AsafaPowell_steroidsIf Asafa Powell’s wish be granted, you’d see different kind of prison riots. Just imagine all those beefed-up athletes with roid rage tendencies cramped in prison cells. Incarceration definitely would not improve their disposition one bit, and this would make the work of prison guards a tad difficult.

The Jamaican sprinter wants athletes who are caught using anabolic steroids and other banned compounds to be sent to jail. Powell, the former 100m world record-holder, says a two-year ban is not enough punishment and deterrent against those who use unfair means over their competitors.

“I have no idea how it feels when people take something,” said the Jamaican yesterday. “A lot of the athletes do the drugs, they know it is illegal and they compete against other athletes who are working hard all year.

“If someone comes out and they are taking drugs and win the gold, they are robbing me of my gold medal. When people do things like that, they should be punished for it. Two years from the sport and then back, it is pretty easy. It’s for the experts to see what else they can do about it and make the athletes understand. They should be given this impression that they will go to jail if they do it.”

(Read UK’s The Guardian for the complete story)

Powell has an interesting career start. He got his first taste of the track limelight when he was disqualified at the 2003 World Championship due to false start during the quarterfinal round.  During that same event American Jon Drummond was also disqualified for the same offense. Drummond refused to acknowledge his false start with his repetitive and memorable statement ‘I did not move.’

In Athens on June 14, 2005, Powell grabbed the world record with his 9.77-second finish at the 100m. He beat American Tim Montgomery’s 2002 record of 9.78 s. Montgomery’s record was later annulled because of allegations of steroid use.