judge-steroidsU.S. District Judge Susan Illston will be giving the prosecution for the Barry Bonds’ case a very hard time this coming trial. She has mentioned that she might be forbidding the use of the records taken from the raid in the Nevada laboratory that had run the anabolic steroids drug tests as evidence. According to Illston, the prosecution will not be able to link the urine and blood samples tested to Bonds. There is no concrete proof that these samples really belong to the athlete. Amidst the protests, prosecutors know that they do lack the important witness to do this.

Without Anderson, the defense will have the upper hand. Prosecutors need Anderson to testify that Bonds did use performance enhancing drugs. Unfortunately for them, the former trainer has not expressed any intention to show up amidst possible contempt charges and serving another year in prison. Although the government knows that the documents they have are enough to charge Bonds of lying, they lack the legal means to do