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Thursday 12, Aug 2010

  Steroid masking and diuretics

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Steroid masking and diureticsSportsmen on steroids are always concerned about doping test results and diuretics have emerged as clear favorites to hide the presence of anabolic steroids in urine samples.

Compounds like epitestosterone, plasma expanders, and secretion inhibitors are in great demand these days and have been assisting sportsmen on steroids to walk free without getting anywhere close to the suspicious eyes of anti-doping officials.

The fact that scientists and anti-doping officials are yet to find a way out to identify diuretics is surely giving professional sportsmen endless reasons to have the last laugh.

Thursday 29, Oct 2009

  Steroids being masked to stay protected

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Steroids being masked to stay protectedNow that doping officials have formulated improved plans to catch hold of steroid users in sports, the use of substances such as diuretics is on a rampant high as they almost eliminate the presence of steroids in urine samples.

In this regard, sportsmen have been making use of compounds such as plasma expanders, secretion inhibitors, and epitestosterone. These diuretics have been in much demand since steroid-taking sportsmen have felt the urge to stay away from suspicious eyes.

Let us find out some important things about steroid masking.

Doping officials and medical scientists have been trying hard to inhibit the sale and popularity of diuretics but until this eventful day comes, steroids will be used by sportsmen of all ages.

Wednesday 05, Aug 2009

  Rampant Masking of Steroid

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Rampant Masking of SteroidIn today’s times when some people have been advocating a greater and urgent need to find steroids to curb them, the need to reduce the presence of steroids by steroid masking in urine samples is on a rampant high.

In this regard, many people are using compounds like epitestosterone, plasma expanders, and secretion inhibitors. These diuretics have been helping professional athletes and bodybuilders to be free without being seen with suspicious eyes after use of steroids to gain an advantage over the peers.

Let us see how they work to gain a clear and complete understanding about masking of steroids.

From Entertainment.howstuffworks.com:

Epitestosterone is a biological form of testosterone that does not enhance performance. Drug tests for testosterone typically measure the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone (T/E ratio). An athlete can inject epitestosterone, lower the T/E ratio and hide the use of testosterone. By itself, epitestosterone has no real harmful side effects.

Plasma Expanders
Plasma expanders are substances that are used to increase the fluid component of blood. They are used to treat victims of shock, trauma and surgery. Athletes can use these substances to dilute the concentration of banned substances (EPO) in their blood. Most side effects include moderate to severe allergic reactions.

Secretion Inhibitors
Many drugs and foreign substances have structures that are shaped like organic acids. In the body, these organic acids are removed by a protein in the kidney that transports organic acids. If this protein can be blocked, then these drugs or foreign substances would not appear in the urine. Doctors use these inhibitors to treat gout. However, the drugs can be used to manipulate the results of urine drug tests. Possible side effects include nausea, vomiting, allergic reactions and kidney problems.

After this info on steroid masking, it can be easily concluded that these diuretics have been in use since long but scientists are yet to find possible ways to curb them completely. Till that time, steroid-taking sportsmen and bodybuilders will have a carefree life.