Primobolan (also known as Methenolone and Primo) is one of the very few drugs that are admired worldwide when it comes to enhancing performance and body strength.

It is an anabolic androgenic steroid ointment that is categorized as a Schedule III medication. It has the substance name of 17ß-hydroxy-1-methyl-5a-androst-1-en-3-one acetate and its molecular formula is C22H32O3. The anabolic/androgenic rate of Primo is 88:44-57 and its molecular bodyweight is 344.488 g/mol at the platform. This anabolic steroid can be detected over a period of four to six weeks and has a dynamic life of 10-14 days (injectable version) and 4-6 days (oral version).

The non-17-alkylate steroid is not harmful to the liver and does not aromatizes as other steroids, which indicates that Primo is a secure bet. It is more than useful for decreasing the levels of women estrogen and androgenic DHT. The steroid also shows efficiency to recover and enhance the stages of active and total testosterone by promoting sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) and luteinizing hormone (LH). The muscular and durability profits obtained with this steroid ointment are sleek and long-term rather than quick and intense.

Legal Primobolan can be purchased online with or without a medical care prescribed in different kinds such as products, pills, and shots. To buy Primobolan, you can use flexible payment options like debit and credit cards. The recommended dosage of Primobolan is 200-400 mg/week for men and 50-100 mg/week for women. The oral version of this steroid ointment treatment is more appropriate for those who are new to the group of legal steroids although the choice between the oral and the injectable version is a choice of personal point of view and past experiences, if any.

Primobolan is usually stacked with Deca Durabolin, testosterone, Dianabol, Clenbuterol, T3, Anadrol, and Sustanon 250. Use of this steroid should not be designed for an interval exceeding beyond ten weeks at a stretch as prolonged use of Primobolan can make one’s body immune to its advantages and activity procedure.