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Sunday 01, Jul 2012

  Adverse Results of Anabolic Steroids

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If you have always been left clueless on how some athletes have been so successful while some even fail to live up to the standards, one of the reasons behind this big line of difference may be use of anabolic steroids and other performance enhancing drugs. Sportsmen, across the globe, use steroids to run quicker, hit harder, and build solid muscles quicker to stand above the competition. The fact that steroids can be easily purchased on the internet, with or without a medical prescription, indicates the surge in demand and popularity of these efficiency improving medications in the recent years.

However, the use of steroids may do more damage than good if these efficiency improving medications are misused or of a low grade. The abuse of steroids may cause steroid side effects such as bloating that may be recognized by face or neck inflammation. Anabolic steroid abuse may even cause wellness issues such as cardiac arrest, stroke, and heart diseases. This is primarily because indiscriminate use of steroids has a bad effect on the blood pressure and cholesterol levels of the body and frequent abuse of steroids may result in blocking of bloodstream and development of heart illnesses.

Moreover, steroid abuse may cause erectile dysfunction, inability to conceive, hair loss in females, gynecomastia (development of female breasts in men), deepening of voice in females, and development of facial beard in females. Anabolic steroid abuse may even cause wellness issues such as impotency, depression, anxiety, hallucination, unmanageable feelings, sleep disruptions, slower development, greasy epidermis, acne, hair loss, and sleeplessness. In addition to these side effects of steroids, the use of steroids indiscriminately may even cause addiction, kidney damage, swelling, or pain/difficulty when urinating. Furthermore, abuse of steroids may even seriously affect the normal production of hormones and may cause changes in epidermis structure, sexual interest changes, and enlargement of the clitoris and may even damage the fetus, if used by expecting women.

However, all these side effects of steroids can be reduced or removed by using steroids in a clinically guided and regulated way that is the best way to use steroids.

Saturday 30, Jun 2012

  Steroid Side Effects

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Sportsmen, across the world, have been finding one reason or another to remain close to legal anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs these days. This is not just because these efficiency improving medications help them stand above the competition and deliver consistent results over a time period, but also because clinically advised use of genuine steroids does not lead to adverse reactions while helping sportsmen secure or retain their place in professional sport teams. However, the use of steroids may cause to adverse reactions in the lack of qualified information or when the purchased steroids are of low quality.

Most steroid users fail to realize that there is a very little difference of difference between use of steroids and abuse of steroids. While genuine use of steroids is always clinically advised and regulated, illegal use of steroids is all about using these efficiency improving medications in the lack of or contravention to medical advice and regulations.

When abused, anabolic steroids may cause adverse reactions that may be mild or severe or reversible or permanent in nature. The misuse of steroid drugs by men can cause complications such as gynecomastia, fluid retention, and enlargement of prostate. The abuse of steroids may even cause cataract, Cushing’s syndrome, muscle wasting, brittle bones, over-increased aggression, delays in injury healing, premature baldness, appetite changes, menstrual problems, and sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS, if steroids are taken through shared needles.

Moreover, abuse of these drugs may lead to steroid side effects such as hypertension and kidney damage or liver damage in some cases. Indiscriminate or long lasting use of steroid drugs may even result in production of unstable toxic items in our bodies, which may injure the liver or restrict its ability of removing steroids from the bloodstream and changing them into items that could be readily removed through urine or the bile.




Thursday 24, May 2012

  Testing for steroids is good for sports

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Anabolic steroids have been often associated with bulky weight lifters and body builders, but they are used these days by professional sportsmen to catch up with the competition and get a distinctive edge to make the most out of limited opportunities.

But indiscriminate use or abuse of steroids may lead to steroid side effects causing health complications and many coaches have remarked that testing for anabolic steroids in the recent past has been good for sports.

“When my kids were (teenagers), I asked them about steroids,” state Sen. Richard Codey, D-Essex, said. “They said they could just go to the city (New York) or on the Internet. It was easy as pie. Where did they learn this? From kids in school.”

Friday 11, May 2012

  Deca Durabolin

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Deca Durabolin is one of the most sought-after anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs, especially when it comes to promotion of body strength and muscle tissue income.

Deca Durabolin, also known as Deca and Nandrolone decanoate, has a dynamic life of 14-16 days and is expected to be to most powerful type of anabolic-androgenic steroids. This legal steroid reveals an extremely lower trend for excess estrogen modification and sportsmen depending on it need not worry about estrogenic side effects such as oily skin, gynecomastia, stomach ache, and pimples.

Deca is also easy on the liver and is the best steroid for promotion muscle size and development besides stimulating performance gains while decreasing body fat and weight. This anabolic steroid is also effective to significantly increase the levels of nitrogen retention and protein synthesis and reduce time to recover between workouts.

Deca Durabolin is also useful in treating minor pain and aggravating injuries and is more than useful for decreasing the inflammation of smooth tissues. Use of this steroid does not bring negative outcomes for skin, head, and prostate. This means that Deca users need not worry about steroid side effects like oily skin, baldness, and prostate relevant gland relevant human gland problems. If that is not all, Deca Durabolin shows considerable anabolic outcomes with little androgenic side effects.

The recommended dosage of Deca Durabolin is 300-800 mg every week for men and 50-100 mg every week for women. The perfect quantity of Deca for a male cutting cycle would be 400 mg every week for 12-16 weeks and the quantity for a male bulking cycle would be 600 mg every week for 12-16 weeks. The doses of Deca Durabolin should not be used unless particularly recommended by a certified physician.

Friday 27, Apr 2012

  Trenbolone Enanthate

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For athletes intensely pushed by success, there is no better anabolic steroid than Trenbolone enanthate. This is not just because this steroid is safe to use, easily available, and effective but also because it does not cause to steroid side effects when compared with other steroid substances. Let us read more about this trenbolone mixture to make and maintain a complete understanding.

Trenbolone enanthate is ranked by one and all as the most popular and successful mixture of Trenbolone besides being the lengthiest performing edition of Trenbolone. This Tren mixture has an anabolic/androgenic rate of 500:500 making it five times as effective as androgenic hormone or testosterone. The active life of this Tren mixture is nearly 7-8 days and it is noticeable within a period of around five months.

When used in amounts of 300-600 mg per week for men for 6-8 several weeks at a stretch, Tren enanthate encourages extraordinary muscles, efficiency, and durability profits. Use of this anabolic steroid does not cause to Tren coughing, gynecomastia, and bloating and it is second to none for helping the levels of nutrient efficiency and mineral absorption in as short as 2-3 weeks.

By stimulating the promotion of protein features and storage of nitrogen in the system, Tren enanthate helps athletes obtain their objectives without any problems. This steroid is also suitable for athletes who want to manage little shots without creating a bargain on rock-solid results such as slender overall look, durability, and muscular profits.

Wednesday 25, Apr 2012


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If you are looking for a strength training drug or weight-loss medication, Winstrol is a remarkable choice for you. Also known as Winny and Stanozolol, Winstrol is categorized as a controlled substance under Schedule III of the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990. This mixture of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is quite androgenic in characteristics and offers a large anabolic to androgenic rate.

Clinically, Winstrol is used prophylactically to reduce the intensity and regularity of angioedaema problems and used by professional athletes to lose human extra fat and bodyweight under a cutting cycle. The use of research quality Winstrol, when used in complete compliance with medical guidelines, does not lead to steroid side effects.

The use of Winstrol is carefully associated with extraordinary discount rates in the level of SHBG, much more than any other steroid ointment. A dosage of 0.2 mg per kg of bodyweight is adequate to increase the amount of free, moving androgenic hormone or testosterone in the system. Winny also helps athletes maintain muscles and durability while dropping human extra fat. This 17aa drug may lead to some stress on the liver but this impact can be neutralized with consumption of 8-10 glasses of water a day.

One of the best things about Winstrol is that it does not aromatize, which indicates athletes on Winny do not need to hassle about estrogenic adverse reactions such as gynecomastia, liquid storage, acne, and greasy skin. It also indicates that customers need not order antiestrogens such as Clomid and Nolvadex if research quality Winstrol is used as per guidelines. However, users with a history of unwanted estrogen creation could feel needing using antiestrogens while taking Winny, alone or in a mixture with other anabolic steroids and efficiency improving medication.

The use of Winny is also related to extraordinary improves with regards to protein anabolism, nitrogen storage, efficiency, and endurance. It is valuable and valuable for athletes to observe that this efficiency improving medication does not get transformed to estrogenic metabolites and has little joining to SHBG. When used in oral form in amounts of 50-100 mg per day by men and 2.5-10 mg per day by females or in injectable amounts of 25-50 mg per day by men and 2-5 mg per day by females, Winstrol shows its actual prospective. This DHT-derivative is generally placed with Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone enanthate, Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, Dianabol, and Primobolan during a steroid cycle of 6-8 weeks.

Friday 02, Jul 2010

  Bodybuilders on steroids may suffer from acne

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Bodybuilders on steroids may suffer from acneThe inappropriate use of anabolic steroids, more specifically anabolic androgen steroid (AAS), could lead to acne because of the stimulation of sebaceous glands.

Anabolic steroids are used by professional sportsmen, especially bodybuilders and strength athletes, for delivering quality performance and staying ahead of the competition.

In short, the report suggested that it is the “inappropriate” use of anabolic steroids that should not be encouraged to avoid coming in proximity with steroid side effects.

Monday 07, Jun 2010

  Daily calcium supplements can limit early osteoporosis onset

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Daily calcium supplements can limit early osteoporosis onsetChildren afflicted with severe asthma should be taking an over-the-counter calcium supplement and a multi-vitamin every day for preventing loss of bone associated with osteoporosis, as per an article published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Joseph Spahn, M.D., an author of the article and a pediatric asthma specialist at National Jewish Medical and Research Center, said that a child does not have to be dependent on steroids to get osteoporosis.

It is worth noting here that inhaled corticosteroids reduce and prevent swelling of the airways and oral (pills or syrup) corticosteroids relax tight muscles around the airways.