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Tuesday 22, Aug 2017

  Justin Gatlin Issues First Public Apology Over Doping Past

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Justin Gatlin, the controversial 100 meter world champion, has made his first public apology about the furore caused by his doping bans.

The American sprinter said the booing he received at the recently-concluded London championships hurt but it helped motivate him to beat Usain Bolt. Gatlin has received criticism for reportedly not showing remorse for his actions associated with this two drug bans. In 2001, Gatlin was first banned for taking a banned supplement for Attention Deficit Disorder that he had been using since childhood. The sprinter received an early reinstatement by the world governing body of athletics the following year. In 2006, the sprinter was banned again after he tested positive for the steroid Testosterone. It was claimed by Gatlin that this was as a result of sabotage by a disaffected member of his team.

Gatlin disclosed he wrote a letter of apology to the International Association of Athletics Federations years ago and has no issues if a public apology was required. The sprinter said the letter he wrote, which came out in 2015, it was suppressed for almost six years and he is not sure who or why they suppressed it but he did apologized. Gatlin also remarked he started a program where he went and talked to kids and told them about the pitfalls of falling behind the wrong people, staying on the path, and doing the right things.  The sprinter said he apologize for any wrongdoings or any black eyes that he brought onto the sport. Gatlin also remarked he loves the sport and that is why he had made a return and try to run to the best of his ability and for that he had worked hard to right his wrongs.

Gatlin said he was hurt by the jeering and booing from the crowd in London when he was presented with a gold medal for the 100m World Championships. The American sprinter said it did hurt because he is not there for himself, he is up there for his country, he is up there for his supporters, and added he didn’t do it for himself. Gatlin said he was there for people back at home watching who were not able to come and commented that maybe the boos were for him but standing on the podium was for the people who have loved him and his country that he loves.

Gatlin remarked he had to overcome his concern about what people thought about him before he came back to running. The 100 meter world champion also said he wanted people to respect him, to love him, to know that he is a hard worker like anybody else. Gatlin also said he felt like sometimes that fell on deaf ears, and it took away from his focus of being a runner because he was so consumed by what people would think about him and judging him, that he really had to just dial-in and just focus on being a runner and let the natural talent do all the talking.

Gatlin is next due to compete at the Diamond League meeting in Zurich.

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Thursday 26, Jan 2017

  Former Cyclist Raises Doping And Sexism Accusations

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Former Olympic and world champion cyclist Nicole Cooke has blasted the functioning and questioned the existence of British Cycling and Team Sky.

Cooke, who announced her retirement from cycling on 14 January 2013 at the age of 29, said cycling is “a sport run by men, for me” and added that the wrong people have been fighting the wrong war, in the wrong way, and with the wrong tools. The 2008 Gold Olympic medalist also remarked he had been encouraged as a 19-year-old to dope by two members of her own British team. Cooke remarked she was the Briton on her team in Italy and she was encouraged by two members of the management of her team to dope. The cyclist went on to say that she had passed the information onto the forerunner of UK Anti-Doping when she was encouraged to dope as a 19-year-old but nothing was done.

Commenting on the “mysterious” bag containing medication that was transported by Simon Cope, Cooke said Cope was doing what he was told to do but it is surprising to learn that Cope, British Cycling women’s team manager, had no other task left to perform besides delivering the bag. Cooke went on to ask why Cope, whose salary is paid out of the public purse, was asked by his managers to serve as a courier for Bradley Wiggins and spent some weeks riding a moped in front of him as part of a training regimen instead of performing his responsibilities for the women’s team.

Cooke disclosed she was given four Therapeutic Use Exemptions during her career, namely to treat a serious knee injury. Cooke said she had a TUE for this treatment receiving the same steroid that Bradley Wiggins used more recently and added it could at the time could only be used with a TUE, whether in or out of competition. Cooke said that injection failed to address the medical problems and she continued not to race and ended up having surgery in May 2004. Cooke said the TUEs issued by the Team Sky/British Cycling medical team for this same steroid are of great concern. The former cyclist raised eyebrows on the functioning of British Cycling and Team Sky by saying the more relevant question rather than the strange coincident chronology of the ailment perhaps is to ask the Team Sky/British Cycling  medical team how often has this steroid been issued to athletes out of competition. Cooke said it is important to know if the steroid is used properly to help recover from career threatening injuries or has it ever been used to assist athletes losing fat and gaining power in the out of competition preparation for major events.

Cooke also said very little was ever done to support female road riders during her career. Recounting her own exposures to sexism, the Commonwealth, Olympic, and World road race champion said odd riders at times would be supported for a period while they were ‘in favor’ but mostly that support was only ever transient. Cooke went on to said that plans were in place in 2008 for the male only Team Sky that would use a variety of British Cycling Lottery funded staff in dual roles. The project, overseen by Dave Brailsford and others, was designated as “male only” and no successful appeal that it should be a male and female team was possible. Cooke said it was “run exclusively by men, exclusively for men”.

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Friday 21, Oct 2016

  Doping In Top-Level Sports Recommended By Norwegian Professor

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Jan Ove Tangen, a professor of sports sociology at the University of South-Eastern Norway, has advocated controlled doping use for eliminating suspicion and providing equal opportunities to contenders.

In an opinion piece in Norwegian newspaper Forskning, Tangen remarked Norwegian cross-country top-level skiing has given itself further and further into the grey area in its hunt for medals and added some have even gone into the forbidden territory, and some of our most renowned skiers have now been convicted of doping. Tangen radically proposed that doping should allowed and as accepted.

In recent months, the clean image of Norwegian athletes has been tarnished. The success of the all-time leading Olympic nation in Nordic combined and cross-country skiing has been bruised by dark strains on its “clean” reputation. A few months back, the Finnish anti-doping agency called for a closer review of the practices of the Norwegian Ski Federation. A physician for the Swedish national ski team and member of the Swedish Olympic Committee has communicated to the media that the Therese Johaug case undermines the credibility of all medical professionals in sports and called for a discussion of ethics and morals and a curb on the ‘medicalization’ of cross-country skiing.

Norway’s top male cross-country skiier and 2014 Sochi Olympic bronze medalist Martin Johnsrud Sundby was recently given a suspension of two months after he tested positive for Salbutamol, an asthma medication.

Tangen made these comments Therese Johaug, one of Norway’s most decorated female cross-country skiers of all times, tested positive for the steroid Clostebol. It was later revealed by the Norwegian ski federation that the substance came from a cream that was given to Johaug by team doctor Fredrik Bendiksen to treat sunburn on her lips during high-altitude training in Italy.

The professor of sports sociology said the legalization of doping may make competition more equal and would even save the necessity of running numerous anti-doping agencies and spending of a fortune by them. Tangen added only athletes get punished most of the times while coaches, managers and sports federations usually continue unscathed. Tangen also criticized media, sponsors, politicians, and the public for setting too high expectations on athletes to win awards. The sports sociology professor also commented that it is rather difficult to draw a clear line between what constitutes permissible performance-enhancing methods and what is doping that result in lengthy bans and destroyed careers. Tangen also said doping can be used as a legal solution for continuous performance improvements, provided that the intake happens under the control of specialists.

The University of South-Eastern Norway professor said top level sports are already largely unhealthy and imply a tremendous stress for the human body. Tangen added doping is seen by many as a means for keeping athletes healthy. Tangen rhetorically said doping is not really more unjust than the fact that some of the athletes have been blessed with superior genes over their competitors or the fact that a country may have more resources and knowledge to for talent-hunting and performance development.

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Wednesday 25, Jul 2012

  Steroids Were Found In Body Of Chris Benoit

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Steroids Were Found In Body Of Chris Benoit – cliff notes

Dr. Kris Sperry, Georgia’s chief medical examiner, has revealed that professional wrestler Chris Benoit, who killed his wife and son before hanging himself, injected anabolic steroids not long before he died. The medical examiner also said the son of Chris was sedated before his death.

The 40-year-old wrestler, who was nicknamed “The Rabid Wolverine” and “The Canadian Crippler,” as found dead with his wife, Nancy, and 7-year-old son, Daniel, on June 25, 2007 in their suburban Atlanta home.

Toxicology tests found drugs in all three Benoits, according to Dr. Sperry, who said elevated levels of steroid testosterone were found in the body of Chris Benoit and the anxiety drug Xanax was in the body of his 7-year-old son, Daniel.

The elevated level “is an indicator that he had been injecting testosterone, but how much, how frequently, how often and for how long is something that cannot be answered through this,” Dr. Sperry said.

According to investigators, anabolic steroids were among prescription drugs found in the home of Benoit. The urine of Benoit had about 10 times the normal level of testosterone, which is a form of doping in sports. The wrestler’s body also had traces of hydrocodone, a pain reliever, and Xanax and no other steroids were found.

Chris Benoit’s Last Match

The employer of Benoit, @World Wrestling Entertainment, made a statement that the professional wrestler had passed a random drug test in April.

The family physician, Phillippe Astin, M.D., who prescribed anabolic steroids to Chris Benoit in the year before the double murder-suicide went to trial on March 16, 2009 though there was not even a single charge related to anabolic steroids against him. The doctor faced charges of distributing and dispensing approximately one million dosage units of painkillers and stimulants classified as controlled substances, which included Percocet, Oxycontin, Demerol, Lorcet, Ritalin, Vicodin, Xanax, Klonipin, Methadone, Ritalin, Adderall, Dexedrine and Soma “for other than a legitimate medical purpose and not in the usual course of professional practice.”

Chris Benoit was identified by DEA Diversion Investigator Anissa Jones as an “excess purchaser of injectable steroids” during a federal investigation of Rx Weight Loss in Marietta, Georgia. Prescription records obtained from Jones Pharmacy in Fayetteville, Georgia suggested that Chris Benoit was prescribed 10-month supply of testosterone cypionate every 3-4 weeks from May 4, 2006 to May 9, 2007 on the prescription of Dr. Phil Astin.

In February 2006, Benoit received steroids from Signature, based on a prescription by Florida physician Gary Brandwein. The steroid pharmacy was also supplying anabolic steroids to top wrestlers Randy Orton, Charles Haas, Jr., Adam “Edge” Copeland, Robert “Booker T” Huffman, Shane Helms, Mike Bucci, Anthony Carelli, John “Johnny Nitro” Hennigan, Darren “William Regal” Matthews, Ken “Mr. Kennedy” Anderson, Eddie “Umaga” Fatu, Shoichi Funaki, and Chavo Guerrero.

Over a period of approximately 30 months between December 13, 2004 and June 22, 2007, Chris Benoit was prescribed 5,580 tablets of Lorcet (10mg), 3,600 tablets of Xanax (2mg), and 1380 tablets of Soma (350mg) while 3,690 tablets of Lorcet (10mg), 600 tablets of Xanax (2mg) and 240 tablets of Soma (350mg) between June 6, 2005 and May 30, 2007 to Nancy Benoit, his wife.


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Wednesday 18, Jul 2012

  Amir Khan Wants Drugs Cheat Banned For Life

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Former two-time world champion, and former unified WBA (Super) and IBF Light Welterweight champion, Amir Iqbal Khan, recently said he want a lifetime ban for his steroid-using opponent Lamont Peterson.

Born on 8 December 1986, Amir Khan is a British professional boxer and the youngest British Olympic boxing medalist, winning silver at the 2004 Athens Olympics at the age of 17. Nicknamed “King Khan”, he is also one of the youngest British world champions ever, winning the WBA Light Welterweight title at age 22.

Khan said he does not mind Peterson getting an exile from boxing permanently even if that costs him the millions he would have made if the pair were to fight again.

Peterson, however, refused to give up belts after he failed to clear a drug test and said he never cheated in fight with Amir Khan. The American boxer said he deserved to keep his world titles as he was unaware that his treatment for abnormally low levels of testosterone was contrary to anti-doping rules. At the time of his fight with Amir Khan, Peterson had testosterone pellets inserted into his hip before he claimed a controversial split-decision win in December.

Khan says: ‘Anyone who has been done for drugs should be banned for life. Peterson failed a test and that should be his punishment.’ He branded Peterson “a cheat” and called for the American to be stripped of both titles and the December bout declared a ‘no-contest’.

After his bout was canceled because of Peterson’s positive test for synthetic testosterone, Khan started preparing for a world light-welterweight title fight with the rising Philadelphian star, Danny García, as the World Boxing Association light-welterweight champion on July 14. Khan was hoping to defend his title against Garcia and surely deserved the distinction of entering the ring as a world champion. But destiny had other plans for him as he was crushed by Garcia and the Bolton fighter was left dispirited and confused.

 Khan was already making plans to face WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather after registering a win over Garcia; Khan was also planning to have a future bout with Timothy Bradley, who has previously rejected a fight with Khan in order for a big pay day against Manny Pacquiao.

Tuesday 17, Jul 2012

  Charlie Sheen took steroids during shoot

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Actor Charlie Sheen has revealed that he took anabolic steroids while he was shooting for sports movie “Major League” to get the grip of the game.

Sheen played Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn, a flamethrower with an edge in the worst-to-first baseball film, “Major League.” The actor is also friend with admitted steroid user, Lenny Dykstra.

Sheen kept his bad boy image mostly on film and his admission in this week’s Sports Illustrated comes at least semi-unexpectedly.

The former “Two and a half men” star added he used anabolic steroids during filming for three months, but soon realized the downside of performance enhancing drugs.

The Anger Management star continued that he had a smart trainer who was a defensive lineman in the National Football League and knew enough sportsmen using steroids.

Monday 09, Jul 2012

  Ulihrach says he tested positive for norandrosterone

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Inan interview with a Czech newspaper, Bohdan Ulihrach said a test conducted on him during a tournament in Moscow showed unacceptable levels of norandrosterone, a metabolite of the banned steroid. The urine test indicated 5.2 nanograms per milliliter, which is fractionally over the 5.0 limit.

The 27-year-old is waiting for the result of the B sample before he decides whether to appeal a possible ban. If the second sample also yields a positive result, Ulihrach may get banned for two years.

Decision of Ulihrach to go public about the test appears slightly surprising to many as his name would not have been released for at least another three weeks under the Association of Tennis Professionals rules and that only if the second or B sample also came up positive.

Ulihrach has been world-ranked as high as No 22.

Wednesday 04, Jul 2012

  Tips For Using Anabolic Steroids-How To Use Steroids

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If you are planning to use or buy anabolic steroids, it is very important for you to consider some factors before making the final decision.

  1. The first and foremost thing for you to remember is that the decision to use or buy anabolic steroids should always be made only after a medical practitioner has authorized its use. Moreover, the practitioner’s approval should be only after carefully evaluating all medical reports and history and for legal (medical) purposes only.
  2. Steroids are extremely potent drugs and should never be abused or over-dosed in hopes of quick gains.
  3. The use of anabolic steroids should be in strict accordance with medical advice and its doses should not be changed without medical approval.
  4. Overnight results do not happen with anabolic steroids and they are effective only when complemented with the right diet, exercises, lifestyle, and adequate sleep.
  5. It is important to buy legal anabolic steroids from a reputed drug or steroid store that deals in legal anabolic steroids or performance enhancing drugs.
  6. It is always recommended for steroid users to get themselves examined medically at regular intervals to maintain high standards of good health.
  7. In case any abnormality or side effects of steroids are experienced, medical advice should be sought at the earliest.
  8. Steroid users should never take two doses of steroids at the same time, even if one is missed unknowingly.
  9. Anabolic steroids should always be stored in a tightly closed container in a cool and well-ventilated area and protect against heat, moisture, direct sunlight, and sources of ignition. In addition to that, the temperature of storage area should be a controlled room temperature of 20° to 25°C (68° to 77°F) with excursions permitted to 15° to 30°C (59° to 86°F).

Saturday 16, Jun 2012

  Doctor facing steroid charges surrenders license

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Dr. Timothy Sigman has surrendered his medical license and on a leave of absence from his Sebastian practice while facing federal steroid distribution charges, according to an official with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami.

The 40-year-old doctor was arrested by agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration after he allegedly approved steroid and human growth hormone prescriptions illegally.

Sigman was one of the thirteen people arrested on various charges related to distributing steroids, human growth hormone, and pain pills.

Friday 25, May 2012

  Testosterone Enanthate

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If you are looking for the best anabolic steroid and performance improving drug online, testosterone enanthate is an excellent product for you. This is not just because this androgenic hormonal agent or testosterone mixture is impressive, but also because its use does not lead to side effects and it can be easily purchased online with properly secured payment options.

This testosterone compound is recommended to men and women suffering with low levels of testosterone. In other words, testosterone enanthate is used to treat individuals when the human body is unable to make any or enough testosterone. Since testosterone is the primary hormonal agent in men and responsible for developing and managing sexual functions, lack of it cannot be ignored for long and this is exactly where testosterone enanthate comes into the picture.

By advertising the natural growth of testosterone to a significant extent, the testosterone compound gives a new significance to muscles, muscle definition, strength, stamina, and performance. Not only this, testosterone enanthate is equally useful to promote maximum fat loss and exciting early recovery from accidents and extreme exercises.

In addition to all these benefits, the steroid also demonstrates unequalled efficacy in enhancing the levels of red blood cell growth, muscle function, and muscle size. Moreover, use of this steroid for as short as four to six weeks is closely associated with improved fresh air carrying capacity within the body that promotes nitrogen storage and protein functions. The steroid is typically placed with legal anabolic steroids and performance improving drugs (PEDs) such as Anavar, Clenbuterol, Dianabol, Deca Durabolin, Equipoise, and Primobolan.

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