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Saturday 03, Oct 2015

  UFC VP Lends Support To Nick Diaz

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UFC Vice President of Athlete Health & Performance Jeff Novitzky has publicly stated that the recent suspension of five years on Nick Diaz by the Nevada Athletic Commission (NAC) is not right.

Novitzky, who was brought in to oversee the new and ramped-up drug testing of UFC, said though he does not have the insights on what was presented in open forum in the commission’s hearing and he believes Diaz should not be punished. The UFC VP said three tests were conducted on Diaz: one taken before the fight, one immediately after, and one shortly after that. Novitzky said the first and last tests were done by WADA-accredited laboratories that follow the highest standard in laboratories, both in testing and sensitivity of equipment, and the first and last tests came well under the threshold of marijuana.

Novitzky went on to say Nick Diaz should not have been suspended for the positive result in the first place. He also said it is his view that it is wrong to assume that some on the commission who may have felt insulted as Nick pleaded the Fifth Amendment to all of their questions and the commission acted with a vengeful attitude towards Diaz. Novitzky also pointed out fingers at the NAC by saying their proposed new regulations is three years, which to his understanding has not even been formally passed and said the suspension could have been potentially his failure to fill out the form and leaving marijuana off his pre-fight that was taken into consideration as some kind of aggravating circumstance. During the proceedings, some NAC commissioners openly mocked and laughed at the objections and firmness of Middlebrook in putting together a compelling defense.

The UFC Vice President addressed the pending appeal by the legal team of Diaz and noted that he fully believes that a court would decide that the former American mixed martial artist was not given the fair shake he is due by law. Novitzky added this is the second time the NAC has got things wrong and said the same thing happened with the samples of Anderson Silva who tested positive for anabolic androgenic steroids. Novitzky also said it is ridiculous for anyone to assume that marijuana is a performance enhancing substance. He, however, acknowledged that the increasing acceptance of marijuana is balanced by the aforementioned threshold of 150 ng/ml as it is pointed by several studies that it is a good threshold to prevent any possible performance enhancement.

In another development, the decision of Henry Cejudo to not fight in the state of Nevada has been described by the lawyer of Diaz as “amazing“. Lucas Middlebrook said that is a very individualized decision for a fighter. Diaz’s lawyer added that to stand behind someone in a like position where you, at least in the short term, could take a financial hit, but you are standing up to fix a bigger problem, and he really cannot commend anyone enough who makes those decisions as it is really an amazing gesture. The decision of Cejudo is more to do with his belief that he doubts the ability of the Nevada Athletic Commission to rule objectively.

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Friday 31, Dec 2010

  Steve Gregory suspended for four games

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Steve Gregory suspended for four gamesSan Diego Chargers strong safety Steve Gregory has been handed over a suspension of four games after he was found violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing substances.

Gregory said in a statement that he was completely shocked to know about the positive test from May during the off-season.

Gregory will miss a game at Oakland but will be eligible to rejoin the team for a contest against the Houston Texans.