williams-steroidsAccording to Minneapolis Star Tribune Vikings defensive tackles Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, also known as the Williams’ Wall, used a banned compound to be eligible for the $400,000 bonus. They will get said reward if they weigh at or below the prescribed weight during several weigh-ins conducted throughout the year.

This information was included in the NFL letter to the Williams’ lawyer in connection with both players’ appeal of their four-game suspensions. More on this from Star Tribune.

The letter was sent by NFL executive vice president Jeffrey Pash on Dec. 2 to Peter Ginsburg, lawyer for the Williams’, denying their appeal of the suspensions. According to the document, the players tested positive “on or about July 26″ and were advised by letter two months later. They appealed, and at their appeal hearing Nov. 20, both players said they took StarCaps “on more than one occasion” the night before a scheduled weigh-in. The supplement contained the banned diuretic known as bumetanide.
According to the letter, both Pat and Kevin Williams get their bonuses if they are at or below their prescribed weight 11 times during the year (eight during the season, three off-season). That weight clause, however, provided that the players “would not engage in any ‘last-minute weight reduction techniques,’ which included ‘use of diuretics.’” Pash also wrote “I accept the representations of both players that they did not use steroids.”

Diuretics, such as bumetanide, have the ability to aid in rapid weight loss by enhancing rapid water loss through urine excretion. Sports organizations like the NFL consider diuretics as masking agents since they can banned compounds such as anabolic steroids by diluting urine.