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Saturday 12, Dec 2015

  UK Anti-Doping Ban Cyclist For Doping

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UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has announced that cyclist Andrew Hastings has been suspended from all sport for four years following an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV).

The British Masters champion, who competed for Richardsons-Trek RT, tested positive for two anabolic steroids: Metenolone (Primobolan), its metabolite and a metabolite of Stanozolol (Winstrol). The findings came as a result of an in-competition test at the 2015 Team Time Trial National Championship in Newark on 30 May, 2015. This event was promoted under the rules and regulations of Cycling Time Trials (CTT). Richardsons-Trek RT finished second and has been disqualified from the event and their result annulled.

UKAD’s Director of Operations, Pat Myhill, remarked that the message from UK Anti-Doping is clear that the use of any prohibited substances in sport will not be tolerated. Myhill added the Hastings case is the perfect example of how an individual makes choices which not only cheat himself but cheats his team mates and his opposition and also said that choice has resulted in a four-year ban from all sport.

The UKAD’s Director of Operations also commented that the actions of Hastings more importantly put him at risk of seriously damaging his health and also commented that anabolic androgenic steroids, and steroid use, continue to be a concern for UKAD and we are seeing an increase in the number of men turning to them for performance enhancing effects but also for cosmetic reasons. Myhill also commented that often these steroids are bought with no consideration for where the products come from or how they are made. Pat Myhill also remarked UK Anti-Doping relies on information from a wide range of sources, not only to catch those who choose consciously to go against the spirit of sport, but to also unearth the root cause of the problem – those who supply these substances. Myhill also said he would encourage anyone who has information about doping, or the supply of prohibited substances, to come forward and talk to us in confidence.

The use of anabolic androgenic steroids under expert supervision and at controlled dosages is not perceived as harmful by some. However, steroid abuse or use of low-grade anabolic drugs can lead to side effects, mild or severe.

In another development, British junior TT champion Gabriel Evans has admitted the use of Erythropoietin, the blood booster. Evans, who won the London Youth Games Cycling TT in 2013 and took the national junior 25 mile time trial championships one year later, apologized to his supporters and to the competitors in the national 10-mile championship. The confession of Evans has stunned British cyclists as the rider is just 18 years of age. Evans admitted that he bought EPO for the first time on 3 August 2015 and traveled to France on 11 August 2015 for a week’s training camp with the family of a then-teammate. Evans added he brought one vial of EPO that was found by father of the roommate who presented evidence to UK Anti-Doping after which he admitted to all wrongdoing before a UKAD deposition.

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Friday 10, Apr 2015

  Slovakia Getting Ready For Regulation Of Steroid Sales

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Slovakia Getting Ready For Regulation Of Steroid Sales

Slovakia has started preparing legislative measures to regulate the market of anabolics and anabolic steroids. Presently, it is the only European Union country that does not regulate steroid sales.

At a joint press conference with Police Corps President Tibor Gašpar on April 2, Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis discussed the plans to regulate sale of anabolic steroids. The Minister said we can’t allow anybody to be able to buy anywhere, products that can seriously damage the health of people, mainly the young and added that we must get this under control – what’s being sold, by whom, how, and where.

Police Corps President Tibor Gašpar said the Penal Code will be adjusted to assist policemen in taking against the people who do business with these “quasi drugs”. He added the punishments should include prison sentences of up to 15 years and said the goal is to create an effective mechanism to take action against illegal business in medicines, which currently appears to be a problem mainly when it comes to internet sales.

According to a National Criminal Agency (NAKA) 2014 report published on March 16, mild legislation allows the sale of anabolic steroids to adults who want to become big and handsome. The report on the state of the Slovak drugs scene revealed that the Slovak steroid market thrives and even attracts foreigners. It was further added that criminals from the Czech Republic obtain the listed substances even in the territory of Slovakia.

The country has been experiencing a massive surge in the number of illegal internet pharmacies offering anabolic androgenic steroids or counterfeit drugs. In Slovakia, anabolic steroids belong to category of the most abused illegal substances. Under the existing laws, legislation punishes only those who supply children under 18-years-old with steroids for non-medical purposes. The report disclosed that production and possession of such substances in huge quantities is punishable in the Czech Republic. According to the report and statistics, it is very difficult for someone to prove that steroids are being abused. Since 2012, only case of a criminal act of offering anabolic substances to a youth has been registered.

Recently, detectives from the Czech National Anti-Drug Centre (NPC) uncovered an organized group that was selling anabolic steroids and substances with hormonal effect, said spokeswoman Barbora Kudláčková. The suspicion relates to the shipment of substances from Slovakia to the Czech Republic and some more European countries. Last year, custom officers detained two illegal consignments with anabolic steroids worth over 2.5 million Kč.

Andrej Sukel, the President of the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists, commented that steroid abuse in men can result in degenerative changes in testes while female may experience excessive hairiness and children using steroids could suffer from stoppage of linear bone growth.

It is widely believed that anti-doping paragraph of the Slovakian Penal Code should also be amended. Presently, only those who offer forbidden substances to under-aged persons or to athletes who are competing at organized sporting events face punishment. The new paragraph must stipulate punishment for anybody who uses anabolics to increase athletic performance.

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Friday 27, Mar 2015

  UK Anti-Doping Chief Expresses Concerns About Steroid Abuse Among Young Rugby Players

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UK Anti-Doping Chief Expresses Concerns About Steroid Abuse Among Young Rugby Players

Nicole Sapstead has vowed to focus on an “increasing and worrying” explosion in use of anabolic steroids in sports by teenagers amid fears that the problem can exacerbate during the Rugby World Cup in England.

The new chief executive of UK Anti-Doping remarked that emphasizing on the growing use of steroids by aspiring athletes in rugby and other sports would be at the heart of her tenure. The UKAD Chief praised the approach taken by the Rugby Football Union and World Rugby at the elite level but said there was “something fundamentally wrong” with aspiring players as young as 14 turning to anabolic steroids to compete.

The UK Anti-Doping has suspended 13 rugby union or league players out of the last 15 doping violations. There have been at least 50 doping bans, of which 28 are being served by British rugby players from either discipline. One of these cases involved Sam Chalmers, the son of the former Scotland and Lions fly-half Craig, who delivered failed drug tests for two anabolic steroids at a Scotland Under-20 training session in May 2013.

The UKAD Chief said the use of anabolic steroids has exploded – look at our findings over the last year, it has increased dramatically and added anabolic steroids are now so easily accessible via the internet. Nicole Sapstead said she is concerned about effect of the increased emphasis on size and strength in the professional era on aspiring players who are watching but admitted that positive tests at the World Cup would be a big surprise. She also remarked it is that level where they’re pushing and pushing and pushing to make the cut where the biggest problem lies and also said that is the same for a number of sports.

Sapstead, who took over as UKAD chief executive, said we are seeing at lower levels of the sport, with young boys in rugby, in rugby league, an increasing and worrying prevalence of steroid abuse particularly when it comes to steroid abuse. She also commented that it is no longer about it being just a sports issue or an anti-doping issue, actually there’s a public health issue here and education and health have to get involved, too. Sapstead also said this is clearly dangerous stuff from a health perspective and added we sometimes intercept packages and we can see that what somebody has thought they are buying is not what they are buying. She went on to remark that some of these underground labs are disgusting in terms of the conditions in which this stuff is made and added you just really are dicing with your health.

In November, the Rugby Football Union said it would fund a major study by Leeds Beckett University with an aim to uncover the scale of doping and supplement use among teenage players.

Debbie Jevans, the chief executive of England 2015 Rugby World Cup, remarked right education was critical to dealing with doping issues. Jevans said the best way and the most healthy way is to train and train hard to be the best you can be and not try and short-circuit it because you may have health problems later on and also added what you do need to do is educate the athletes there because those athletes then become ambassadors and spokespeople.

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Friday 23, May 2014

  Increasing Number Of Men Are Afflicted With Bigorexia

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Increasing Number Of Men Are Afflicted With Bigorexia

Colin Tyrie, public health advisor at Manchester Mental Health NHS Trust, has issued a warning of an off-the-scale demand for ‘bodybuilder drugs’ in Greater Manchester. Last year, police made 1,488 seizures of steroids across the region that is almost double the previous year’s total of 799.

The ‘needle shots’ of anabolic androgenic steroids can be made for as little as £2 and use of these drugs is extending well beyond amateur and professional bodybuilders. In the last few years, steroid use has been greatly associated with police officers, builders, and security guards. A NHS-run Pump Clinic in Ancoats that provides advice on anabolic steroids and operates a needle service for ensuring that the drugs are used safely have about 600 steroid users on the books. The NHS-run Pump Clinic is now seeing athletes from rugby, cycling, and young actors.

It is believed by some experts that men drawn to anabolic steroids could be suffering from ‘Adonis body syndrome’ or ‘Bigorexia’. Bigorexia (also known as Muscle dysmorphia or Reverse anorexia) is a disorder in which an individual becomes obsessed with the illusion that he or she is not muscular enough. The use of steroids in long-term or steroid abuse (or overdosing) can be associated with the development or aggravation of side effects like hair loss, acne, and shrunken testicles. Steroid abuse can also be a reason behind problems with the liver, heart, kidney, and fertility. Use of injectable steroids through shared needles can increase the possibility of contracting HIV and Hepatitis B and C.

Tyrie remarked the ‘trickle’ of people coming to the clinic has become a torrent due to the growing pressure on young men to have a ‘good’ physical appearance. The health expert expressed fears that the new market for anabolic androgenic steroids may create health problems and remarked when they were really easily accessible but with a smaller demand, we tended not to get a lot of problems with them. Tyrie added that the people who were using them knew a bit more about it and they researched them to an extent and they were generally athletes or body builders. He said now it’s gone off the scale with people doing it for emerging reasons and they might be less inclined to do the research required. Tyrie added the male role in society has become quite damaged and it is not sure what it is any more. The public health advisor added that men don’t have an identity like our fathers did so there’s this sense we’re trying to fulfill that. He went on to add that there is quite a strong prevalence of this amongst white working class males and it is a quick way to get prestige to say ‘yes I’m a big bloke’ and all the associations that go with that.

Tyrie said further study was needed to understand the long-term effects of anabolic steroids and also remarked if there is a ticking health time-bomb, we are pushing users away by criminalizing them more and more and that is what is happened in the past with drugs

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Saturday 07, Jul 2012

  Why You Should Avoid Abusing Anabolic Steroids?

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In today’s cutthroat world, second chances are rare due to intense competition and able contenders more than ready to take your place, at the workplace or the sport field. This is one of the biggest reasons why more and more people, and not just sportsmen, are using anabolic steroids these days. However, some of them often fail to differentiate between the right use of steroids and steroid abuse and this is exactly where health complications come into the picture.

Anabolic steroid abuse is related to interference with efficient collagen deposition in tendons that may cause weakening of the tendon structure. Few studies in the past have indicated that steroid users are more likely to face tendon injuries as their muscle tissue become so strong that they tend to surpass ability of the muscle to transmit force. Moreover, the use of steroid drugs (even if for the first time) may enhance infrequent or dysplastic development of bovine collagen materials that may cause stiff tendons with significantly reduced elastic qualities. The use of steroid drugs is also relevant to a rise in prothrombin time, which is time taken by our body to produce blood clots. This means that a steroid user’s body may take slighter longer than others (non-users) for a small cut to stop blood loss that can lead to a more serious trouble. Moreover, these changes may get aggravated with the use of medicines such as Tylenol, Pain killers, and especially anticoagulants.

In short, anabolic steroids should always be used sensibly and for medical purposes only such as the treatment of severe burns, prostate cancer, breast cancer, knee or shoulder injury (joint repair), anemia, thrombosis, osteoporosis, endometriosis and hereditary angioedaema, asthma, and muscle-wasting disorders. They may also be used for help individuals gain weight for chronic nutritional deficiencies or AIDS wasting syndrome, improve protein synthesis, and nitrogen balance.

Friday 06, Jul 2012

  Why Steroids Are Abused-All About Anabolic Steroid Misuse

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One of the biggest reasons why anabolic steroids are used by athletes and others is because of the desire to be invincible. While athletes use these performance enhancing medications to run faster, grow bigger, and hit harder, others use steroid drugs to obtain or shed weight and develop solid muscles and lean overall look.

It is worthwhile to note here that there is a very little difference of difference between steroid use and steroid abuse. While steroid use is legal and all about use of medication to treat wellness issues under the expert assistance of a qualified doctor, the misuse of steroid drugs is unlawful and done to obtain unjust advantage or alter physical aspect in the desire to be better, and this may be with or without healthcare assistance. However, most steroid users are not aware that indiscriminate use of steroid drugs or steroid abuse could lead them to nowhere and such unlawful functions may bring them closer to illnesses and wellness problems besides legal complications.

The misuse of anabolic steroids can cause wellness problems and these may range from mild to severe and from reversible to irreversible. Some of the possible side effects of anabolic steroids could be testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, acne, greasy skin, kidney damage, decreased ejaculation fertility, hypertension, cardiac arrest, stroke, abnormal functioning of the liver, and prostate enlargement. In addition to these side effects of steroid abuse, people abusing steroid drugs may experience deepened voice, menstrual cycle changes, depression, hallucination, dizziness, stunted growth, male pattern baldness, reduced sex drive, testicle shrinking, clitoris enlargement, growth of facial hair, and increased aggression. Anabolic steroid abuse may even result in wellness problems, including hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism or rapid discount rates in terms of serum concentrations of LH (luteinizing hormone), FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), and testosterone levels. Not only this, steroid abuse has also been related to early skeletal growth and liver organ damage.

In short, anabolic steroids are extremely potent drugs that may lead to side effects and therefore they should be used legally and as directed.

Thursday 05, Jul 2012

  Negative Effects Of Anabolic Steroid Use

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The abuse of steroid drugs by females may cause to virilization (development of male sexual characteristics) and this may include changes in skin texture, acne, menstrual irregularities, increased libido, hair loss, deepening of the voice, body/facial/pubic hair growth, and an enlargement of the clitoris.  The misuse of steroid drugs by expectant mothers may lead to pseudohermaphroditism or development retardation of the female child besides causing baby death in some cases. Steroids, when misused via shared needles, may even cause life-endangering problems such as HIV/AIDS.

Long-term steroid abuse may cause addiction, neurological problems, and development of anti-social behavior, pathological anxiety, sleeping disorders, and paranoia. Abuse of steroid drugs may even cause a rise in the amount of water and sodium saved in cells of our bodies that may further convert into health issues such as hypertension and kidney stress or damage. The use of steroid drugs in the long term may even block the binding of cortisol, a chemical hormone produced by our bodies to manage stress, to its receptor sites that is useful for preventing breakdown of muscle tissue and enhancing the procedure of restoration after accidents. Moreover, steroid ointment drugs can improve the stages of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and decrease the levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) that translates into increased risk for atherosclerosis (process of blocking the blood flow to heart).

The misuse of steroid drugs can lead to adverse reactions and these adverse reactions may be permanent in characteristics and damage your wellness and popularity and social position to a significant level. It is recommended that you act sensibly and take proper care and choices for your wellness and well being by using them legally and as directed only.

Tuesday 03, Jul 2012

  Bill for discouraging steroid use on verge of being passed

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A legislation meant for curtailing steroid use by student-athletes received final legislative approval by the full Assembly by a vote of 74-2 and is on the verge on being passed after being sent to the Governor.

Under the bill, all public school coaches and non-public interscholastic sports, dance, and cheerleading coaches would be required to incorporate a gender-specific program designed for limiting the use of steroids, alcohol and other drugs and to promote healthy nutrition and exercise into the training regimen of the team. The bill (S-834/A-2454) would codify recommendations from the 2005 Governor’s Task Force on Steroid Use and Prevention to establish measures for deterring the use of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing supplements in middle school and high school athletes.

“Coaches as well as student athletes need to fully understand the dangers of steroid use and abuse,” said Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer (D-Essex). “The earlier we can impress this on our student athletes, the better their health – both mental and physical – will be as adults.”

Under the bill, the state Department of Education (DOE) and the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) would work jointly for developing and implementing a program of random steroid testing of student athletes who qualify to compete in championship tournaments sanctioned by the NJSIAA.

Sunday 01, Jul 2012

  Adverse Results of Anabolic Steroids

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If you have always been left clueless on how some athletes have been so successful while some even fail to live up to the standards, one of the reasons behind this big line of difference may be use of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Sportsmen, across the globe, use steroids to run quicker, hit harder, and build solid muscles quicker to stand above the competition. The fact that steroids can be easily purchased on the internet, with or without a medical prescription, indicates the surge in demand and popularity of these efficiency improving medications in the recent years.

However, the use of steroids may do more damage than good if these efficiency improving medications are misused or of a low grade. The abuse of steroids may cause steroid side effects such as bloating that may be recognized by face or neck inflammation. Anabolic steroid abuse may even cause wellness issues such as cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart diseases. This is primarily because indiscriminate use of steroids has a bad effect on the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the body and frequent abuse of steroids may result in blocking of bloodstream and development of heart illnesses.

Moreover, steroid abuse may cause erectile dysfunction, inability to conceive, hair loss in females, gynecomastia (development of female breasts in men), deepening of voice in females, and development of facial beard in females. Anabolic steroid abuse may even cause wellness issues such as impotency, depression, anxiety, hallucination, unmanageable feelings, sleep disruptions, slower development, greasy epidermis, acne, hair loss, and sleeplessness. In addition to these side effects of steroids, the use of steroids indiscriminately may even cause addiction, kidney damage, swelling, or pain/difficulty when urinating. Furthermore, abuse of steroids may even seriously affect the normal production of hormones and may cause changes in epidermis structure, sexual interest changes, and enlargement of the clitoris and may even damage the fetus, if used by expecting women.

However, all these side effects of steroids can be reduced or removed by using steroids in a clinically guided and regulated way that is the best way to use steroids.

Thursday 21, Jun 2012

  Sailors gets sacking over drug use

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Five sailors of the navy have been sacked for steroid abuse and other serious offences and five more would be facing dismissal. This was after a major investigation into drug trafficking at Sydney’s Garden Island base.

One of the accused sailors has also been convicted of drug-related offences and the second had a positive test for anabolic steroids.

Navy chief Vice-Admiral Russ Crane said all of the accused sailors had been dismissed and the navy has a zero tolerance policy on use of illicit substances.

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