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Friday 16, Jan 2009

  Why Mark McGuire Was Shut Out Of Hall Of Fame

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mark_mcguire-steroidsFrom the Huffington Post:

It’s being said that Mark McGwire’s failure to be inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame on his third go-round is a direct result of the widespread suspicion that he used anabolic steroids when he was breaking records and bashing the cover off the ball in the 1990s. Which may lead you to think that the road to Cooperstown will be rocky when other notable juicers come up for induction over the next few years. But McGwire is a lousy litmus test for the entire steroid era, because his numbers simply aren’t Hall-worthy, performance enhancing drugs or no.

Okay, so McGuire had 583 home runs and his career on-base percentage of .394 is nothing short of amazing.

But he only had a litetime batting average of .263 and only 1,626 hits. C’mon, by Major League Baseball standards that’s weak. And 12 career stolen bases? In 16 seasons?

Sorry Mark. I don’t think so.

Should be interesting when Barry Bonds becomes eligible. They won’t be able to deny him based on his accomplishments. Then we’ll see just how hypocritical these folks are.

Monday 29, Dec 2008

  Roger Clemens’ affair with steroids, young girls, and defamation suits

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clemensmccready-steroidsRoger Clemens’ alleged romantic and controversial fling, country singer Mindy McCready, had another suicide attempt according to a report by the Boston Herald.

Police reported that the singer cut her wrists and took several pills in an apparent suicide attempt on Dec.17. She was rushed to the hospital after her brother discovered her lying bloodied in her bed.

McCready has two previous attempts to take her own life.

From Boston Herald:

McCready, 33, has had one No. 1 hit, “Guys Do It All the Time”, in 1996. She has struggled in recent years with legal and personal problems that included previous suicide attempts.

According to the police report, McCready called her mother and told her “she had seen her angel baby.” The report did not explain the reference, but it was enough to prompt the mother to call Timothy McCready, 29, who lives with his sister, to check on her.

He told police he found her stumbling in the kitchen but apparently OK. She went back to her room and he went back to his. He went to check on her again after he woke up later that morning and found she had cut her wrists and taken the pills.

“Malinda was not very alert and her bed had blood on it,” the report states, using McCready’s given first name.

In October, the 33-year-old was released from jail in Tennessee after serving about 30 days for violating probation on a 2004 drug charge. She only had to serve about half of her 60-day sentence because of credits she received for good behavior and doing janitorial work in the jail, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department said.

She was accused in June of falsifying her community service records and charged with violating her probation. McCready received a suspended three-year sentence in 2004 for fraudulently obtaining prescription painkillers.

The New York Daily News has reported in April 2008 that McCready and Clemens had a romantic relationship which started when the singer was only 15 years old. The 44-year-old slugger  denied the report, claiming that they were involved only at a platonic level. Clemens described McCready as a “close family friend”. McCready, however, said they had a sexual relationship.

The blond singer later on denied in a TV interview that their affair began when she was only 15, stating in vague terms that they had sexual relationship “several years later”.

Clemens is currently embroiled in another controversy and this one is in connection with his alleged affair with anabolic steroids and human growth hormone.

The former Yankees pitcher was mentioned 82 times in the Mitchell Report, an independent investigation in the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the Major League Baseball.

In January this year, he filed a defamation suit against his accuser, his former friend and trainer Brian McNamee. McNamee told investigators that he had personally injected Clemens with steroids and human growth hormone.

This month, McNamee filed a counter suit, claiming Clemens libeled and slandered him folllowing the release of the Mitchell Report.