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Sunday 13, Jul 2008

  Fighter accused of steroid use is back in US MMA scene

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josh_barnett_steroidsMixed martial arts heavyweight fighter Josh Barnett is set to fight in US soil July 19 in Affliction:Banned. In said event he will face Pedro Rizzo, who defeated him seven years ago at UFC 85. In 2002, Barnett, nicknamed The Baby Faced Assassin left US for Japan due to steroid allegations.

Barnett became the youngest UFC Heavyweight Champion in the organization’s history at the age of 24 after wrangling the title from Randy Couture by TKO. However, during a mandatory post-fight test conducted by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) he was allegedly tested positive for the anabolic steroid Equipoise (boldenone).

Subsequently, the newly-crowned heavyweight champ was stripped of the UFC title and had his license revoked for six months. However, there were reported violations of screening protocol and it was impossible to verify the results based on the original samples.

Barnett called for another drug test, and came out clean. After waiting several months of without any final decision being made on his case he decided to relocate to Japan.

Barnett’s upcoming bout is eagerly awaited by American MMA fans since his rematch with Rizzo will be just his second appearance in the U.S. since his victory over Randy Couture in 2002.

Barnett is jus one of the many MMA fighters who got embroiled in steroid scandal. Tim Sylvia had also tested positive for the steroid Winstrol (stanozolol) in 2003. Sylvia was stripped of his heavyweight title and was also fined $10,000 by the NSAC. He later admitted that he used the steroid to lose weight.

And then in 2007, Sean Sherk’s UFC lightweight championship belt was revoked/// when he tested positive for steroids in post-fight drug tests. Hermes Franca, whom Sherk successfully defended his title, also tested for banned compounds.

After testing positive for nandrolone, Sherk was suspended and was fined $2500.

Saturday 29, Mar 2008

  Tim Sylvia leaving UFC -> Joining M-1 Global (Adrenaline MMA) and Steroids

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tim_sylvia_steroidsSlow Timmy, Tim Sylvia, is now leaving UFC for the ‘up and coming’ promotion Adrenaline MMA. It seems M-1 Global couldn’t capitalize on the best P4P fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, so they decided to drop Fedor Emelianenko from M-1 and find a new name. This is, of course an idiotic move. Fedor Emelianenko leaving M-1 is the worst thing that could happen for M-1 Global. The problem is that M-1 Global only had Fedor signed, with him gone, they had to literally close down M-1 Global and create a new organization Adrenaline MMA, which is now going to be the playing game for them. The first event is on June 14 in Chicago, IL, where Jeff Monson will face Mike Russow for the non-existent Adrenaline MMA (M-1 global) Heavyweight championship. They also have Ben Rothwell, former IFL star, and Eddie Alvarez who was a Bodog fights champion and is now fighting in DREAM.

Perhaps the biggest new name to join Adrenaline MMA (M-1 Global) is Tim Sylvia, who is probably one of the lamest heavyweight fighters in MMA. Tim Sylvia who tested positive for steroids after UFC 44, has never really recovered. Tim Sylvia seems to be such a 1 sided fighter (stand up) that no steroids in the world will improve his game. He has no ground skills, no take down skills and no submission defense. Perhaps this is why he resorts to using anabolic steroids, when everyone knows that in MMA steroids actually come out on the losing end. Meaning? Meaning that the majority of MMA athletes who took steroids and fought actually lost. This points to steroids being a bad thing in MMA fighting, but then again, like HGH, steroids don’t help you be a better athlete. They help you recover or train a bit more, but they don’t give you talent or stamina or heart.