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Saturday 05, Apr 2014

  Doping Rules Toughened By MLB And MLBPA

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Doping Rules Toughened By MLB And MLBPA

Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association have decided it is time for Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association by announcing longer suspensions for violators and other reforms.

According to the announcement, a first violation for performance enhancing substances will result in an unpaid suspension of 80 games increased from 50 games. A second violation will now carry an unpaid suspension of 162 games, which would be increased from 100 games while a third violation will still result in a permanent ban from Major League Baseball.

It was also announced that baseball players suspended for doping will also be barred from participating in the post-season of that year, irrespective of when their suspension ends. Moreover, these players will not be eligible for automatic shares of the players’ bonus pool provided to players on clubs that make the playoffs. Players who face suspensions for doping will now be subjected to six additional urine tests and three additional blood tests, all unannounced during every subsequent year of their careers.

The number of in-season random urine collections beginning the 2014 season for all players will more than double from 1,400 to 3,200. Meanwhile, blood collections for detecting the use of Human growth hormone will increase to 400 random collections per year. The Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association provided the Arbitration Panel with the ability to reduce the discipline of a player, subject to certain limitations, for the use of certain types of performance enhancing drugs if the player is able to prove at a hearing that the use was not intended to improve performance.

In a statement, MLB commissioner Bud Selig said Major League Baseball is proud to announce some of the most significant improvements that we have made to our program in recent years. Selig added he is committed to constantly finding ways to improve the program in order to eradicate performance-enhancing drugs from the game and for MLB to serve as a model for other drug programs. Selig said baseball continues to try to escape the cloud of more than a decade of doping scandals despite having the toughest anti-doping policies in all of US pro sports.

Players’ union executive director Tony Clark said experience proves that increased penalties alone are not sufficient and added that’s why the players pushed for a dramatic increase in the frequency and sophistication of our tests, as well as comprehensive changes in a number of other areas of the program that will serve as a deterrent.

Last year, MLB imposed lengthy suspensions and fines on some of the most eminent baseball stars, including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun for their involvement in Biogenesis clinic scandal. Rodriguez, the American professional baseball third baseman and shortstop for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball, was suspended for 162 games, keeping him off the field for the entire 2014 season. This was after Alex Rodriguez, considered to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, was originally suspended for 211 games by MLB.

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Friday 20, Jan 2012

  HGH testing by MLB not effective

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The latest feat of Major League Baseball of extended “labor peace” with the Major League Players Association was reached on November 22, 2011.

MLB has apparently won out in its attempt to curb illicit use of human growth hormone (HGH) by its players, as per terms of the latest basic agreement between the parties.

The agreement will run five years in duration and expire on December 1, 2016. Article 39, Sec. 7 (b) of the NFL’s CBA states: “The parties confirm that the Program on Anabolic Steroids and related Substances will include both annual blood testing and random blood testing for human growth hormone, with discipline for positive tests at the same level as for steroids.”

Monday 02, Jan 2012

  Conte says MLB still failing test

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The Major League Baseball may have come to an agreement with its players to test their blood for human growth hormone but the game will be expected to come to grips with its present testing before it touts itself as the leader in new drug testing, said BALCO founder Victor Conte.

Conte further remarked that MLB should be using a more sophisticated form of detecting testosterone or its HGH testing would not really make a difference as players often make use of small amounts of testosterone in conjunction with HGH.

“If MLB were to implement CIR testing, I believe they would possibly catch a significant number of players using testosterone,” Conte says.

Thursday 15, Dec 2011

  HGH testing in MLB urged by lawmakers

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Two House Democrats are urging Major League Baseball and the players union for implementing testing for human growth hormone and ban chewing tobacco by players in uniform and in public view.

Reps. Henry Waxman of California and Frank Pallone of New Jersey made those requests in a letter to Commissioner Bud Selig and Michael Weiner, executive director of the players union.

“The time to begin testing for HGH in baseball has arrived,” Waxman wrote, citing the use of blood testing for HGH in the Olympics.

Tuesday 04, Oct 2011

  Deer antler spray added to MLB banned substance list

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A warning has been sent to MLB players from Major League Baseball for them to avoid the use of Deer Antler spray or face suspension for using a league banned substance.

The spray, which is an alternative to steroids, has been added to the MLB list of”potentially contaminated nutritional supplements.”

MLB players are currently being educated about the drug since long-term effects from the drug have not been explored at this time.

Sunday 02, Oct 2011

  Jonathan Correa suspended

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One of Cincinnati’s top pitching prospects, Jonathan Correa, has been suspended for lying about his age.

Correa, who entered the year ranked 26th on the Reds Top 30 prospects list, received a one-year suspension from MLB for lying about his age.

Experts are of the view that the MLB has been going back to do background investigations on players who are presently playing in the U.S. minor leagues.

Sunday 14, Aug 2011

  MLB keen to curtail deer antler spray use

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MLB keen to curtail deer antler spray useA warning was issued by the Major League Baseball (MLB) to major and minor league players last week for stop ingesting deer antler spray.

Baseball players used to felt safe using a deer antler spray as an alternative to steroids with almost no risk of flunking a drug test.

MLB added the product to its list of “potentially contaminated nutritional supplements.”

Sunday 27, Feb 2011

  Congress puts question marks on steroids testimony

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Congress puts question marks on steroids testimonyA New York Times report has suggested that MLB (Major League Baseball) and union officials may have misled the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding the amount of steroid use among players.

The Times revealed that officials appearing before the House Committee presented figures that demonstrated that baseball’s two-year-old testing program had substantially reduced the number of positive tests for performance enhancing drugs.

Deputy Commissioner Rob Manfred said the testimony of Major League Baseball officials was completely accurate.

Saturday 14, Nov 2009

  Lakeland man confesses to being the biggest steroids provider in Florida

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Lakeland man confesses to being the biggest steroids provider in FloridaRichard Thomas, 36, of Lakeland, recently confessed to selling anabolic steroids to professional athletes. He pleaded guilty to federal charges last Tuesday.

According to authorities, hundreds of dollars worth of anabolic steroids were found in his home in Stoney Creek Drive. Last May, deputies and federal agents set up an entrapment delivery of a package with contraband sent from overseas.

Records show that the packages came from various countries such as China, Russia, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.

Federal agents initially intercepted a suspicious package in May 21. The package came from Slovakia. It was addressed to “Mahlon” Thomas in Lakeland.

Polk County Sheriffs wired the package with an electronic beacon so they would know if the package was opened. Thomas told authorities that he was the biggest steroids provider in Central Florida. He claimed to have supplied steroids to some of the players from Washington Capitals Hockey team and Washington Capitals baseball team.

Books about steroids, blister packs of Valium, packaging labels, firearms, a digital scale, and bodybuilding photos and trophies were also found in Thomas’ home during the search.

According to NY Daily News, MLB is also conducting their own investigation regarding Thomas’ claims.


Monday 09, Nov 2009

  A-Rod leads Yankees team to victory

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A-Rod leads Yankees team to victoryA-Rod’s season did not start out well with a confession of past steroid use and this year, he debuted with a hip surgery, slowing down his performance for this season.

However, in the end, everything was all worth it after New York Yankees’ third baseman ended this season with a 27th World Series Title for his team.

According to A-Rod, he already hit rock bottom this year. Therefore, he has nothing to lose anymore this year. However, he believes that if more pressure were taken off and less worries were spent on individual stuff, then your talents can shine naturally.

This year will prove to be different for Alex Rodriguez. Three American League MVP awards, 12 All-Star Game selections, a pair of Gold Gloves and now a World Series ring, hopefully people will be running back in his way.

Rodriguez is just so grateful with 25 teammates, coaches, the MLB organization and the Steinbrenner family that supported him even through the steroids scandal. Added to that, he was also plagued with gossips about his romance with Madonna and now Kate Hudson. It may be a page header for the tabloids but when it comes to playing baseball, Rodriguez is more focused and determined as ever.


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