Gary Hall Jr SteroidsGary Hall Jr. believes steroids and other performance drugs are responsible for the recent upsurge of swimming world records, and not hi-tech suits as many would claim. Since the introduction of the Speedo LZR Racer this year, swimmers wearing the revolutionary bodysuit have broken numerous world marks.

The three-time Olympian and 10-time Olympic medalist once again voiced out his disappointment with officials of not doing enough to rid the sport off steroids and PEDs.

The 33-year-old Hall met with the press on the first day of the eight-day US Olympic trials on Sunday. He arrived at the trials in a private jet and had publicly spilled out his straightforward views on doping.
“I don’t have any proof but it’s my gut feeling doping exists,” Hall told reporters on the press con. “I need to wait and see what it feels to be shaved and tapered in these new technology suits.

“I am convinced there is an advantage to wearing the suits but I don’t think it accounts for all the time drops we’ve seen.

“Do I think it (doping) is getting worse? Yes, I do.

“It’s here; it’s in the United States.

“I train with an international group of swimmers and all of them have stories and a few of them have had offers and I’m not at liberty to say (any more).

Hall is also frustrated with the existing system and policy on steroid use.

“Unfortunately, we rely on an inadequate doping system — doping agencies — for the proof,” Hall said. “We live in a society where you’re innocent until proven guilty — the key word being ‘proven.’ We don’t have any way of proving people are cheating.”

At the US Olympic trials, athletes will be randomly tested for steroids and other banned substances.

Hall will be looking for his third-straight Olympic 50-meter freestyle gold medal in the Summer Olympics in Beijing this August.