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Sunday 25, May 2008

  Radom drug testing in schools?

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We are against drug use by anyone, and especially teens, but can drug tests truly prevent drug use in schools. Let’s face it, students will still take drugs no matter the tests or not. It’s odd to waste MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars for something that the parents should be responsible for NOT schools. If parents just took the time to educate their kids and teach them about drugs and not leave drug education to the schools and TV, then it wouldn’t be a problem.

Random drug testing of Colorado Springs high school students involved in extracurricular activities is likely to begin in the next few years, experts say.

Such a move will require area school boards and administrators to grapple with testing policies. But more importantly, it will require school communities to recognize that teens do drugs and embrace stricter testing policies as a way to deter drug use.

Wednesday 12, Mar 2008

  Communism is back on the block with Steroids in schools

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If you didn’t know what communism is, it’s an evil in the world where the government removes all the power from the people.  Declining everyone of any type of freedoms, it is an evil no doubt.  It seems the schools of today are becoming the next left wing control freaks!  This particular school is attempting to suspend students for using LEGAL over the counter creatine supplements, which can be bought in ANY GNC store!  They even went as far as trying to expel steroids for tylenol use, but big pharma put a stop to that.  No doubt, kids using anabolic steroids is bad! but let’s look at reality, maybe you should concentrate on the alcohol, marijuana, meth, cocaine and ecstacy problems in schools first before you target the 2 people using steroids or the 50 using creatine!

Originally, Rakauskas said he wanted to include use of both steroids and all other supplements such as creatine as Level 4 offenses, which would warrant expulsion.

Although board members said they did not condone the use of any such substance, several wondered why over-the-counter supplements were being included with controlled substances such as steroids, and not with other legally available products like pain relievers such as Tylenol.