DRUG TESTS IN HIGH SCHOOLS INEFFECTIVEWith the rampant use of steroids in professional sports, government authorities have gone down to high schools where they believe that the use of the performance enhancing drug had reached this level. High school students are likely victims of steroid abuse because they emulate their favorite sports celebrities.

However, there is a cause for concern because drug tests results have proven that of the many who were subjected to the testing only a small fraction of them tested positive. New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Illinois have tested high school students for steroids since 2006. Based on the tests they conducted on almost 30,000 students only 20 came back positive.

In the midst of recession spending $200 per student for a drug test which is suspected to be flawed is a waste of the taxpayers’ money.

A professor from Oregon said that the only way to make students stop taking steroids is if they make the decision to stop taking them, not because some drug test had forced them to. Peer pressure is also a major factor that should be considered. Which is why education against steroids should be supported in high schools.