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Wednesday 15, Apr 2009

  Court rejected Cyclist Tammy Thomas Offer of New Trial

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Court rejected Cyclist Tammy Thomas Offer of New TrialIn a recent move to the long-running BALCO steroid investigation, the judge overseeing the episode had denied cyclist Tammy Thomas a proposal for new trail. The cyclist was convicted of false swearing last spring.

Thomas wanted a new trail based on the claim that IRS special agent Jeff Novitzky, who cracked the BALCO ring, was making high-profile athletes his targets rather than drug distributors and money launderers. However, the motion of new trail was centered on the charges that Novitzky had planned to write a book or movie script about the BALCO investigation.

U.S District Court Judge Susan Illston said, “Thomas and her attorney Ethan Balogh had not proven that the “book deal rumor” was anything more than the “overheard and misunderstood joke” that Novitzky claimed it to be in the 145-page report.”

Illston wrote, “It is highly doubtful … jurors would have questioned Novitzky’s credibility, let alone rejected his testimony on the materiality of defendant’s false statements.”

Balogh had argued that prosecutors suppressed evidences related to Novitzky’s conduct and motivations that might result a change in jury’s perceptions of the cyclist and thereby creating a soft corner towards Thomas.

Though, Balogh insisted that Novitzky targeted athletes, including baseball’s home run king Barry Bonds, for personal reasons. In regard of 145-page report, he said that prosecutors failed to share the report that addressed charges that investigators, including Novitzky had acted in an improper manner during the BALCO probe.

Thursday 27, Nov 2008

  Barry Bonds scored points in his doping-related case

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barry bonds steroidsBarry Bonds’ defense team got five of the 15 pending charges dismissed against their client, and for the controversial slugger, that’s way better than scoring several home runs.

The home run king, however, is still facing 10 criminal counts and that number could reach 11 since prosecutors are seeking a new indictment, intending to correct the charge containing the typo.

Each of the criminal counts carries a potential maximum penalty of five years in prison; however, some legal observers say Bonds could get a lesser sentence with just 2 ½ years in prison.

Illston is known to hand lenient verdicts, such as in the case of cyclist Tammy Thomas. The judge sentenced Thomas to six months in home confinement, not anywhere near the 2 ½ -year prison term prosecutors had sought.

Monday 13, Oct 2008

  Tammy Thomas gets 6-month house arrest for lying about her steroid use

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tammythomassteroidsFormer track cyclist Tammy Thomas receives a six-month home confinement for her not telling the truth to a grand jury about her use of anabolic steroids. The decision was handed down by a federal judge in San Francisco on Friday.

In April this year, a jury convicted Thomas of three felony counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. Her case is just one of the many elite athletes who got implicated in the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative steroid scandal; however, she earns the designation of being the first person connected with the five-year-old BALCO scandal to go to trial.

A repentant Thomas was seen during the sentencing.

“I am sorry and shamed at the mistakes I made,” Thomas told Judge Susan Illston in a San Francisco courtroom, according to Associated Press. “I feel that I already have been punished substantially for my conduct.”

It was unlike the Thomas some people had witnessed following the cyclist’s conviction in April. After her conviction was read out Thomas reportedly had several angry outbursts inside the courtroom.

“Look me in the eye,” Thomas yelled repeatedly at the jurors as they filed out of U.S. District Court. “You can’t do it.”

“You’re out to destroy lives, you like to destroy people’s lives,” Thomas also reportedly shouted at assistant U.S. Attorneys Jeff Nedrow and Matthew Parrella, who were leaving the courtroom with IRS special agent Jeff Novitzky leading the way. Novitsky was the key witness in the case against Thomas.

Thomas also apparently blew her top during her altercation with one of the two law clerks working for Illston. The incident has not been previously reported but according to court documents Thomas was involved in “verbal and physical altercations” with the law clerk right after her conviction in April.

Wednesday 14, May 2008

  Are Tests for Steroids Conclusive?

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steroids-testsIn recent years, many amateur and professional athletes have been served punishments because they have been tested positive for steroids. And the punishments have varied in severity. Some were slapped with just a reprimand, others with suspension, and a few were dealt with harsher penalties – a lifetime ban from professional sports plus a jail term. Take a look at Tammy Thomas’s case, one of the most recent and controversial convictions due to steroid use in professional sports.

Because of the possible penalties, and not to mention the ridicule that might likely to be suffered by a steroid use, this question arises: Are tests for steroids conclusive?

According to one BBC News article a drug test may not be absolutely indicate that an athlete is consciously taking steroids like nandrolone. The article says that “even though a drug test may indicate that the subject has apparently taken nandrolone to boost muscle growth and increase strength; this does not necessarily prove wrongdoing.”

This is because the body can naturally create a form of nandrolone. This can happen when you eat large quantities of meat products contaminated with this compound. It can also happen when ingesting dietary supplements whose metabolites are basically the same substances created when nandrolone is broken down. These dietary supplements are not illegal substances.

Nandrolone is a compound that is known to improve the athlete’s capacity to train and compete. And like most steroids, nandrolone also reduce fatigue thereby improving the endurance of athletes who use it.

Famous athletes who have been tested positive for nandrolone include sprinter Linford Christie of Britain, Czech tennis player Petr Korda, and Christophe Dugarry French rugby player.

In addition, a study commissioned and funded by Informed-Choice and conducted by HFL Ltd., a Cambridge, England-based testing lab, has found out that there were 13 sports supplements that contained banned steroids (out of 52 tested) and six contained banned stimulants (out of 54 tested). The study, however, did not name the supplements which include energy drinks.

Saturday 10, May 2008

  How to Elude Doping Tests

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steroids_sportsThe professional sports scene is constantly rocked by news of elite athletes using performance-enhancing drugs like steroids. Among the recent popular athletes who have become more controversial because of steroid use is Tammy Thomas, the Olympic cyclist who has been found guilty of perjury just last month because of steroid use. Barry Bonds is likely to face trial next year for similar crimes. The Greek weightlifting team joined the roster of those unfortunate juiced souls who failed drug screening.

Athletes may have the talent to dodge an incoming blow or tackle a feisty opponent, but they are really having a hard time in eluding drug screening. Many grapple for a way to keep their steroid use a secret. The following are just some of the routes athletes take to avoid detection. Remember that these are not foolproof means – there is always the risk of being caught while you’re on steroids.

• Tell your team doctor to write you a prescription. This the advise of steroid sage David Jacobs. Jacobs, a former bodybuilder, is now under probation for supplying steroids to NFL players. According to Jacobs, he has taught several NFL players on how to elude drug screening. He said the athletes should ask their team doctors to prescribe them finasteride, a drug used to treat baldness. Jacobs said, “The excuse they did it under was that the players were losing their hair because they were taking their helmets on and off,” Finasteride is not among NFL’s banned substances.

• One of the classic methods of dodging doping tests is to discontinue use of steroids before a test. However, the success of this technique relies on the type of steroids you use. Keep in mind that injectable steroids typically remain active much longer than their oral counterparts. You might have a problem also if the tests are conducted randomly.

• You can use compounds that disguise, decrease, or delete steroid metabolites. These compounds include urisoric agents, corticosteroids, estrogens, oral contraceptives, and various diuretics.