There was a lot of talk about MMA fighter/Street fighter Kimbo Slice in the past year or so.  Ever since making his debut fighting on Youtube and other video sharing networks, for his boss – a porn site, he’s become a “huge” MMA start.  However, we all know and stated he was a joke, a big/weak joke.  Today kimbo slice proved to be a joke when he was knocked out in 14 seconds by Seth Petruzelli on EliteXC.

Here is a GIF of the knockout, no need for a video since it was only 14 seconds!

Kimbo was originally was supposed to fight Ken Shamrock – The worlds’ least dangerous man who is also the worlds’ biggest jacked up steroid users.  Unfortunately for Kimbo and EliteXc, instead of a washed out Ken Shamrock, they got a light heavyweight Seth Petruzelli, who was giving up about 30lbs. to Kimbo “the Joke” Slice.  All in all, today was Ken Shamrocks biggest knockout, as he likely delivered the knockout blow to EliteXC – most likely putting the promotion out of business by end of this year.

There were photos of Kimbo on the interent with a huge GUT, like he was really abusing human growth hormone (HGH) or IGF-1, so it seems HGH doesn’t really help you win fights.  Talent does!