Random drug screening implemented at law enforcement agencies Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson took office just last January, but he made it clear that drug use will not be tolerated by his agency. Last January, he ordered that random drug testing be conducted to ensure that the agency remained a drug-free workplace.

The new policy was finally implemented earlier this month. The system works by computers selecting random names of several employees. The pre-selected employees will be given only an hour to be tested after they were notified.

About 20 employees coming from different levels such as executive staffs, supervisors, dispatchers, investigators, and support personnel will be selected and tested.

In case an employee tested positive, either he will receive a disciplinary action or he will face possible termination.

Meanwhile, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s office included a negative drug testing result as part of their conditions for employment. According to the agency’s general drug order, employees must undergo random drug testing at least once a year. They must also pass random drug and alcohol testing based upon suspicion.

Since the drug policy was implemented, only one employee tested positive for illegal use of prescription medicine.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office also implements similar dug policy requiring their employees to undergo random drug testing.