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Thursday 15, Dec 2011

  Mexican fighter to fight doping claims

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On Wednesday, Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez defended himself as doping clouds arose after his strength coach was revealed to be among those involved in a major doping scandal that stung US athletics.

“Whatever doping they want to do – blood, Olympian – whatever they want to do, I’ll do it, as long as he does it too,” Marquez said through a translator.

“It’s a shame all the work I’ve done has been trashed by these guys, Conte and Ariza,” Marquez said.

Tuesday 08, Mar 2011

  Former 400m world champion found dead

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Former 400m world champion found deadAntonio Pettigrew, the former 400m world champion, has been found dead in the backseat of his car in North Carolina. The cause of his death is unknown by now but Major Gary Blankenship, of the Chatham County sheriff’s office, said the car was locked and there was evidence that the 42-year-old had taken sleeping pills.

Body of Pettigrew has been taken for an autopsy but toxicology results are not expected back for at least four weeks.

The University of North Carolina, the employer of Pettigrew, had earlier released a statement confirming the news.

Friday 14, Jan 2011

  Justin Gatlin hopes to save his career

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Justin Gatlin hopes to save his careerIt has been many years since the joint world-record holder Justin Gatlin tested positive for testosterone but the athlete is now positive that his eight-year suspension will be reduced.

If Gatlin has his way, this could put the American authorities on a collision course with the world governing body, the International Association of Athletics Federations, which could overshadow preparations for Beijing.

Since the positive test, Gatlin has returned home to Florida, disassociated himself from Trevor Graham, who has coached nearly a dozen sprinters who have been involved in doping scandals.

Thursday 09, Dec 2010

  Justin Gatlin has hopes for London 2012

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Justin Gatlin has hopes for London 2012The 28-year-old American, Justin Gatlin, has said that he expects to compete at London 2012 Olympics after serving a doping ban of four years.

Gatlin will be participating in the 100m at a small track meet in Estonia and said it was his family that had given him the motivation to keep running.

Gatlin said he is “ready to be fast” when asked if he could run under 10 seconds.

Wednesday 01, Dec 2010

  Trevor Graham guilty of lying to agents

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Trevor Graham guilty of lying to agentsThe controversial US-based coach, Trevor Graham, was recently found on one of three charges of lying to federal investigators about his association with a steroids dealer. Graham could face a retrial after the jury was unable to reach a verdict on the other two counts.

Graham, who guided the careers of the sprinters Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery, had been charged over false claims about his relationship with Angel Heredia who admitted supplying performance enhancing drugs.

William Keane, the court-appointed attorney of Graham, said he would probably file a motion for an acquittal on the one charge that was found proved.

Thursday 21, Oct 2010

  New obstacles ahead of Gatlin as suspension ends

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New obstacles ahead of Gatlin as suspension endsJustin Gatlin lamented his lost status among the world’s sprinting elite during much of the last four years. Gatlin appealed his penalty after testing positive for steroids and made serious efforts to reshape life as a fitness entrepreneur and aspiring professional football player.

With his suspension coming to an end, Gatlin hopes to compete by the end of this season. The 2004 Olympic champion and a former world-record holder in the 100 meters now faces limited competitive options and will have to seek only lower-tier invitational meets at the major European meets.

Gatlin and his former coach Trevor Graham blamed a massage therapist for the positive test and Graham has been suspended from track for life.

Monday 19, Jul 2010

  Marion Jones still cannot accept guilt

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Marion Jones still cannot accept guiltThe disgraced American sprinter, Marion Jones, opened up on The Oprah Winfrey Show but still does not find it easy to take the complete responsibility for the drug use episode that had tarnished her career and the Sydney Olympics.

It is worth noting here that Jones lied before the investigators when shown a phial of “the clear” denying use of drugs but partially made a confession when she was about to be sent to prison.

Jones maintained that she did not suspected anything illegal in the substance given to her by Coach Trevor Graham and considered it as flaxseed oil.

Wednesday 14, Jul 2010

  Doping admitted by Olympic Medalist

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Doping admitted by Olympic MedalistA member of the gold medal winning US 4 X 400m relay team has admitted that the he used performance enhancing drugs during the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Antonio Pettigrew admitted using performance enhancers and the admission can mean that gold medals won by fellow relay team members Alvin and Calvin Harrison are also in jeopardy.

Pettigrew’s admission came during a testimony in the trial of Trevor Graham, his former coach, who is accused of hiding the truth to federal authorities investigating doping in sports.

Wednesday 25, Mar 2009


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JUSTIN GATLIN PREPARES FOR HIS COME BACK IN 2010Steroids use has become widespread in athletics when almost every sport seem to produce a player positive for performance enhancing drugs. After baseball, wrestling, cycling, football, now comes Justin Gatlin from track in field. Reports of his involvement with the banned substance is not anything new because he is serving his four year ban for testing positive for steroids. He is now preparing to continue on with his career next year after the ban is lifted.

Gatlin said that in 2006 he was tested positive without knowing that prior to the testing the cream that a masseuse had used on him contained steroids. Trevor Graham made this statement and this was corroborated by Gatlin.

However, there are still those in the tracks that doubt his claims. Gatlin has to go back to the top and prove that he isn’t cheating once he is reinstated in 2010. But all of these will be happening under the watchful eye of USADA.

Saturday 09, Aug 2008

  Shane Mosley says Victor Conte is mostly wrong about his steroid allegations

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Shane Mosley SteroidsChampion boxer Shane Mosley is a fighter by heart and to him quitting is not an option. That philosophy has worked for him in the ring and he hopes it’s going to do him service in the legal arena as well.

Mosley’s defamation suit against Victor Conte and the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO) has been dismissed in the San Francisco Federal Court and Mosley immediately filed similar suit in a state court in New York.

James Wagstaffe, Conte’s lawyer, said he would file a motion to argue that New York is an improper jurisdiction.

“He’s seeking publicity,” Wagstaffe said of Mosley. “He was facing bad publicity. His suit was about to be thrown out. He’s suing because he wants the world to know he sued. It’s a process case, and at the end of the day, when people bring libel suits to make a point, the truth follows.”

“Shane Mosley is going to soon find out that the truth packs a powerful punch,” said Conte. “I am going to knock him out in a court of law.”

Conte is the founder of BALCO and is now called as the ‘mastermind of the biggest doping ring in the history of sports’. In 2003, the so-called BALCO Affair grabbed international attention because of the status of the personalities that were implicated.

The BALCO Legacy

Numerous professional athletes, including Marion Jones, Bill Romanowski, Roger Clemens, and Barry Bonds, were reportedly supplied with steroids and performance boosters. Subsequently, a federal inquiry took place conducting investigations and procuring evidence against athletes, coaches, trainers, as well as those connected with BALCO.

A couple of those involved in said scandal have been found guilty, mostly of perjury charges.

Marion Jones is currently serving her six-month prison term for perjury involving check fraud case and use of banned compounds.

Trevor Graham, the famed US athletics coach to many elite athletes, including Jones, was convicted in May 2008 of one count of lying to federal investigators.

Conte himself spent four months in prison and another four months under house arrest for one count of conspiracy to distribute steroids and a second count of laundering a portion of a check.

In December 2007, The Mitchell Report was released. United States Senator George Mitchell conducted the investigation on the use of steroids and performance-enhancing substances in the Major League.

Mitchell was appointed by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig at the height of the controversy created by the publication of the book Game of Shadows by San Francisco Chronicle investigative reporters Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada in 2006. Williams and Fainaru-Wada were the reporters who exposed the BALCO Affair. Game of Shadows chronicles the use of banned compounds by MLB players, including Bonds, Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield.

Of Books and Crooks?

Taking cue from the authors of Game of Shadows Conte is now planning to publish a tell-all book, which includes the allegations he made against Mosley.

It was March 30 this year when it was announced by the New York Daily News that Conte is scheduled to write BALCO: The Straight Dope on Barry Bonds, Marion and What We Can Do to Save Sports.

Mosley’s attorney, Judd Burstein, meanwhile said that they are ready for a legal counter.
“As soon as they publish the book we’re going to sue them the next day,” Burstein said to the Daily News.

According to Burstein, the new suit against Conte demands for at least $2 million in compensatory and at least $10 million in punitive damages. He added that they are ready also to sue the insurance company underwriting Skyhorse Publishing for defamation. Skyhorse is the publisher of Conte’s book.

Conte bared his allegations about Mosley’s doping to the public on March 30, telling several media groups that Mosley was very much in the know of what he was getting from the BALCO founder.

Three days later Mosley sued Conte.

Mosley has repeatedly denied that he has knowingly take steroids and other PEDs. He said he thought the substances he was provided with were legal and healthy compounds. According to Burstein, his client has provided the same statement for the grand jury which was investigating BALCO in 2003.

“Shane’s never denied that he took the stuff,” said Burstein. “He just didn’t know what it was.”

Conte, however, was saying otherwise and offered evidence to support his claim.

Conte said he has calendars that provide vital details about Mosley’s doping protocol. Along with Mosley’s former trainer Derryl Hudson, Conte has filed a sworn affidavit detailing how he directly explained to the boxer that the compounds were steroids and erythropoietin or what is commonly known as EPO. Conte and Hudson had also stated in their affidavits that Conte demonstrated to Mosley how to self-administer EPO.

“This dismissal is proof that the case has no merit,” said Wagstaffe of Mosley’s case in San Francisco. “After we submitted proof that Mr. Conte’s statements were true, Mosley and his attorneys dismissed the California lawsuit.”

Jeff Novitsky, a lead investigator on the BALCO steroid scandal, has also directly implicated Mosley. Novitsky reported that a document found at a BALCO lab indicated that the boxer had received designer steroids known as The Clear and The Cream, which were later identified as tetrahydrogestrinone and testosterone cream, respectively.
Defamation suits en vogue

Defamation suits seem to be the trend nowadays in sports world. Another BALCO-related suit was by that of Roger Clemens against his former trainer Brian McNamee. Clemens and McNamee were two of the most prominent names involved in the BALCO Affair.

In January this year, Clemens filed a defamation complaint against McNamee before the latter was to testify on Clemen’s use of steroids and human growth hormone.

Other athletes outside of the BALCO Affair have also sued for defamation related to doping allegations in recent years. These include cyclists Kayle Leogrande and Lance Armstrong.
Seven-time Tour de France champ Armstrong has been embroiled in numerous defamation suits stemming from doping allegations. He’s been against Britain’s Sunday Times in 2004 when the newspaper reprinted allegations mentioned in the book L. A. Confidentiel – Les secrets de Lance Armstrong.

The book contains the allegations of Armstrong’s former masseuse Emma O’ Reilly who claimed that she had disposed of syringes and disguised needle marks on his arms. Another source of the book was Steve Swart, a teammate of Armstrong during his Motorola days, who alleged that he and Armstrong as well other riders began using steroids in 1995.

Kayle Leogrande, likewise, recently served a defamation case against Suzanne Sonye, a former staff member of Leogrande’s Rock Racing team. Leogrande also filed similar complaint against fellow professional cyclist Matt DeCanio.

The defamation suit resulted from a phone conversation between Sonye and Decanio, in which the former had mentioned that Leogrande was a doper. DeCanio, an anti-doping activist, recorded the conversation and posted it on his website. Leogrande apparently got a temper as colorful as his tattoos and took offense and sue Sonye and DeCanio.

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