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Thursday 23, Apr 2009


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SHEFFIELD HITS 500TH CAREER HOMERUNGary Sheffield believes everything happens for a purpose. Never mind if people think him too pious. At least he got vindicated and the tainted past is now long forgotten.

On Friday, Sheffield rounded the field to complete his 500th career homerun, which some didn’t think would ever happen. The Mets desperately needed the win, and that homerun also broke the tie 5-4 against Milwaukee. Because of this victory fans are ready to forgive his brush with the steroids.

Getting Sheffield for the Mets is something Jose Reyes would never regret, if in case he did before. Having Gary on the team as the 25th baseball player to hit the 500th homerun is enough for the Mets to make history. Reyes definitely made a great choice of getting him. It didn’t matter now that Sheffield wasn’t originally part of the team.

The Mets have Sheffield to thank for he gave life to what seemed to be a hopeless team. Willie Randolph had been the biggest thing that happened to them until later in the evening when Sheffield just whacked the ball into a homerun.

Friday 10, Apr 2009


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STEROIDS ISSUE STILL NOT DEAD AS SEASON OPENSSteroids is still creating havoc in the Major League just as the season is about to start. MLB might be doing its best to silence the issue, but it looks like steroids will be a thorn on its side the whole season round. The media won’t stop talking about it and fans are getting tired of having it on the headlines everyday. Steroids have done a lot of damage to a sport that America loves. Players that high school athletes and kids look up to are now obviously playing for the money and no longer for the sake of the game. They lie, they cheat. Whatever happened to being role models and social responsibility?

Alex Rodriguez may have thought it would do him good in his career if he came forward and admitted he used steroids. However, honesty is not a guarantee of giving him back his tarnished reputation.

Moreover, sportswriters should not compromise their standards in voting for the Hall of Famers. If they decide not to vote for someone because his name is linked to steroids then they shouldn’t bend the rules for others for any reason. Case in point, some sportswriters are not voting for McGwire but will excuse Bonds and Clemens because they are Hall of Famers already. Apparently reputation doesn’t play any role in the selection. It’s all about the numbers now, no wonder the players go to the lengths of taking steroids just to get ahead.

Monday 30, Mar 2009


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STEROIDS USE SHOULD BE ALLOWED IF PROPOSAL TO ADD MORE GAMES TO NFL IS APPROVED  Athletes from professional sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the NHL are providing our evening entertainment by playing on the court, on the field, or on the ice. It is reminiscent of the era of the gladiators in the Roman Empire when they are brought into the arena to kill each other. Nothing much has changed today. The NFL jocks, for example, may be consider the gladiators of the 21st century. They are big, muscular, weighing over 200 pounds, loaded with testosterone aggression and when they are out on the field to determined to “kill.”

With the huge following and excitement generated by one season of football and the millions – no, billions – of dollars it makes in revenue, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell proposed that 1 or 2 more games should be added to the NFL’s regular season. Kevin Van Valkenburg of the Baltimore Sun reacted to the proposal saying that the players should be given the freedom to use steroids, human growth hormones or even marijuana to deal with the pressure that comes with the game.

The NFL boasted that they conduct regular drug test and are able to monitor the use of performance enhancing drugs. But these efforts are useless because to meet the people’s expectations of making every game better than the last and to rake in more income the players would need to use the PEDs or at least some drug for the stress that their bodies and their minds are going through every season.