it to be competitive in the sport,” he told the judge. “I’ve taken responsibility for what I’ve done. I’ll never go that way again.”

The case of Jacobs gained substantial media coverage because his illegal trade had NFL ties – he implicated several NFL players when he was arrested in April 2007. Jacobs, also a former bodybuilder, killed himself and his on-again, off-again fiancée, Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell in early June this year. The tragic incident took place at his Plano home shortly after he was sentenced to three years in probation and fined $25,000 on May 1.

After his sentencing, Jacobs stated that he wanted to make amends with his past misdeeds, saying he was ready to help clean up NFL. During his meeting with NFL’s security officials, he identified players he had supplied with PEDs. Jacobs also alleged that he taught some players on how to outsmart the league’s anti-doping programs.

The name of Matt Lehr came up and Jacobs had been very vocal about Lehr’s involvement with the steroid distribution ring. It was reported that the former Dallas lineman was romantically involved with Earheart-Savell, which caused some to speculate that jealousy played a part in the murder-suicide incident.

Lehr, who was already handed out a four-game suspension on October 17, 2006 due to violation of the NFL Substance Abuse Policy, had denied the steroid-related allegations of Jacobs. Lehr, however, admitted that he and Earheart-Savell had a romantic relationship.

Jacobs had provided NFL security officials with e-mails, cancelled checks and other documentary evidence from players he had dealings with, and thus conspiracy theories abound about the circumstances of his death. Many ask if it’s really a case of murder-suicide or a double homicide. According to police reports, Jacobs died of two self-inflicted gunshot wounds to his head and stomach. Multiple wounds, many say, are “uncommon” in suicide cases.

In April 2007, federal agents raided Jacobs’ home in Plano and yielded large amounts of PEDs, including 146 vials of steroids. Reportedly, Jacobs imported raw materials from China.

Sunday 17, Aug 2008

  NFL player Ryan Fowler considers his steroid case closed

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NFL-steroidsRyan Fowler must have released a big sigh of relief when his scheduled meeting regarding his alleged use of steroids and performance-enhancing drugs was not pursued by the National Football League. This is according to the news by the AP.

Tennessee linebacker Ryan Fowler considers his steroids case with the NFL closed.

Fowler said Wednesday he hasn’t heard from the league since requesting a meeting to address allegations that he bought performance-enhancing drugs from a Texas-based steroids dealer in 2006. The NFL sent him a letter in June stating he faced an investigation and possible suspension.

Fowler said he assumes the probe has ended with no punishment planned.

“Until I hear anything else, that’s the way I’m looking at it right now,” Fowler said after practice. “I’m focusing on football. Until I hear anything else, I’ll assume it’s over.”
Fowler was linked to convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs, who was found dead with a female companion in his Plano, Texas, home in June in what police called a murder-suicide.

Jacobs told The Dallas Morning News before he died that he had supplied Fowler with drugs before and after the 2006 season, and he gave the NFL names of players who bought steroids from him.

In June this year, Jacobs killed his female companion Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell with seven gunshots from a .40-caliber semiautomatic Glock 22 that Jacobs also turned on himself. There were reports that say that jealousy played a significant role in the murder-suicide case. The two were reportedly dating each other on and off since 2007. It was alleged that the Earhart-Savell, a former figure competitor, was also romantically involved Matt Lehr, a former Dallas Cowboy lineman. Lehr, who currently plays with the New Orleans Saints, was one of the NFL players whom Jacobs implicated in the latter’s steroid distribution network.

In April 2007, Jacobs’ home was raided and federal authorities discovered that the former bodybuilder was producing and selling large amounts of steroids and other performance-enhancing compounds. It was reported that the authorities seized thousands of units of steroids during that operation. He later pleaded guilty in a Dallas federal court to steroid-distribution charges as part of his plea bargain with prosecutors. On May 2008, Jacobs got probation in exchange for his cooperation with the federal investigation of his steroid dealings. He was also told to pay a fine of $25,000.

The Jacobs’ case was part of the sweeping crackdown against distributors of anabolic steroids codenamed Operation Raw Deal in 2007. The operation was led by the Drug Enforcement Administration and resulted to raids across the U.S. and in other countries as well.

The NFL did not immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press.

Fowler has denied using any performance-enhancing drugs. His attorney has pointed out that Fowler never tested positive for any banned substance and had requested to meet with the NFL.

The linebacker signed with Tennessee in 2007 as a restricted free agent and started 14 games before hurting his shoulder at Kansas City in December. He said he’s frustrated that the allegations came out and that he had to deal with the scrutiny.

“No matter what anybody says there’s going to be people who automatically assume guilty until proven innocent, which is sort of a tough pill to swallow,” Fowler said. “Now that it’s over, or seems to be over, I’m trying to move on past it.”

Fowler was born in May 20, 1982 in Redington Shores and Florida. Fowler signed with the Tennessee Titans on March 2007 and in it was in June 9, 2008 when he was implicated in a steroid scandal that has rocked the NFL. Fowler and Lehr are just two of several NFL players whom Jacobs said he supplied with steroids and PEDs.

Jacobs stated that he advised several NFL players on how to skirt the league’s drug testing programs. He said he instructed the players to have team doctors to write them for prescription drugs that would mask steroid use. He specifically mentioned finasteride, a drug prescribed for men suffering from alopecia or hair loss.

The use of steroids and performance boosters has been a big concern in the NFL for decades now. The organization began testing for these substances in the late 1980s, specifically during the 1987 season. NFL started issuing suspensions during the 1989 season. In 1992, this issue has grabbed public attention because of the death of Lyle Alzado, who played defensive line for Los Angeles Raiders, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos during the 1970s and early 1980s. Alzado died of brain cancer and blamed his use of anabolic steroids for his disease. His team of doctors, however, said that anabolic steroids did not contribute to his death.

Use of steroids and PEDs are also documented in high school and collegiate levels.

Tuesday 22, Jul 2008

  Love triangle – likely angle to murder-suicide of steroid dealer, female bodybuilder

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david-jacobs-steroidsIt would seem that jealousy played a role in the murder-suicide case of steroid dealer David Jacobs. Jacobs killed Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell last month with seven gunshots from a .40-caliber semiautomatic Glock 22 that Jacobs also turned on himself. The two were reportedly dating each other on and off since last year.

In May, Jacobs got probation in exchange for his cooperation in the federal investigation of his steroid distribution network. Prior to his death, however, Jacobs has provided only a single name for the investigators – Matt Lehr. Lehr is a former Dallas Cowboy lineman and currently plays with the New Orleans Saints.

Why only Lehr, many asked.

Jacobs said he felt Lehr and his lawyer were untruthful about the NFL player’s role in Jacobs’ steroid distribution network. Plus the fact that Jacobs was jealous of Lehr because of the Lehr’s interest with Earhart-Savell.

Earhart-Savell’s family and friends said Jacobs might have found evidence of a budding romance between his girlfriend and Lehr. Jacobs himself had revealed to The Dallas Morning News that he had suspected the two were interested in each other for months.

“She was in love with me, and I loved her,” said Lehr in a recent interview, the first time he publicly acknowledged his relationship with the deceased figure competitor. Lehr, however, still refused to provide any comments on Jacobs’ steroid allegations.
Lehr was suspended in 2006 for using steroids.

Monday 16, Jun 2008

  Steroid dealer questioned by NFL investigators

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David Jacobs steroidsA day after his sentencing, David Jacobs got a visit from NFL investigators. Jacobs was quoted in New York Times: “They wanted to know what information I had and what other documentary evidence I could provide them with. I told them I was not going to talk specifics without my lawyer present. They wanted to know a list of players I dealt with and knew, and I told them I didn’t feel comfortable doing that.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has stated that, indeed, said meeting took place and that future meetings are sure to take place.

Jacobs was the ring leader of the Texas-based steroid distribution network. Based on his confession, he had supplied anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs to NFL players. He said he sold steroids and human growth hormone directly to NFL offensive lineman Matt Lehr and another NPL player. The players, in turn, supplied said compounds to a handful of NFL players.

Lat year, Jacobs pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess with intent to distribute anabolic steroids. On May 1 this year, he was sentenced to three year’s probation and a $25,000 fine in Sherman, Texas. Two other co-conspirators, including Jacob’s former girlfriend, were sentenced along with him. Both of them were likewise sentenced to probation and fined.

Jacobs’s home-based business used to be one of the largest steroid producers in Texas. His illegal trade came to a halt in April 2007 when federal agents raided his home and confiscated thousands of units of steroids. Later, as part of Operation Raw Deal, a nationwide investigation of the importation and distribution of performance-enhancing drugs, he pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute anabolic steroids.

According to one newspaper account, it was a bad packaging that had lead to the downfall of the steroid kingpin. On March 19, 2007, the United Parcel Service intercepted a soggy package sent from Jacobs’ Plano home, bound for Wichita, Kansas. When officials opened the box, they found a broken glass vial of what turned out to be steroids.

Wednesday 07, May 2008

  Steroid ‘Teacher’ Gets Probation

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David Jacobs steroidsDavid Jacobs’s has led an interesting and exciting life. He was a former Texas bodybuilder, a former marine, a fitness guru, a self-taught chemist, then a self-appointed teacher for steroid-using NFL players.

Jacobs has recently been slapped with probation by a Texas court. He’s been a conduit of a 1000 bottles of anabolic steroids and a 100 bottles of HGH per month, a report says.
The raid on his Plano residence was dubbed as “one of the largest steroid distribution ring in the US’.

Jacobs, 35, and his associates were suspected of providing high-grade steroids to NFL players, professional bodybuilders as well as police officers. Federal authorities are continually finding links on Jacob’s vast network to anti-aging clinics in many states including those operating in Florida and New York, which catered to professional athletes. There is evidence that links Jacob’s steroid conduit to Roger Clemens, who is currently facing a trial on steroid use.

Looks like Jacobs has been reapin’ in big. It has been reported that he had a top middleman who sold nearly $30,000 worth of steroids a month. Now, Jacobs is one of seven defendants who have pleaded guilty and awaiting sentencing as early as next month.

According to Jacobs, he has taught several NFL players on how to circumvent drug screening. His advice? The athletes should ask their team doctors to prescribe them finasteride, a drug used to treat male pattern baldness. Jacobs said, “The excuse they did it under was that the players were losing their hair because they were taking their helmets on and off,” Finasteride is not among NFL’s banned substances.

Former Dallas lineman Matt Lehr allegedly has some connections with Jacobs’ steroid trade. Jacobs actually named Lehr as one of his buyers and middleman of his performance-enhancing drugs.

Now, we wonder if Jacobs can self-teach himself on how to avoid the legal mess he’s got himself into.

Thursday 01, May 2008

  NFL next on steroid witch hunt?

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David Jacobs steroidsIs the NFL next in the steroid witch hunt? well it seems this is the first step to POSSIBLE steroid probes by congress into NFL, but of course it’s not likely. NFL teams are worth BILLIONS of USD, and they have a lot of power to make sure nothing happens to them. We expect any steroid probes into David Jacobs selling steroids to Matt Lehr (offensive lineman NFL) to be on the state level and maybe a little federal involvement, but it’s unlikely to see congress.

The story of David Jacobs selling steroids to Matt Lehr is simple. David Jacobs was a big steroid dealer who ended up supplying a ton of steroid and HGH users in the NFL, one of which was Matt Lehr. Matt Lehr decided to buy steroids from David while he was playing in the NFL, and he made a big mistake. Now, David is snitching on Matt Lehr and throwing him under the bus to get a lighter sentencing. All in all we will hear more of this but not the caliber of steroid probes into the NFL and such.

Convicted Plano steroids trafficker David Jacobs said publicly for the first time this weekend that he sold large amounts of illegal performance-enhancing drugs to ex-Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Matt Lehr.

He also said that in 2006, Mr. Lehr used a hair-loss-prevention drug that can also act as a masking agent for steroid use. Mr. Jacobs said federal investigators confiscated a bottle of that medicine from Mr. Jacobs – a bottle he says Mr. Lehr gave to him. The label bore an NFL team logo, along with Mr. Lehr’s name, Mr. Jacobs said.

Sunday 13, Apr 2008

  Matt Lehr, NFL offensive lineman, in steroid case

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Matt Lehr steroidsMatt Lehr is one of the first NFL players to be brought up on steroid use charges, but it’s not via a congressional steroid probe but via a steroid distributor from Texas. This steroid distributor linked the NFL player, Matt Lehr, to a steroid case. Matt Lehr is being investigated by the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Texas, but not to worry, he is suspended from the NFL, get this, for testing for a BANNED substance! wow! We didn’t realize the NFL banned anything since many of the players are using everything from anabolic steroids to HGH to pain killers and so on.

A convicted Texas steroid distributor has linked National Football League player Matt Lehr to the league’s steroid case, lawyers familiar with the case said.

Lehr is being investigated for suspected distribution of performance-enhancing drugs in the investigation led by the U.S. attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Texas, The New York Times reported. Lehr was not identified publicly, but named by lawyers with knowledge of the matter.

Lehr, an offensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints who played for the Dallas Cowboys and the Atlanta Falcons, received a four-game suspension in 2006 after testing positive for a banned substance.

David Jacobs, a personal trainer and supplement-store owner from Plano, Texas, pleaded guilty to steroid-distribution charges in November, agreeing to cooperate in the investigation.