Steroid Lavage – Safe On Chronic Rhinosinusitis PatientsPatients who suffer from chronic rhinosinusitis can safely use daily steroid-saline nasal lavage every day for 30 days. This is because study shows that this treatment has no harmful effect on adrenal sufficiency.

In the study made by the group of Dr. Jay Piccirillo, they found out that the therapy offered a clinically significant improvement in symptoms. However, they clarify that the treatment protocol is off-label and still requires a randomized, placebo-controlled trial to assess other risks, such as potential loss of bone mineral density, as well as benefits in chronic rhinosinusitis.

Although the use of the medication as part of nasal lavage has not been approved by the FDA, the researchers said that the off-label use of medications is legal and an accepted part of medical practice. The decrease in SNOT-20 scores, which is consistent to all patients, shows that the intervention is effective. They claim that the study will help physicians who want to use the method explain potential risks and benefits to patients.