Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva has remarked Anderson Silva is innocent of any wrongdoing. Antonio made this remark after Anderson Silva failed a pre-fight drug test before his bout with Nick Diaz at UFC 183 on January 31st.

Diaz tested positive for marijuana metabolites after his bout with Silva, the Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Middleweight Champion. Diaz’s long time boxing coach Richard Perez said Diaz would have stopped Silva if Anderson had not come in with anabolic steroids. Perez added steroids make a big difference and remarked it is difficult to knock people out when they are on steroids.

Bigfoot, a friend of “The Spider“, said the fault lies with Dr. Marcio Tannure, the medical director of Comissão Atletica Brasileira de MMA, who helped Silva recover from a broken leg.

Bigfoot added Anderson has fought since he was 17, during his long career he has never had a problem with doping. He added unfortunately this happened when he was returning from a long and intense healing process. Bigfoot added he is absolutely positive that he isn’t guilty of anything and also remarked he must have done something at his doctor’s suggestion. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva also remarked Anderson was a victim and he thinks that people from NSAC should verify this. He also said it is not the first time for this doctor and added the NSAC should be aware of how fighters are and who is causing these problems.

Bigfoot mentioned his specific case with Dr. Marcio Tannure. Antonio remarked he had a problem with the doctor and ended up getting a nine month suspension. Offering details, Antonio said it was when TRT was allowed and he was cleared to use it but the dosage that he gave to him was too high. Tannure defended himself at the time of the drug test failure of Bigfoot in December 2013 by remarking that he notified Antonio via email to get another TRT injection as his levels were still low but he did not gave him the injection personally.

Talking about Silva’s positive test, Georges St-Pierre remarked Anderson Silva should not have been allowed to compete with a ‘biological weapon’. St-Pierre, a strong advocate of clean sports, remarked the fight should be canceled as it is cheating and added a performance enhancing drug is like a weapon that gives an advantage over the opponent that you should not be able to compete with as that puts the health of the competitor in jeopardy.

In another development, the second set of pre-UFC 183 drug tests for Anderson Silva came back clean.  Anderson Silva tested positive for two steroids, Drostanolone and Adrostane, in his January 9th screening. He is now waiting the outcome of a meeting of Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) on February 17 where he may receive a formal penalty for the drug test failure. No official monetary fines have been imposed on Anderson Silva till now, though he has received temporary suspension until a formal ruling is made.

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