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Sunday 10, Oct 2010

  Pros and cons of steroids for athletes

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Pros and cons of steroids for athletesThe use of steroids by athletes has been on a high for many decades and athletes of all shapes and sizes have been experimenting with attaining the benefits of steroids during training to deliver top-notch performance.

It is believed by some players that the use of steroids and professional sports is often exploited by the media, which do not think twice before diminishing the character of the players.

It is worthwhile to note here that the media has always tried to seek an advantageous position, which is evident from the fact that it has done almost nothing to prevent the use and popularity of steroids by any means and is always keen to take the glamour out of using steroids.

Thursday 17, Sep 2009

  Celebrity-driven image culture behind growing demand for steroids

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Celebrity-driven image culture behind growing demand for steroidsDoping officials and members of the general public are raising their deep concerns over the growing demand and popularity of steroids despite the fact that the government has already claimed that it has already enforced tight control on the manufacture and distribution of steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. But, truth cannot be hidden for long and the underlying truth is that steroid usage is growing at an all-time high.

The biggest reason: celebrity driven image culture.

With news about sportsmen and other celebrities taking up anabolic steroids to stay ahead of the competition and maintain the “invincibility” factor, more and more “followers” have already started using steroids without understanding possible side effects. With big names such as Sylvester Stallone saying that he is an old man jumping around trying to look young and being busted at the Sydney Airport with 48 vials of human growth hormone Jintropin, things cannot be expected to settle down. The only thing that can happen from here on is popularity of steroids.

As per members of the general public and doping officials, things cannot be corrected unless highly stringent measures are implemented. Till this happens, illegal importation, unauthorized steroid usage, and distribution of anabolic steroids will continue despite all odds.